Best Practices of Onscreen Marking System

Best Practices of Onscreen Marking System


Do you want to simplify the Answer sheet Checking Process with the help of technology?

Do you want to know how the Onscreen Evaluation Process can save you time?

Want to know the best Practices Adopted by Tech Savy Universities for Onscreen Marking?

Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve the current examination Answer Sheet Evaluation process. It reduces cost and result declaration can be achieved in a very short time.

Splashgain’s  Onscreen Marking platform is trusted by institutes and universities. Our clients have gained more than 60%  savings in cost and are able to process results in less than 8 days of time.

Here are some limitations of the Traditional Answer Sheet Checking Process

Limitations of traditional marking system

1. Physical answer sheet handling and evaluation involve many administrative and logistical activities.

2. The cost of managing storage and handling physical answer sheets is very high. Entire result processing may get delayed due to it.

3. Examiners and other personnel need to travel for the answer sheet checking and moderation process.

4. Result Processing is manual and error-prone.

5. It is impossible to track the overall evaluation process centrally in manual activities.

In the case of student requests for re-evaluation or photocopy of the answer sheet, someone needs to get an individual copy from the bunch of answer sheets. All such work involves manual handling of answer sheets and it is a tedious job considering there are thousands of answer sheets involved in this activity

Let’s check the Best Practices for the Process of Onscreen Marking.

Best Practices of Onscreen Marking Solution

1. Answer Sheet Scanning

High-speed scanners scan the answer sheets with the proper masking process. Student identity information like name, Roll No is masked. Examiners would not be able to see these details. Maintaining a backup record of scanned answer sheets is easy compared to physical answer sheet storage. It can help you to save on the cost of storage.

Physical Answer sheet copies can be destroyed after a certain period of time as you would always have access to the digital version of it at any time. It is easy to retrieve a digital copy of the answer sheet with a simple login. It would enable a transparent and fair evaluation process. It is possible to scan the barcode of the answer sheet and map it with specific student records.

2. Exam Pattern Mapping

Question Papers and examination patterns are defined in the software system. Examination information has attributes like Batch, Exam Name, Semester, and Stream. The examination pattern is defined according to the question paper format.

Information about students is imported into the system for each stream, semester, and specialization.

3. Examiner Evaluation Process

Examiners can evaluate the answer sheet digitally. Entire activities like login, annotation events, and marks assignment are logged in the system. The system can directly provide the result of the evaluation for the mark sheet printing process.

4. Moderation Activity

Even moderation activity is also simplified. Moderators can log in and assign marks. You can define criteria for moderation and assign a certain number of answer sheets for the rechecking process. All manual activities of physical handling of answer booklets for moderation can be eliminated in this case.

The moderation process is an important aspect to scrutinize, and correct inconsistencies in the marks allotment process. Typically the role of the moderator is to recheck answer sheets that are already evaluated by one of the examiners.

While assigning answer sheets for moderation there are various criteria and algorithms used by the education institute and Universities.

Let’s see what are the rules for Moderation

  1. If Marks are in the range of say 28% to 34% and passing is 35% then assign 100% of those answer scripts for moderation.
  2. If marks are above 90% then assign 50% of the answer scripts for moderation
  3. If marks are in the range of 50% to 80% then assign 10% of the random answer sheets from it for moderation
  4. If marks are in the range of 35% to 50% then assign 5% of the answer scripts for moderation

Above mentioned rules are customs according to the rules of the educational institute. In the case of an onscreen evaluation system, you can easily configure such rules and randomly select answer sheets for moderation from the pool and range of percentage marks.

If student requests for photocopy or rechecking of the answer sheet then it can be easily managed from the system.

Features of Onscreen Marking Solution

Examiners are provided with unique login credentials to evaluate answer sheets. The entire scanning activity is performed using a nondestructive scanning process. All physical copies of the mark sheets are handled carefully to convert into digital format.

