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Remote Proctoring
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We Have Been Using The Platform Of Eklavvya For The Last 3+ Years And Conducted Many Online Assessments Of Yoga – Level-1 , Level-2 & Level-3. We Truly Appreciate Eklavvya Team For Their Continuous Support And Co-Operation During Each And Every Assessment Phase.

Manish Gaur

Chief Exam Coordinator- Patanjali Yoga Certification

Manish Gaur

Features for Proctoring

  • See Screen Activity of the Remote Candidate attempting online exam
  • Chat with Remote Candidate
  • Broadcast message to candidates
  • Verify the Identity of the remote user
  • Pause/ Terminate/ Resume Online Exam of Remote User
  • Monitor Remote Exam as an  Invigilator to Prevent Cheating

Log in to the System

Login to the System

Approve Exam Candidate

Approve Candidates Identity

View Live Users

Live Users

Live User Interaction

Live User Interaction

Live Exam-Screen Video

Live Screen video

Live Chat with users

Remote Proctoring

Broadcast Chat Message

Broadcast Chat Message

View Live Stats

View Live Stats


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Abdul Razak Sarang

We Have Been Using Eklavvya Platform To Manage Multiple Exam Sessions.

Proctoring Feature Is Very Efficient, Scheduling Exams And Also Downloading Reports Are Very Easy To Use.

Excellent Customer Support And Best Of All User-Friendly Features And Good For Low Budget. Our Exam Process Has Become Efficient

Sachin Sadare
CEO, Digital Dojo Pvt. Ltd

After Going Through Various Global Tools And Services, We Stumbled Upon Eklavvya.

We Knew That We Had Found The Company That We Have In Mind For Our Online Assessments.  Thanks To The Eklavvya Team For The Support In Making It Happen.

Mr. Makarand Lonkar
Director – MVL Consulting Private Limited

Managing The Assessment And Evaluation Of All The Training Courses Was A Daunting Task For Us.
Eklavvya Has Made Our Life Simpler By Providing An End-To-End Solution For Managing Secure Proctored Assessments And Detailed Feedback Of Individuals Based On Test Performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote exam invigilator?

A remote exam invigilator is a person who is responsible for overseeing and monitoring online exams from a remote location. They use technology such as screen-sharing software and messaging tools to ensure the integrity of the exam and prevent cheating.

What are the responsibilities of a remote exam invigilator?
The responsibilities of a remote exam invigilator include monitoring the screen activity of the candidates taking the exam, communicating with the candidates during the exam, verifying the identity of the candidates, and controlling the exam process (e.g., pausing, terminating, or resuming the exam as needed).
What are the benefits of using a remote exam invigilator?

Some benefits of using a remote exam invigilator include increased security and flexibility for both the candidates and the exam administrators. Remote invigilation allows candidates to take the exam from any location, and it allows exam administrators to oversee the exam process from a remote location.

What challenges do remote exam invigilators face?

Some challenges that remote exam invigilators may face include technical issues (e.g., connectivity problems, software glitches), difficulties verifying the identity of candidates, and managing the exam process from a remote location. These challenges can be addressed through thorough training and the use of reliable technology and processes.


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