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Create skill assessments that enhance your hiring and evaluation processes with Hiring Assessment Software.

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We wanted to switch to online tool to conduct assessment for store employees.

Eklavvya platform is perfectly suited for our requirements of test automation.
Eklavvya tool has saved time by automation of evaluation and results. We are able to improve our  processed quite efficiently.

Suraj Kumar

Training (Corporate), Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd

Jubilant foodworks

Trusted by Industry Leaders


India Infoline Finance

Assessment and survey for employee training and evaluation across hundreds of branches in India

Jubilant foodworks

Jubilant Foodworks

Using Eklavvya to conduct regular assessments of their employees across the nation at various franchise branches.


Cactus Communications

Global hiring using Skill Assessment Process in multiple countries



Implemented Internal Assessment and Knowledge Management Process for Employees using Eklavvya



Sales team Assessment for various locations with video proctoring of remote candidates

Prism Johnson

Prism Johnson Ltd

Automated campus and lateral hiring process with remote proctored assessment process with the help of Eklavvya Assessments.

Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

An Informative Guide to Defining Coding Assessment

Recruiting good developers can be a challenging task for organizations. However, this eBook can provide valuable assistance.

Learn how Eklavvya’s coding assessments can assist organizations in hiring highly skilled developers.

Skill Assessment Platform

Simplify Hiring Assessments, Remote Interviews, Employee training Assessment

Eklavvya, a Plug-and-Play SaaS skill assessment platform, is your best bet.

Build the right skill-set test questionnaire banks

Conduct AI-enabled remote proctoring online examinations

Auto recruiting process

Automate selection Process with powerful Remote Recruiting Software

Rehash your candidate selection process with Eklavvya.

Simplify the selection process with online aptitude, Coding Skill Assessment, and psychometric assessments.

Gauge the employability of your potential candidates. 

Shorten the selection process duration, and stay cost-effective with the right online interview software. 

The best way to Identify the Employability of Graduates

Go beyond academic assessment and evaluate behavioral aspects of the candidate with communication skill assessment using audio/video interviews.

Get a chance to select only the go-getters with high-growth-oriented skills. 

Leverage Eklavvya’s remote video interview capabilities to get a  360-degree video of the candidate’s employability aspects. 

remote interview process

AI Proctored Exams and Remote Interview Process, facilitated by an interview assessment platform.

Conduct secure assessments and remote video interviews to filter out suitable candidates with AI Proctored Exams

Leveraging Generative AI for Efficient Hiring and Employee Development

Generative AI Assessments offer a more engaging, personalized, and efficient assessment experience that can enhance both hiring processes and employee development programs.

Efficient Hiring

Generative AI Assessments can be used during the recruitment process to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s knowledge and skills in a specific area. This can lead to more informed hiring decisions.

Employee Development

Generative AI Assessments can also be used for ongoing employee training. By providing personalized, interactive, and dynamic assessments, they can help employees continually improve their knowledge and skills.


By automating the assessment process, companies can save significant time and resources. This can lead to cost savings and increased efficiency.


Generative AI Assessments can easily scale to accommodate large numbers of employees or candidates, making them an ideal solution for large corporations.

generative ai assessments
coding assessment

Coding Assessment

Improve accuracy and eliminate bias during software engineer recruitments.

Conduct coding assessments in C, C++, Javascript, java, Python, C#, R Programming, etc.

Define Custom coding tests as per your requirements

Evaluate ability to write logical, error free code.


Aptitude Test

Define custom test with your question bank.

Assess the problem-solving, Analytical ability of the applicant.

Understand the problem-solving ability, information analysis, and reasoning ability of the potential candidate with an aptitude test.


Domain specific test

Domain Specific Test

Custom Test for Technical knowledge

On-the-job hands-on knowledge Assessment with custom domain test

Field sales team assessment and knowledge analysis

Domain-specific tests are helpful to check whether the candidate has prior knowledge of a particular job area/domain of the work profile.

Survey Management<br />

Survey Management

Define and conduct surveys for employees, and vendors

Analysis of survey and feedback for the organization’s policy events

Audio interviews

Audio Interviews

Define custom test with audio recording facility

Candidates can record responses in the form of audio

Evaluate communication skills, and domain knowledge of the candidate 

video interview

Video Interviews

Define custom test with video recording facility

Candidates can record responses in the form of Videos

Assess the communication skills, and domain knowledge of the candidate

Embrace Proctored Remote Hiring, Enhanced by Advanced Remote Interview Software.

With everything going digital, remote interviews and candidate selection are the future of hiring.

With Eklavvya, the right recruitment software

Leverage the endless capabilities of auto proctoring

AI-enabled proctoring and image proctoring

Monitor candidate activity in real time.

Assess skills in a controlled environment

On-board the right talent in a cost-efficient and hassle-free manner.

