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Currency Cycle Case Study


Currency Cycle Association (CCA), the Self-Regulatory Organization for the Cash Management Industry in India was created as per RBI Guideline of Standards for engaging the Service Provider and its sub-contractor for cash management activities of the banks, dated the 6th April 2018. CCA embraces today more than 95% of the whole cash management industry in India, by means of its members.

CCA has 8 CCA Members who are Cash In Transit (CIT) or Cash Replenishment Agencies (CRA). Thus CCA is an organization of high repute in the cash management industry.

There are various projects undertaken by CCA in order to fulfill the mandates given by RBI. 

Employee Accreditation Certification

CCA was working on one of the important projects “ Employee Accreditation Certification”. This project was different from the projects that CCA had been handling. In this project, the organization had to conduct the assessment exam to check the knowledge of employees.

There were a large number of  employees from 28 states who wanted to appear for the test. It was challenging for them to call all the employees from 28 states to the exam center to appear for the accreditation examination, all of them were working professionals and offline center based exams were quite impossible to conduct.

CCA association approached Eklavvya to streamline the assessment process for “ Employee Accreditation Certification”, 

Here is how Eklavvya streamlined the assessment process Multi-language support

Eklavvya supports exam in multiple languages

The employees belonging to different states had their own language preferences. The employees appearing from the state were given flexibility to choose the language of their choice, the exam was conducted in 8 languages including English, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi.

Question paper security

Exam paper security for accreditation assessments

The question papers were secure with restricted access, only the person assigned for exam creation had access to the question papers which significantly nullified the chances of question paper leakage. Which made the exam process more secure

Malpractice free assessment

Malpractice free accreditation assessments with eklavvya

The assessment was designed for accreditation, hence it was of high value and importance, It was must for CCA to conduct the assessment in a malpractice free environment. CCA conducted exams in which the photos of candidates were captured throughout the examination process at specific time intervals. These photos were available to the CCA management in the admin panel as and when required.

Convenient exam process

Flexible timings of exam

The exam interface was intuitive and easy to use, employees did not have to lose their time in technical issues. Employees were given flexibility to appear the exam as per their time conveniences within a given time frame, this made employees to appear for the without having to postpone the ongoing work.

Assessment automation

Efficient automation of accreditation assessments with eklavvya

The process of assessment was largely automated, the exam assignment to student, result generation processes could be completely automated. There was no need of calculating the results manually, results were exportable in printable file format. This made sure that the assessment related activities are completed at a faster pace with higher accuracy.

The exam related documents like student wise score cards, exam review reports  and activity logs were readily available in the admin portal as soon as the exam ended.

By virtue of the mentioned top notch features of Eklavvya, CCA could successfully conduct the accreditation assessments for more than 34000 employees located across the 24 states

Here is what the CCA team says about us

We are an organization of repute in the Cash Management Industry, We are working on various projects undertaken by us to fulfill the mandate given by RBI. 

The Employee Accreditation Certification Project is one such project that we are implementing for accreditation of employees. It was our first project which required an assessment to be conducted by us. We approached Eklavvya for streamlining the assessment process.

With Eklavvya, we could successfully conduct accreditation assessment for over 34000+ members. We had targeted to complete the accreditation of 50% employees of the CCA Members by the end of 2021 and we were more able to achieve that target despite the Pandemic. 

During the exam process, we received good support and help from the Eklavvya team which made the exam process convenient. We are thankful for all the support that came in from Eklavvya.

Keep up the good work. All the best.

Mehreen Raza
Project Manager,
Currency Cycle Association (SRO – Cash Management Industry)