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Simplify & Automate the Entrance Exam Process

Use Technology for Registration, Hall Ticket Generation, Proctored Exam/ Center Based Exam with detailed analytics

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Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Dr. Jonardan Koner

Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Dr. Jonardan Koner
Online Application Form for Entrance Exam Registration

Candidate Registration

Online Application Form for Entrance Exam Registration

Entrance Exam Fee Payment Acceptance

Entrance Exam Fee Payment Acceptance

Accept Payment for the Entrance Exam digitally
Online Exam Slot Booking Process

Online Exam Slot Booking Process

Candidates can opt for a suitable date and time slot for the exam.

Online Hall Ticket Management

Online Hall Ticket Management

Define and Generate Entrance Exam Hall Ticket of the candidate
Proctored Exam Management

Proctored Exam Management

Manage remote exams with proctored supervision, anti-cheating /exam malpractice prevention.

Center based Exam management

Center based Exam management

Conduct online exams at designated exam centers across multiple cities

Simplify the Entrance Exam Process

Student selection during the admission process is one of the critical tasks for education institutes and universities.

Some of the essential tasks to be executed are collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing the online entrance exam process, and result processing.

Eklavvya, the online entrance examination software has managed a vast number of entrance exams of reputed institutes, and universities for the admission process of MBA, BBA, MCA, Ph.D., Engineering, etc.

  • The entire online entrance exam process can be digitized with Eklavvya.
  • Entrance exams can be conducted with dedicated exam centers/ Proctored mode.
  • Eklavvya has tie-ups with exam centers across India in multiple cities.

You can outsource the entire process to us to manage online entrance exams in a comprehensive manner.

AI in educaation

It high time, higher education institutions start focusing on changing trends and start adapting to new technologies to make education interesting, relevant and practical. Higher education institution can improve their brand image with quick adoption of the latest trends in technology. 

Advantages of Online Entrance Exam

Advantages of entrance exam management

Encrypted Question Bank Management with Secure Access to Subject Expert


Define topic wise, subject wise and overall cut off of the entrance test


The entire process can be managed in a paperless environment, from form filling to conducting the entrance exam.


Advance technology like Screen Lock, Remote Proctoring can eliminate malpractices of the online exam process.


AI Proctoring with advanced facial recognition to manage secure remote exams

Slot Booking Process

Slot booking for exams, online and offline alike, is a tremendous and complicated process.

And, allocating schedules, and hall tickets accordingly is a time-consuming process when done manually.

Eklavvya aims to solve these concerns for educational institutions with its robust online entrance examination software.

With Eklavvya, you can

  • Define Online Exam Slots/Schedule
  • Select slots from available ones
  • Generate Hall Ticket based on Slot Selection

Center Based Exam

Conduct Online Exam at Center

Conduct Exam at multiple cities at a time

CCTV Recording of Exam Center

Candidate Identity Verification with Hall Ticket

What Makes Eklavvya Your Go-to Online Entrance Examination Software?

  • Encrypted Question Bank Management with Secure Access to Subject Expert
  • Define topic-wise, subject-wise, and overall cut-off for the entrance test
  • The entire online entrance exam process can be managed in a paperless environment, from form filling to conducting the entrance exam.
  • Advanced technology like Screen Lock and Remote Proctoring can eliminate malpractices during the online exam process.
  • AI Proctoring with advanced facial recognition to manage secure remote exams

Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Ability to create on-the-fly assessments for students – Clean data flow of user responses – Proctoring to avoid cheating.

Eklavvya team was super helpful from walkthrough to implementation. One of the core reasons to get this platform would be the support.

Udit Raj
Assistant Manager – Learning Experience BYJU’S

D. G. Ruparel College

Eklavvya  is helping with us for conducting our online entrance exam for the fellowship courses.
We have been taking their services for the past 3 consecutive years and we
are very fortunate to have them with us for the smooth conduct of our

Dr. Madhanmohan.c
Ganga medical centre & hospitals, Coimbatore

Dr. Madhanmohan C

Before using Eklavya, we had seen and tested few more exam portals.
However, only Eklavya platform could satisfy almost our all requisites.
Our Association with Eklavya went for multiple exam sessions counting
around 80000+ online papers.
The best part of this system was the minimal error.
The overall error was less than 1.0%.

Vidya Patil
Chairperson, Examination Committee – The D. G. Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

D. G. Ruparel College

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online entrance exam?

Entrance exams are basically evaluation tests that help eligible candidates gain admission to their preferred courses. Conventionally, entrance exams were conducted on physical premises, preferably in educational institutions. However, as the name suggests, online entrance exams are conducted in a digital manner.

Why are online entrance exams preferred?

Offline entrance exams have time, resource, and cost implications for both the candidates as well as the educational institutions. Online entrance exams substantially bring down the cost and other infrastructure and logistics needs. Besides, online examinations can be conducted anytime, anywhere, and at scale with minimal investment. Thus, online entrance exams are preferred over their offline counterparts.

Will online entrance exams completely replace conventional offline modes of entrance exams?

Online entrance exams are surely gaining ground, especially during, and post the pandemic. Despite their substantial benefits for both candidates and educational institutions, offline exams are not completely overruled. It would be apt to say that offline and online exams will co-exist to deliver the best value for the concerned stakeholders.

How can educational institutions conduct online entrance exams effectively?

Online learning has been gaining ground for close to a decade. However, online examinations and evaluation mechanisms gained wide-scale popularity and demand due to the global pandemic. Online entrance examination software is key for educational institutions to make the most of this growing trend and ensure education continues in a seamless and hassle-free manner.

What are some of the key capabilities offered by online entrance examination software?

From candidate registration to the online examination slot booking process to online hall ticket management, online entrance examination software enables educational institutions in more ways. Be it a center-based or online proctored examination, these platforms help institutions in conducting online entrance examinations in a controlled and cheat-free environment.

What are the benefits of online entrance examination software for institutions?

With the one-stop online entrance exam software, institutions can better plan, and manage their online exams. They won’t have to worry about physical infrastructure, other logistics, and associated overhead costs. Online entrance exams can be conducted anytime, anywhere, with minimal infrastructure investment in a cost-effective manner.

How can candidates benefit from online entrance examination software?

For starters, candidates can leverage the secure, convenient, and unified online entrance exam platform. They can select suitable exam slots with just a few clicks, avail of hall tickets in printable formats digitally, and with just an internet-connected device, they can appear on entrance exams anytime, anywhere.

Why choose Eklavvya as the online entrance examination software?

Eklavvya can be your go-to online entrance exam platform that comes with AI and advanced tech capabilities. Remote proctoring, facial recognition, screen lock, and a host of other features make Eklavvya the ultimate solution.

Online entrance exams have emerged as the “new normal” for educational institutions. Though they are not a nascent concept, with the pandemic and heightened digital adoptions, online entrance exams are deemed the future of the education evaluation ecosystem.

Online examination software such as Eklavvya aims to enable educational institutions to conduct online entrance examinations in a smart, scalable, and seamless manner.

Eklavvya leverages cutting-edge technology and data analytics solutions to streamline end-to-end online exam processes. For Registration to Hall Ticket Generation to Proctored Exam/Centre-based Exams and more, Eklavvya is your go-to solution.

500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Skill Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.