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Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize, and control the online examination process in a scalable manner.

Monitor Remote Candidate Activities during Online Exam

Facility to record video, screen activities during exam

Live Chat with Remote Candidates from Proctor

The system can capture Photos of Remote Candidates

The system can capture photographs of the Remote Candidate after a specific time interval. It is known as Image Proctoring.

Eklavvya provided the facility to capture photographs of remote exam candidates using a web camera of the remote machines.

Secure Browser App for online exams

Secure browser App

Prevent HDMI Cable extensions
Kill background screen sharing applications with ease
Prevent unauthorized access to exams using remote logins
Prevent users from opening any other background recording applications
Facility to keep exam window always on top.
White-list required application so that you can switch windows (e,g Excel for accounts calculation, R Programing app for analysis)

Types of Proctoring Services

Image Proctoring

This type of proctoring is most suitable where internet connectivity is low. You aim to verify remote candidates during random times.
The system would capture photographs of the candidate at certain time intervals like exam start, exam end, questions attempt, after every 30 seconds or 45 seconds, etc.

Candidate Identity Verification

The candidate’s identity can be verified using the I card verification process. In this case, before starting the online exam, the candidate is supposed to show an individual identity card, Exam Hall ticket in front of the camera.

That identity card is verified by the proctor sitting at remote / any location. Proctor then approves or rejects candidates based on available official records.

Auto Proctoring

Auto proctoring is for you if you wish to do monitoring and analysis activity for the remote candidates automatically. Auto proctoring does continuous streaming activity of the candidates sitting at remote locations for online exams.

Auto proctoring analyze the images and videos to identify if the same candidate appears for the exam, identifies if any cheating is happening during online exam like the use of mobile phone, if another person is assisting the candidate during the online exam process, a candidate is using notes or reference books while attempting the online exam.

Video Proctoring

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for high-stakes exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

The remote proctor has various facilities like Live Chat with the remote candidate, Pause/ Resume Online Exam, Verify if the candidate environment is as per requirements, and there is no malpractice during the online exam process.

Live exam user monitoring

Advance Proctoring Analytics Reports

Exam Analytics AI Report

AI-Powered Remote Proctoring to Detect and Prevent Cheating during Exam

Remote proctoring is the technology that lets you monitor online exams for candidates scattered over a bunch of locations, anywhere on the back of the earth.

There are different parameters of remote proctoring, such as audio proctoring, video proctoring, image proctoring, monitoring the screen of the end-user attempting the online exam.

With the help of all these mechanisms, you can securely conduct an Online Exam, that too under a controlled and cheat-free environment.

Web Camera Enabled Online Exam Proctoring

The web camera is used for many different purposes. The web camera is a mandatory essential during online exams. The candidate must keep the front camera on while launching the exam.

It verifies the candidate’s identity by flashing the identity card to the camera. Once verified, the system provides access to start the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring is a solution that ensures online examinations are carried out in a controlled and cheat-free environment. Remote proctoring eliminates the need for an on-site instructor by gauging candidate activities in real-time in a semi-automated manner.

What are some of the key features of remote proctoring software?

Remote proctoring software comes equipped with features such as

  • Auto proctoring
  • Video proctoring
  • Image Proctoring
  • Live Chat with the remote candidates
    Web camera-enabled proctoring to eliminate the risk of cheating, impersonation, etc.

Why has remote proctoring become the need of the hour?

Post-pandemic personal and professional environments have evolved at a rapid pace, with now everything being made online. Academics and examinations are no exception to this. While on-premise examinations are going to stay the course, online examinations will be defining the future. It would be apt to say that examinations are going to take a hybrid approach. And businesses and academic institutions can stay competitive by leveraging remote proctoring software to continuously manage online examinations in a controlled manner.

Are remote proctoring applications secure?

Security is a major aspect that businesses and academic institutions have to take into consideration while opting to leverage any external application. Remote proctoring software is completely secure and available as browser Apps. Data security, confidentiality, and authorizations are completely secure with remote proctoring.

How remote proctoring can verify candidate impersonation?

Before launching the online examination, the remote candidate has to showcase the exam ID, hall ticket, etc., in front of the remote machine web camera. The proctor then matches these with the existing database of candidate details and verifies whether the right candidate appears in the online examination.

How effective is auto proctoring?

Now, automation has paved its way into every aspect of life, and online examinations are no exception. Remote proctoring software comes with auto proctoring capabilities that ensure 360-degree candidate activity monitoring in an automated manner. With continuous as well as periodic video streaming, image capturing, activity analysis, and auto proctoring, remote proctoring software is all set to yield multiple business benefits and opportunities.

Why choose Eklavvya as a remote proctoring software?

Eklavvya is an easy, Plug-and-Play SaaS platform that intends to make the academic examination and hiring assessment process a lot more reliable, accurate and scalable. Being recognized as the most accurate AI proctoring system with a 99.96% accuracy in the results, Eklavvya strives to solve every proctoring problem.

Eklavvya is a smart AI remote proctoring tool that is efficient while being an extremely cost-effective choice for assessment, evaluation, and online assessment monitoring purposes. It is a simple yet extremely capable remote proctoring software that is equipped to manage large workloads and can be accessed by anyone with a basic digital device.

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