1. Auto Calculation of Marks

The calculation of total marks is automated in the system. As an examiner, you need not have to track optional questions attempted by the student. The system auto-calculates the score based on the question paper pattern. Examiners can evaluate the answer sheet from any location with a secure login process.

2. Quick Evaluation Process

All such automation helps the examiner to complete the evaluation activity quickly time. Our analysis has proved that more than 60% of the time can be saved using onscreen marking compared to the physical assessment process.

Our technology is patented for security processes. An only authorized person is able to evaluate the answer sheet with a valid identification verification method. It is not possible to download the answer sheet with the examiner’s login.

Comparison of Traditional Answer Sheet Checking and Onscreen Marking Process.

Traditional Marking System vs Onscreen Marking System

In the traditional processes physical handling of the answer, and sheets add to the cost and manual activities. In onscreen marking, one-time scanning eliminates the physical handling of the answer sheets. For physical answer sheet evaluation examiners need to travel to the respective exam centers for answer sheet evaluation.

Onscreen marking removes this constraint, as examiners can evaluate the answer sheet from any location. The average time required for physical answer sheet evaluation can be anything around 10 to 15 minutes as the scoring calculation is manual work. Onscreen marking drastically reduces evaluation time to less than 5 to 6  minutes per answer sheet.

The overall result processing timeline can be improved significantly. We have success stories where universities were able to reduce the timeline of result processing from 45 days to just 8 days.

Benefits of Onscreen Marking System

It helps in quick result processing. It reduces the time required to evaluate the particular answer sheet. The total calculation is also automated. The overall timeline for result processing can be reduced. It is a secure way to remove malpractices of answer sheet evaluation.

Physical answer sheet handling is prevented. Secure logins and access controls ensure that the right examiner is evaluating answer sheets. It also improves the accuracy of the answer sheet evaluation. Even other activities like moderation, and re-checking becomes easy with this system.

Most importantly it reduces the cost of the overall process drastically. It eliminates error-prone data entry work completely.

Advantages of the Onscreen Marking system

There would be more than 50% cost saving to universities who are using our platform to evaluate answer sheets. More than a 60% reduction in the time required to evaluate the answer sheet. Examiners can complete answer sheet evaluation activity in record time.

Our platform is hosted in a secure cloud environment and it can be scaled easily. We have included best Practices for answer sheet evaluation with feedback from Professors, Examiners, Moderators, registrars, Controllers of Examiners of various universities and education entities.

Our customers have reported that using Onscreen Marking reduces the timeline for Result Processing from 45 days to just 8 days. Examiners can evaluate the answer sheet from any location and in any time insecure manner.

So examiners need not have to travel to a particular location for this activity. It would save the cost of travel and result in better time management. Examiners situated in Mumbai can easily evaluate the answer sheets of students from New Delhi. It removes the location constraint of this activity.

Onscreen Marking Implementation Approach.

 We usually analyze the existing process and define a road map for the pilot phase. This phase helps you to understand how the system works and how result processing can be simplified.

Based on the feedback from the pilot phase, we define the phase-wise road map for the live answer sheet evaluation phase. Training sessions are conducted for examiners with mock answer sheet evaluation.

Our services include activities of scanning answer sheets, and providing a cloud-based online platform for answer sheet evaluation. We provide a dedicated account manager. Such a person would work closely with your team to ensure the success of the onscreen marking system. The support team is also available over email, live chat, and phone.

There is an advantage in terms of pricing as there is no upfront investment. You need to pay on the basis of the number of answer sheets/ booklets or the number of pages of the answer sheet.


The onscreen evaluation process is useful to simplify the answer sheet checking process and it is also cost-effective. It can save the administration and logistical costs. There would be significant savings per year on stationery, dearness allowance for evaluators, travel, etc. It can save more than 60% of the cost of examination result processing activity.

You can reduce the examination result processing cycle from 45 days to just 8 days’ time. Thousands of answer sheets have been evaluated using our system. We have implemented the onscreen evaluation process at many reputed institutes and universities. You can connect with us for a demo of our offering. We are just a click away.