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Academic Exams

Conduct high stake academic exams for your education institute, university, and School. Supports advanced features of exam malpractice and copy prevention Conduct Objective, Subjective Assessments with file uploading options

Support for student Mock Exams before actual exam to know system usage

Online Coding Test Environment

Coding/ Programming Test

Conduct coding tests in programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Php

Auto Evaluation of Coding Skill of the candidate

Useful for academic programming assessment

Hiring Automation for Software Developer Profile

Online Aptitude Test

An online Aptitude test is helpful to check the problem-solving, analytical, decision-making ability of the individual.

Apart from domain knowledge, it is essential to have the aptitude quotient of the person above-average level.

Many organizations are conducting aptitude tests using the Eklavvya platform to understand the problem-solving quotient of prospective employees.

Virtual Interview Recording

Video Interview- Assessment

Candidates can attempt video interviews in the virtual environment

Record answers to each question in the form of video

Useful to conduct large scale video assessments concurrently

Evaluate video answers by watching the recording

Conduct Viva or Oral Exam

Define the online Viva exam candidates can use their mobile + microphone to appear for the online exam.

The screen will display the question text associated with viva, where the candidate can orally answer the question.

The entire speech is recorded in the system.

Personality Test

To understand key personality aspects like leadership, team player, introvert/extrovert quotient, decision making.

Personality tests have proved to be an effective way to identify personality traits of individuals as interviews may not reveal various personality aspects.

It is helpful to know the nature of the person before hiring.

Many organizations are relying on personality tests to know candidates.

Academic Entrance Exams

Student selection during the admission process is one of the essential tasks for education institutes and universities.

Some of the critical tasks to be managed are collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing the online entrance exam process, and processing the result.

Eklavvya platform has managed many entrance exams of reputed institutes and universities for MBA, BBA, MCA, Ph.D., Engineering, etc. The entire process can be digitized.

Online Test Series

Eklavvya platform supports the facility to conduct online test series. Conduct practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams.

Define custom tests based on topic/ chapter/ subtopics

Detailed analysis of student performance over multiple trials.

Subjective Test

Useful to conduct exams where a candidate is supposed to type answers for theory-based questions.

Our platform supports theory-based exams with an answer-checking facility available for the examiner.

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You can conduct various types of exams using Eklavvya

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