Demo of Online Examination System

Demo of Online Examination System feature Image

Demo of Online Examination System

You can define the online examination system using an award-winning Eklavvya platform in 7 steps. The online exam can be configured with readily available question bank, online exam pattern, candidates who are going to appear for the online exam along with schedule associated with the online exam.

It can be secured with the use of remote proctoring technology to capture video streaming and technology-driven candidate identity verification process.

Features of Online Examination System

Assessment for companies
Intelligent Remote ProctoringSubjective Online Exams with Intelligence Analysis of AnswersKnowledge Management processSupport for multiple languages in online exams
Custom Online ExamsRole Based Online AssessmentsDetailed auto Log for Online ExaminationAnalysis of Online Examination Process
Online Exam center ManagementImage Graphical QuestionsCandidate Batch Management for Online ExamsGeo tagging for Online Exam Users

Here is a short introduction to the online Examination System. is a Knowledge Management and Online Assessment platform used to conduct various types of Aptitude, psychometric, domain-specific, objective, subjective types of tests.

Our solution has been used by many organizations, education institutions, universities to conduct various types of assessments for entrance exams, academic exams, recruitment, selection process, employee assessments.

1. Online Exam Dashboard Management

2.Steps to Define Question Bank for Online Exam

3. Steps to Create an Online Exam

4. Here are steps to define Online Exam Schedule

5. Steps to Assign Online Exams to Users

How to Conduct Exams in Regional Languages

You can define questions in any language and conduct an online exam accordingly.

Steps to conduct Subjective exam with document upload Facility

Online Viva/ Oral Exams

You can also conduct an online oral or viva exam using Eklavvya platform.

How do I Create Online Exams Portal?

There are simple steps to get started to have your own Online Exam Portal.

  1. Register on Eklavvya Platform for Free
  2. Define your Institution Logo and theme for Online Exams Portal
  3. Upload your question bank in an encrypted and secure way
  4. Create Online Exams for Objective or Subjective Assessment Process
  5. Schedule Online Exams for one or more batches
  6. Do an analysis of Results
  7. Proctor remote exams with photo and video streaming of exam candidates
  8. Use API to integrate with your other systems

What are the types of Online Exam?

You can use Eklavvya platform to conduct the following types of exams

  • Objective / MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Multiple Select Answer Options
  • Subjective / Theory Exam to type answer
  • Psychometric Exams to assess Leadership, Behavioral aspect of the individual
  • Image-based Assessments
  • Audio/ Video-Based Exams

You can also check the demo of how to appear for online exam 

You can explore details of Remote Proctoring here

Why Eklavvya platform is useful for Education institutes, universities

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Examination System

What is an online examination system?

Online exam systems are end to end solutions for conducting the examination in digital mode, these platforms essentially consist of two parts, one part for creating and configuring the examination and other part for attempting these examinations. Online exam systems are designed to conduct the lakhs of exams simultaneously in a malpractice free manner. Novel online exam systems support AI proctoring; which makes it possible to identify the malpractice attempts without any human proctor/Invigilator

What are the features of online examination system?

Online exam systems exhibit many notable features like scalability, exam security, result generation automation, easier and systematic answer sheet evaluation to count a few. AI proctoring/Invigilation (AI based cheating detection) is yet another feature which is widely being adopted to minimize the limitations of human proctored examination.

What are the advantages of online examination system?

Online exams have multiple advantages over the conventional pen and paper based examinations. Online exams provide a better flexibility and convenience to the users, these platforms are scalable and even last minute enrollment to the exam is possible. Novel systems come up with the flagship AI proctoring feature, which makes it possible to detect any possible attempts of malpractice during the examination. With online exam systems; it is possible to nullify the chances of paper leakage.

How do I create an online exam in online exam system?

With the latest cloud based online exam systems, creating a new online exam of your own is a matter of a few minutes. The online exam platforms provide a free trial of the online examination system. You can sign up for a trial, on sign up; you will receive your unique login credentials. On the admin side portal; you can configure your first exam by setting the exam parameters and importing the questions into the online exam system.

