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Online Assessment Implementation

Success Stories

University conducted more than 15,000 proctored exams in 3 weeks’ time. They received positive feedback from the students about the simple user interface and the seamless experience of attempting online exams remotely from their home. University prepared a proctor list who performed remote invigilation tasks with a computer connected to the projector/ big screen. Remote exam invigilation and AI proctoring made the overall proctoring process seamless for the university.

Distance Education Provides advantage of continuity in the learning process. Each year thousands of students apply to this university for distance education courses in the areas of management, engineering, technology, marketing, communication, finance, etc.

How leading university prevented cheating during online exams

Per question timer implementation resulted in the fair result of the online exam. University conducted million+ exam sessions for its 150,000+ students. Here are some of the statistics of the exam result.

“Voith offers a diverse range of services and products for business and industry worldwide. Complete solutions are available for all kinds of fields including paper machines, high value rotating equipment and drive lines, and hydropower equipment and services for industrial facilities”

“Conducting an online assessment of school children is a challenging task considering their young age and unfamiliarity with computers and online exams. However, online exams are a great way to conduct exams in a hassle-free and cost-effective way in comparison with traditional exams, that too across multiple locations.”

“ASSI wanted to conduct a Fellowship entrance examination for medical professionals across the region. ASSI designed an objective examination for the candidates. After evaluating multiple assessment platforms, ASSI decided to use the Eklavvya platform to conduct an online entrance examination.”

“Essilor wanted to expand across Indian cities to appoint franchise for their Eye Mitra Opticians program. In order to analyze applicants of franchise operations, they were looking for a technology of assessment to simplify their process and selection process.”

“Institute wanted to streamline the pre-admission process and conduct entrance exams for the students to get them on singular merit instead of having scored from different universities with different grading standards. University opted to use the Eklavvya platform to simplify this process. Eklavvya platform helped the university to simplify pre-admission and online entrance exams.”

“Organisations are constantly looking to evolve, train employees to new technology, new knowledge to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and trends. It has become essential for organizations to use technology to simplify employee training, assessment process.”

“Here is a case study to showcase how one of the leading University providing Distance Education Courses has successfully completed more than 10 thousand assessments using technology. University wanted to simplify the examination or evaluation process with the help of technology.”

“One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology of Eklavvya platform. Institute has highly rated Management course Executive MBA where applicants from across the world had applied. Institute conducted entrance exam with remote proctoring approach…”

While sharing experience of the online exam using the remote proctoring following is the words mentioned by Dr. Saumyajit Basu (Secretary of ASSI).
 It was a wonderful experience with Eklavvya from the last 2 years with regard to managing the ASSI online entrance examination. I would like to thank you and your team for your efforts and support. It was a well-organized exam and the ASSI Executive truly appreciated it.  

“Management of entrance exams has been a critical task. In the case of the traditional process, institutes need to manage multiple exam halls, invigilators for each group of students, manual paper checking of the students answer sheet, result processing, and shortlisting. All the manual processes result in the delay of the result declaration. College is able to analyze each individual student as well as a group of students over graphical analysis.”

“Nayak’s Tutorials was looking to automate entire question bank management and question paper generation process using technology tool so that, all students of branches can be provided with chapter/ topic/ section-wise tests periodically….”

“MES Garware College decided to use Online Examination Platform Eklavvya.in to manage entrance exams of the MCA and M Sc. Due to the online examination process, overall administration work has simplified and results have been generated instantly. College is able to analyze each individual student as well as a group of students over graphical analysis.”

“Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University has decided to use popular platforms of ePravesh® and Eklavvya to manage Online Registrations and examination processing of the prestigious CCC Exam. Each year thousands of candidates appear for the exam. Management of the exam for such thousands of candidates with 100% accuracy is a critical task…”

“NSB has a distance education package where students can subscribe to the course and get training material at home.

This time NSB has introduced Online Preparation Package by using the technology platform Eklavvya Students can register online for the online exam package and distance learning material on NSBINdia.net. As soon as online payment is confirmed students would receive credentials for the online examination.”

“University used question Paper generation feature of Eklavvya. With the use of technology, the paper setter can select examination pattern and based on the examination pattern system selects random questions from the question bank defined with attributes including subject, topic, subtopic.

Paper setter can manually edit /remove/add questions in a generated paper. Platform security ensures that the question paper can not be printed or transmitted.”

“University decided to use ePravesh for managing online enrollment/ form filling process and Eklavvya.in for managing online examinations.

The entire admission process was conducted in a paperless manner with student uploading photographs and other admission information. For Online examination, certain security measures were used including web camera authentication, study center examiner authentication. .”

“MVLCO conducts certification exam related to finance domain which is very useful for the banking operations, financial payment systems, taxing structures, etc.

MVLCO wanted to conduct an examination at multiple locations across the world where candidates should be able to appear for it from their location with a secure environment.”

“With the help of Eklavvya.in (Online Assessment Platform), PUMBA prepared question bank relevant to the subjects of Aptitude, general awareness, finance, management, and defined examination pattern for each semester for the individual student according to stream.

PUMBA started conducting Aptitude and assessment tests for individual students on a weekly basis.”