How Enterprises use Eklavvya Skill Assessment System

A Global Food Chain Company Streamlined Online Employee Assessments using Eklavvya
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A Multinational Sports company Streamlined Employee Assessment Using Eklavvya
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Multinational Company has simplified skill-based global hiring
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A reputed construction company streamlined the campus recruitment process using Eklavvya
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India’s largest stock broking company has simplified employee assessments using Eklavvya
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Skill assessment for improve hiring and training

How Corporates are using Skill Assessments to improve hiring and Trainings

Explore how organizations are adopting technology to improve skill assessment evaluation during various phases of employment including hiring, training, promotions, and Skill Building for the employees


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Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms


Currency Cycle Association (CCA), the Self-Regulatory Organization for the Cash Management Industry in India.
We wanted to streamline the certification and accreditation assessment process for our cash management employees across India.
Eklavvya proved to be an effective tool to manage secure online tests.

Abhijeet Dasgupta
Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

The Eklavvya Assessment Tool Has Helped Us Streamline The Learning Experience Of Our Employees And Made Our Work Much Easier.

Swati Pandey
Asst. Manager- HR, Prism Johnson Ltd. (Cement Division)

Eklavvya platform is quick and easily accessible.
The service of Eklavvya is good. We have been able to simplify and Scale the recruitment process.

Ramprasad J
Associate Manager, HR Voonik Technologies Pvt Ltd

Managing Manual Offline Recruitment Activities Was Challenging For Us.
With The Support Of Eklavvya, We Could Conduct The Bulk Hiring Drive Smoothly.


We’ve been using the platform for conducting evaluations for our employees internally and for recruitment tests.
Eklavvya is a much more streamline platform than the previous platform that we have been using.

7 ways to simplify skill assessments

7 Ways to Simplify Skill Assessments for Your Organization

Technology can help reduce bias and the subjective assessment process. Technology can help you to simplify the skill assessment process on a larger scale.

This guide discusses the 7 ways to simplify the skill assessment process for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are online assessments?

Assessments are the key processes of the corporate candidate selection process. As the name suggests, online assessments are conducted in an online/remote environment to gauge the skillsets and employability of potential candidates.

Why do companies use Online Assessments?
Online assessments, often referred to as employment screening tests or pre-employment tests, are used by corporates to scout for the right talent and identify if the one they are hiring is suitable for the jobs they have in hand.
Online assessment helps corporates to cut short their selection process, make it rather more effective by ruling out non-suitable candidates at the earlier stages and prevent over-utilization of time and resources.
So, which companies use Online Assessments?

Companies use assessments as a screening process that saves a lot of time for them. These tests typically happen online, and only those who clear them get a chance to be called for an interview.

How valid are Online Assessments, and are the results reliable?

Companies that post job descriptions that are detailed and as close as possible to what the candidate would be doing after gaining the job stand to benefit the most from these online assessments.

These online assessments are structured and conducted in a controlled environment with remote proctoring capabilities. Candidate authentication is carried out at the beginning of the assessment, and throughout the assessment, the candidate’s activities are recorded for monitoring purposes.

Yes, the results of these online assessments are reliable from a holistic point of view. The right online interview software is the key to steering online candidate assessments in the right direction.

Is there a feedback system for online assessments?

Feedback should be a must in the candidate selection and hiring process, no matter whether the skill assessment is done online or offline. This ensures that the candidate gets an understanding of his/her performance on the test and identifies the areas of improvement to grow in his/her career. Robust recruitment software offers candidate performance insights to both employers and candidates for a holistic assessment experience.

Can domain-specific knowledge tests be gauged effectively through online assessments?

During the online assessment, the candidate will be asked to write a piece of code, or answer specific technical questions pertaining to a domain or solve a particular scenario. While one session might not be sufficient to define the candidate’s domain knowledge expertise, it shows the employers how the candidate is approaching the test. If the approach is right, the candidate can be hired and further groomed with the requisite training and skill upgrade support to perform at his/her job role.

Corporate Skill Assessment Reimagined A cutting-edge, comprehensive, and scalable recruitment software for corporates

The corporate landscape is growing ever-competitive, and employers need the right talent with the requisite skill set to stay competitive at all times. 

Recruitment, selection, and onboarding of candidates are some of the most crucial objectives of corporate HR teams. And, with businesses on an upward growth trajectory, ensuring the workforce stays apt and competitive is paramount. 

Conducting offline interviews with a series of assessments, aptitude, logical reasoning tests, and communication skill tests can get daunting, time, and resource-intensive for corporates. And, the “potential candidate to onboarded employee” conversion might not yield the expected results. 

The Solution? A Robust, Resilient, and Smart Recruitment Software 

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500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Skill Assessments.

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Have a Look.

500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.