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Manage and Customize your Objective, Descriptive, Coding, and Communication Assessments and Evaluate them with Accuracy.

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It Is A Wonderful Experience With Eklavvya For The Last 4+ Years With Regard To Managing The ASSI Online Entrance Examination. Eklavyva Has Certainly Helped Us To Streamline The Assessment Process.

Dr. Saumyajit Basu

Association Of Spine Surgeons India

Saumyajit Basu

Define and Conduct any Custom Online Assessment

Multiple Choice Questions

Custom Domain Test

Web Coding

Coding Tests

Paragraph Based Questions

Online Virtual Interview / Viva

Academic Exams

Hiring Assessment

Admission Test

Questions for Audio Response

Written Test

Diagram Based Question

Entrance Exam

Questions with File Upload Response

Test Series

Questions with Video Response

Communication Assessment

Role Based Security for Question Bank Access

Employee Evaluation Tests Post Training

Certification Test

Certification Test

	 Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test

	 Campus Placement Test

Campus Placement Test

Simplify and Improve Academic Exams

An ideal platform for conducting any type of high stake academic exams.

A highly secure, reliable, and accurate platform for conducting exams.

Facial Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Proctoring for safe and secure exams

Simplify Pre Exams to Result Management

Coding Assessment

Assess Coding/ Programming Ability of the Candidate

Conduct coding tests in programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP

Auto Evaluation of Coding Skill of the candidate

Useful for academic programming assessment

Hiring Automation for Software Developer Profile

Online Aptitude Test

An online Aptitude test is helpful to check the problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making ability of the individual.

Solve your recruitment headaches with a simple, easy-to-configure online aptitude test

Join hundreds of organizations already adopted Eklavvya to understand the core competencies of your candidate.

Online Assessment
Video interview

Video Interview- Assessment

Candidates can attempt video interviews in the virtual environment

Record thousands of interviews simultaneously.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can generate a report of each candidate’s performance in the interview.

Easy to conduct and Evaluate the remote interview

Conduct Viva or Oral Exam to Assess Communication

Comprehensive Viva assessment and evaluation solution that helps you evaluate candidates faster.

Easy to evaluate the communication Skills, Domain Knowledge, and confidence level of the person

Simplify the assessment of the candidate’s communication skills using the live Voice recording and Evaluation tools.

Viva oral
Personality Test

Personality Test

To understand key personality aspects like leadership, team player, introvert/extrovert quotient, and decision making.

An effective way to identify personality traits of individuals is as interviews may not reveal various personality aspects.

Know the nature of the person before hiring.

Many organizations are relying on personality tests to know candidates.

Subjective Test

Enable the candidate to type his/her answers for theory-based questions.

Provides the examiner with a simplified answer-checking facility.

Reduces time spent checking answers in the examination hall.

Evaluate Writing Skills, Domain Skills, and Language Skills with ease.

Subjective Exam

Academic Entrance Exams

Fully managed online entrance exam system that is integrated with the Institution’s administration system

Online Entrance helps you collect applications, issue exam hall tickets, manage the exam process and process the result with a single click.

Eklavvya platform has managed many entrance exams of reputed institutes and universities for MBA, BBA, MCA, Ph.D., Engineering, etc.

Manage your entrance exams from a single dashboard

Online Test Series

Eklavvya platform supports the facility to conduct online test series. Conduct practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams.

Define custom tests based on topic/ chapter/ subtopics

Detailed analysis of student performance over multiple trials.

Conduct Mock Tests for Remote Users with single click process

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for Assessments!

You can conduct various types of exams using Eklavvya

Here is Short Video to Understand the Entrance Exam Process

Online Exam Configuration 

Online Exam Best Practices


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms


We Were Looking For Experts In The Online Assessment Process.

The Services Of Eklavvya Are Extremely Useful. We Are Able To Execute Our Internal Assessment Process Effectively.
Royal Canin

Rakesh Agarwal
Managing Director, Image Consulting Business Institute

Managing Assessments For Our Remote Students Was A Challenge For Us.

Eklavvya Provided Us With An End-To-End Solution For Question Bank And Secure Assessments With Detailed Skill Evaluations Of Our Students.

I Would Recommend It For The Management Of Any Skill Assessment Process.

Dr. Arjun ghatule
Controller Of Examination Wellingkar Education Group

Eklavvya Is A Platform That Has Helped Us Streamline Our Examination Process For Our Distance Education And Full-Time/Part-Time Courses.
It Has Helped Us To Accelerate The Technology Roadmap For Post-Examination Processes As Well.
Our Proctored Exams For Various Academic Courses Are Now Simplified With Accurate, On-Time Result Processing For Dadar And Bangalore Campuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of online quizzes available ?

You can define online quizzes for objective questions, and descriptive questions. There is also a facility to accept responses in the form of audio, video, or file.

Online Quizzes can be used to check the analytical ability, problem-solving ability domain knowledge, communication skill, and writing skills of the individual.

What are the types of Online Exam ?
Conducting online exams there are various types. The first is based on the type of questions e.g. objective or Descriptive

Based on Proctoring online exams can be conducted with audio proctoring, video proctoring, AI proctoring

Online exams provide flexibility to include multiple types of questions with timer for each exam or each question

Online Exams can be classified based on their purpose

1. Academic Exam

2. Hiring Assessment

3. Mock Exam

4. Certification Exam

5. Viva Test

What is the best Online Exam ?

The online exam which can assess candidates’ ability to apply knowledge in the real world, can test problem-solving ability, thinking or analytical ability can be considered as the best online exam.

Can we randomize Questions in Online Exam ?

Yes, it is possible to randomize questions so that each candidate can receive a different set of question papers. Question shuffle and Randomization help to reduce exam malpractices. The system can randomize questions according to the syllabus.

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500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Skill Assessments.

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500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.