Assessment For Corporates - Online Examination System with AI Proctoring Assessment For Corporates - Online Examination System with AI Proctoring

Assessment For Corporates

Online assessments can help corporate to simplify hiring, recruitment, assessment of employees, performance evaluation after training, analysis of training programs.

Simplify Employee Assessments, Recruitment/ Hiring Process with Ease

Adopted by may organizations for employee assessment, Aptitude tests, Surveys, Psychometric tests

Online Assessments

Digital Assessments can help companies to simplify employee training, employee evaluation, or even recruitment process simplification.

Automate selection Process

Simplify the selection process with online aptitude tests, psychometric tests.

The best way to Identify the Employability of Graduates

Go beyond academic assessment ad evaluate behavioral aspects of the candidate

Proctored Exams and Remote Interview Process

Conduct secure assessment ad remote interviews to filter out suitable candidates

Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is useful to understand problem-solving ability, information analysis, reasoning ability of the individual.

Personality Test

There are various algorithms and tests defined to understand key personality aspects like leadership, team player, introvert/ extrovert quotient, decision making, etc.

Listening Ability Test

Listening and writing ability is important for job profiles like a reporter, clerks in various sectors.

Domain Specific Test

Domain-specific tests are useful to check if the candidate has prior knowledge of a particular job area/domain of the work profile.

So which companies use Online Assessments?

Companies use assessments as a screening process that saves a lot of time for them. These tests typically happen online and only those who clear them to get a chance to be called for an interview.

Why do companies use Online Assessments?

Online Assessments, often referred to as employment screening tests or pre-employment tests are used by companies to scout for the right talent and identify if the one they are hiring is suitable for the jobs they have at their company.

How valid are Online Assessments and are the results reliable?

Companies that post job descriptions that are detailed and as close as possible to what the candidate would be doing after gaining the job stand to benefit the most from these online assessments.

Remote Hiring with Proctoring

Organizations can have remote hiring process with proctored assessments and online interview process.

Personality Test

Psychometric Test

  • Assess leadership, behavioral aspects of the applicant
  • Define Custom test as per your requirements

Aptitude Test

  • Define your own test with your question Bak
  • Conduct Campus placement Activity
  • Assess Problem Solving, Analytical Ability of the applicant

Domain-Specific Test

  • Custom Test for Technical Knowledge
  • Domain-Specific Knowledge
  • On the Job Hands-on Knowledge Assessment
  • Field Sales Team Assessment and Knowledge Analysis

Survey Management

  • Design and Conduct Surveys for Employees, Vendors
  • Analysis of Survey and Feedback for Organization Policy, Evets
  • Integrate with your own Active Directory for Employee Logins

Adopted by Many