Successful Implementation of Proctored and Center Based Exams for Digital Courses

Online Exam Conduction by university with slot booking

Are you running Distance Education Courses for thousands of students situated across Multiple cities ?

Do you want to simplify examination or assessment / evaluation process for the students ?

Here is case study to show case how one of the leading  University providing Distance Education Courses has successfully completed more than 10 thousand assessments using technology.


One of the leading university of India has many courses offered in the form of distance education. Students can enroll for the course, can attend online classes, offline weekend oriented classes. Such course is useful for working processionals looking to continue their higher education studies. Each year thousands of students get enrolled for the courses offered by the university.

Distance Education Provides advantage of continuity in learning process. Each year thousands of students apply to this university for distance education courses in the areas of management, engineering , technology, marketing, communication, finance etc.

University  wanted to simplify examination or evaluation process with the help of technology.

Assessment Technology  Implementation

University decided to use innovative platform and technology of Eklavvya platform. Candidates were provided with option to define their own slot for online exam process.

Candidates / students were able to login on the system to select date and time along with location of online exam based on available slots.

Online Slot booking process simplified overall examination scheduling process for the university.

Here is short video of How Online Exam Slot Booking Process works

Option of proctored based online exam was provided. Remote candidates who were not able to select physical exam center due to limitations of distance and slot availability got opportunity to select proctored based examination time slot.

Slot Booking Section

Some of the students opted for center based online exams while remote candidates located at other country or remote city preferred to select option of Remote Proctored based online exams.

System generated digital hall tickets of the users based on their preference of slot selection. Students were able to download hall ticket from their own login.

Online Exam Hall Ticket

Eklavvya has tie up with exam centers across India (more than 150 cities ) with infrastructure to manage and conduct online exam process.

University is able to use this infrastructure to manage their online exams with ease and cost effective manner.

Thousands of candidates/ students were able to appear for online exams of their courses based on their own preferred time slots.

Entire examination management process got simplified for the university.

Result Generation or overall result processing became easy with just click of  the button.

Overall Students found this system as flexible and effective to appear for the exam.


University was able to complete digital evaluation of more than 3000 candidates for 15,000+ exams within a time frame of 1 week.

Entire process of logistics, exam scheduling, hall ticket generation is automated with the help of technology.

Proctored based exams ensured that university was able to cater to candidates who were not in the proximity of exam center e.g. some of the candidates were located at international locations (outside india) were able to appear for online exams using Remote Proctoring  Technology.

Here is the feedback from Registrar about Implementation of digital assessment process

Annie Francis Registrar- MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions
Annie Francis
Registrar- MIT SDE
MIT Group of Institutions
The entire examination experience for we at MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with SplashGain.
The once very complicated system of getting the question banks ready to get uploaded, making any corrections in them has just vanished. 
Very simple registration process, swiftly created exams, easy-to-use interface, proctored examination link, proctored invigilation reports, examination videos and ever ready to customise requirements, we find SplashGain to be a one-stop-destination for all exam requirement for any educational institution.
We are able to follow a exam pattern and monitor the exam performance of every student without any hassle. SplashGain  –  we definitely see it to be a World Class Technology Partner.