Here are some of the Case Studies  of Implementation of Online Examination System

Here is how Gujarat Terce Laboratories has used Eklavvya to assess and train employees involved in sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals

 You can check below video or can read details here

Here is another case study where one of the multinational company has simplified franchise selection process using psychometric assessment

You can read details Here

Here is one of the success story of Online exams using Remote Proctoring. One of the leading Govt controlled management institute has conducted executive MBA entrance with remote proctoring services of Eklavvya

You can read details here


Here is another success story about D Y Patil University successfully automated and simplified admission and entrance examination process using technology .

You can read details Here

Here are some of the feedback from Clients

My team and I thank you for the flawless conducting of an online test for The J N Tata Endowment as part of the selection process for its loan scholarship program.
It was very thoughtfully organized and conducted.
We could see that a lot of thinking had gone into ensuring success considering that many students took this test in various parts of India and overseas countries.
We thank you and your team for their prompt response.
They were always there to support us and we appreciate this.
We wish you and your team all the best for your future endeavors

Tj Ravishankar
Tj Ravishankar
Director Tata trust endowment

As a completely online academy, we were looking for a partner to conduct our exams in a highly secured manner – including machine learning based proctoring algorithm.
After going through various global tools and services, we stumbled upon Eklavvya.
A chat with their CEO and the support team, we knew that we had found the company that we have in mind for our online assessments.

With Eklavvya, we have already conducted hundreds of proctored online exams.
Thanks to the Eklavvya team for the support in making it happen.

Sachin sadare
Sachin Sadare
CEO, Digital Dojo Pvt. Ltd.

Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for any age group.
We have successfully conduct remote proctored assessments for our International Olympiad exams for students in the age group of 6 to 18 years.
We conducted thousands of such assessments and counting…
The Eklavvya platform has simplified our examination process to a great extent.
It gives the flexibility to students to take the exams from home while being remotely proctored by Ekavvya’s Proctors.
Students were able to appear for online exams of mathematical questions with simple, user-friendly features of the online assessment process.
Mock exams helped prepare them to a great extent.

The system is very easy to understand and extremely user friendly.
Eklavvya’s account management team has been very understanding our needs and customizing the solution.
Thanks for excellent platform and support

Global-Olympiads-Academy Debraj Chakravarty
Debraj Chakravarty
Global Olympiads Academy

We have been using the Eklavvya assessment tool to evaluate and assess different stakeholders (both internal and external) in Syngenta.
The Eklavvya assessment tool has helped us streamline the over learning experience of our employees and made our work much easier.

Having used the platform for over two years now, I can say it with confidence that tool is very effective AND very simple to use for both the assessor and the assessed

Abhijeet Dasgupta Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta
Abhijeet Dasgupta
Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

The entire examination experience for we at MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with Eklavvya platform.
The once very complicated system of getting the question banks ready to get uploaded, making any corrections in them has just vanished.
Very simple registration process, swiftly created exams, easy-to-use interface, proctored examination link, proctored invigilation reports, examination videos and ever ready to customise requirements, we find Eklavvya to be a one-stop-destination for all exam requirement for any educational institution.
We are able to follow a exam pattern and monitor the exam performance of every student without any hassle. Eklavvya – we definitely see it to be a World Class Technology Partner.

Annie Francis Registrar- MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions
Annie Francis
Registrar- MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions

I appreciate Online Exam platform developed by Eklavvya solution, Pune .
I have managed to conduct IT Flair Hunt Contest for more than 10000 students from 12 schools.
We at Sys Computers, are finding Online Exam activity simplified with Eklavvya solution.
Looking forward for the continued support in the future for college level talent hunt initiatives.
Platform is user friendly and it is easy to configure

Abhijeet Joshi
Abhijit joshi
Sys Computers, Senior Partner