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AI Remote Proctoring 


Monitor Live Streaming Of Candidate During Exam

Listen to Audio of Candidate Attempting Exam

Watch Screen Activities Live

Live Chat with Remote Exam User

Candidate Authentication Process

Facility to Pause and Resume Exam

Eliminate Physical Exams with Auto Proctoring

Secure Browser to Prevent Cheating during exams

Facial Recognition to prevent malpractice during exams

Facility to Broadcast message to Exam Candidates

Works on internet speed of as low as 0.1 MBPS

Works on all devices

Monitor Live Streaming During Online Exams

Watch Live users attempting exams sitting at any remote location. 

Facility to view live activities as well as recording of the exam session for audit.

Live exam user monitoring

Listen to audio of candidate during exams

System can help to listen to live audio of remote user attempting the online exam. Entire audio of exam session can be recorded for audit purpose. It is useful to conduct viva exams as well

Watch Screen Activities Live

System has capability to record entire screen of online exam for the users. It can be viewed live during exams and recording of the screen activities can be referred at a later point of time.

Live Chat with Remote Exam User

Remote Exam invigilator or proctor can initiate live chat with remote user. It is helpful to resolve query on a instant basis.

Proctor can also ask for 360 degree view of surrounding to the user to check if candidate is not doing any cheating during exam.

Predefined standard chat messages to simplify chat with multiple candidates at a time.

Candidate Authentication Process

Remote User need to show his/her Identity card prior to start of the exam. System records image of the I-card and it is also validated by remote proctor who is invigilating remote exam.

Identity card based authentication helps to validate identity of the remote user for online exam.


Facility to Pause and Resume Remote Exams

Remote exam invigilator or Proctor can easily pause/ resume or even terminate remote exams for any candidate. 

Entire control of remote exam is there with remote proctor who can validate and manage remote exam invigilator with ease.

Facility to terminate exam if candidate is found cheating during exam.

Eliminate physical exams with auto proctoring

Our advanced AI algorithms are useful to manage remote exams in auto mode without monitoring.

Facial recognition algorithms ensure that valid candidate is attempting exam throughout exam session.

System validates and records entire exam session. Exam is auto suspended in can of malpractice event.

Facial Recognition during exams to Prevent cheating

System has capability to detect multiple faces, wrong person attempting exam, if person is not present in front of the screen, if person is using any electronic devices during the exam.

Broadcast message to all candidates during exam

Remote Proctor has facility to broadcast messages to all candidates during live exam. If it useful if proctor want to convey any special message related to online exam.

Messages are delivery instantly over live chat.

Conducting online exams across multiple locations can be challenging. Do you want to simplify the online examination process for candidates at multiple locations? Do you Want to prevent cheating during online exams? Our Remote Proctoring platform is here for you to get started.

Remote proctoring can authenticate and monitor remote candidates during exams. The system can help you prevent cheating during online exams. You can save a lot of costs by eliminating the need for multiple exam centers!

Tips to Prevent cheating during online exam

This video would explain why you should opt for the Proctored Exam System while conducting an online exam process. Explore the advantages and best practices of managing online exams with remote proctoring technology.

Explore the successful implementation of Remote Proctoring by one of the leading Management Education Institutions of India to conduct an online entrance exam for remote candidates.

Secure browser to prevent other activities

System prevents user from opening any other window while online exam is in progress. Facility to suspend exam if user tries to open other window or perform any activities during online exam.

Works on internet speed of as low as 0.1 MBPS

Works on internet speed of as low as 0.1 MBPS

Flexible and easy to conduct exams with limited internet connectivity

Responsive User Interface for all browsers

Works on all devices

Works on Mobile , Tablet, Desktop, Laptop with responsive user interface

Online Exam on All devices

Explore How to Attempt Proctored Exams