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How Onscreen Marking Solution Can Help in the NAAC Accreditation Process

Educational institutions and universities are striving to enhance their NAAC Accreditation ratings.

With the aid of various tools and technologies, it is feasible to boost the overall NAAC accreditation ratings for these establishments. In this regard, NAAC accreditation typically necessitates a variety of reports related to learning outcomes, overall evaluation processes, student performance, batch performance, and examination procedures.

The NAAC accreditation process demands thorough documentation, making manual answer sheet evaluations a potential obstacle to generating these crucial reports.

Thus, implementing an on-screen marking system can significantly improve the operational efficiency of answer sheet evaluations and facilitate the generation of NAAC accreditation-related reports.

Onscreen Marking System
Education technology trends for 2024 to watch out

Education technology trends for 2024 to watch out

Welcome to the future of education! As we step into 2024, educational technology (EdTech) is not just evolving; it’s revolutionizing the way we learn.

From the rise of Generative AI in assessments to the adoption of AI in question bank management, the future is full of innovation.

Explore the top 9 EdTech trends that are not just reshaping, but reimagining the learning experience.

AI Interviews: The Future of Recruitment

Job interviews have always been a daunting task to navigate. However, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing this vital part of the hiring process.

AI interview techniques are not only improving efficiency but also adding a level of objectivity to candidate evaluations. This progress marks a significant and exciting change in the recruitment field.

Unlock the secrets of AI interviews and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of recruitment. 🚀 Learn the future of hiring with our expertise. Get ready to simplify the interview process using advanced AI technology!

Generative AI Interviews
Generative AI Assessments

The Future of Exams: How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Assessments

Have you ever wondered about the shortcomings of conventional exams?

Traditional assessments focuses on definitions, memorization. It falls short in evaluating practical skills, adaptability, or even offering tailored feedback.

Discover how generative AI is transforming the way we take exams and revolutionizing assessments for the future.

Best Generative AI Tools for Education in 2024

Generative AI customizes educational resources to suit each student’s interests, pace, abilities, and style of learning. It provides prompt feedback and assistance, enhancing learning effectiveness.

Discover the top generative AI tools revolutionizing education in 2024. Explore innovative technologies shaping the future of learning and teaching with generative AI.

Best Generative AI Tools for Education in 2024
Can AI Replace Educators

Can AI Replace Educators?

The advancement of AI technology has brought about numerous benefits in various industries, including education.

The integration of AI in education has resulted in an ongoing debate about the future of education and the extent to which it can replace educators.

Some say AI can never replace human educators, while others believe AI will take over education entirely. What’s the truth? Read on to find out.

AI can Automate Checking Long Descriptive Answers for you.

Imagine having to check the descriptive answers of over 10,000 students! Teachers spend months reading through pages and pages, figuring out grades. It’s a huge task that eats up time and money.

Are you a teacher or an education enthusiast? If so, you’ll know the struggles that come with traditional grading. It can be a real headache, right?

Well, here’s the exciting news: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to turn that frown upside down!

Checking long descriptive answers
AI Question Paper Generator in Few Minutes

AI Question Paper Generator in Few Minutes

Manual question paper generation is a tedious task, requiring a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail.

The process involves going through a vast collection of questions, sorting them by subject and topic, determining their level of difficulty, and deciding on a suitable distribution of marks.

With the advent of AI technology, this task has become much easier and more efficient. AI tool designed specifically for generating question papers; provides a streamlined and automated solution for this process.

Best Practices of Onscreen Marking System

Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve the current examination Answer Sheet Evaluation process.

It reduces cost and result declaration can be achieved in a very short time.

Splashgain’s  Onscreen Marking platform is trusted by institutes and universities. Our clients have gained more than 60%  savings in the cost and are able to process results in less than 8 days of time.

Best Practices of Onscreen Marking System

360-Degree Proctoring: The Future of Secure Remote Exams

Online exam platforms turn out to be of prime essential in online course delivery, while it is commonly considered that online exams are prone to malpractice, recent advances in technology have made sure that online exams can be conducted in a malpractice-free manner with high reliability.

Explore the world of remote assessments and introduce you to innovative technologies such as Remote Proctoring, AI proctoring, and 360-degree proctoring.

5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations

One of the major concerns of institutes while conducting an online examination is the apparent risk of malpractices that comes with it due to lack of human invigilation.

One of the sad truths about education and examinations today is that students come up with creative techniques to cheat in an exam, be it an online or an offline exam. 

5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations
Top 4 Techniques to Make Online Examination System Secure

Top 4 Techniques to Make Online Examination System Secure

security aspect of online examination process is critical to overcome malpractices or unauthorized access to the information.

Security can be improved with techniques of Remote Proctoring, Secure Browser, Detailed Audit Logging…..

Managing Online Exam with Exam Center Infrastructure

Online Examination is becoming an important aspect to conduct entrance exam of education institute, recruitment exam for hiring.

Splashgain has come up with a unique proposition where examination proctoring along with entire examination management can be effectively executed using technology….

Managing Online Exam with Exam Center Infrastructure
How to Analyze Personality using Online Psychometric Test

How to Analyze Personality using Online Psychometric Test

It has become apparent to verify personality traits of the candidate during selection/ hiring process. Many organizations are finding personality tests as important selection criteria apart from other parameters like academics, experience etc.

Personality test can provide useful insights about ability to work in the team, innovation quotient, integrity, ability to generate new ideas.

Candidate Registration and Entrance Examination Management for Selection Process

Today’s world demands analytical ability and practical knowledge of the various aspects. Entrance exams of the universities and institutes are defined to select candidates with better practical knowledge.

Entrance examinations are objective and questions are defined to test conceptual knowledge of the applicant instead of theoretical knowledge.

Candidate Registration and Entrance Examination Management for Selection Process