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Quick and easy Assessment Integrations

Leading assessment integrations platform with 30+ integrations in LMS, CRM, CMS, HRMS and e-learning tools.

API Intigration
Eklavvya Clients

We have been availing services from Eklavvya for the last 4+ years and have found it to be quite competent and fulfilling most of the online assessment requirements of our partner Management Schools.

Pulak Pattanayak

National Head – Virtual Classroom Unified Collaboration Services, LLP(VCNow)

Conducting Exam Easier

Set up online proctored assessments with easy integration

• Save your precious time and money by using the most popular and efficient assessments.

• Eliminate the challenges of managing exams, scheduling sessions, and managing proctoring services.

• A platform that is easy to integrate, allowing you to conduct proctored assessments with just a few clicks.

• Integrate assessments in your CRM, LMS, and HRMS and get real-time detailed reporting on test taker performance.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


India Infoline Finance

Assessment and survey for employee training and evaluation across hundreds of branches in India with Single Sign on Integration

Jubilant foodworks

Jubilant Foodworks

Using Eklavvya to conduct regular assessments of their employees across the nation at various franchise branches.


Cactus Communications

Global hiring using Skill Assessment Process in multiple countries with Registration to Test Management Integration


Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Integrated Proctored Assessments with the ERP solution of TISS to simplify remote tests, exam evaluations with results.



Sales team Assessment for various locations with video proctoring of remote candidates along with integration of Zerodha LMS.

Prism Johnson

Prism Johnson Ltd

Automated campus and lateral hiring process with remote proctored assessment process with the help of Eklavvya Assessments.

6 Reasons to Choose Eklavvya APIs for Assessment Integration

Seamless Integration of Proctoring Tests for your System

Seamless Integration of Proctoring Tests for your System

Proctor Assignment within for Live Exam View

Proctor Assignment within for Live Exam View

Video Recording of Exam Activity

Video Recording of Exam Activity

Secure and Scalable to Manage Thousands of Exam Sessions

Secure and Scalable to Manage Thousands of Exam Sessions

Successfully Integrated with various HRMS, LMS

Successfully Integrated with various HRMS, LMS

Detailed Result APIs to Fetch Results Instantly to your system

Detailed Result APIs to Fetch Results Instantly to your system

AI proctored exam in moodle

Proctored Exams in Moodle

Seamless Integration of Eklavvya Proctoring in Moodle

Conduct Proctored Exams in Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

Just install the Eklavvya plugin to manage proctored exams seamlessly

Steps to Enable Proctoring in Moodle

Install Eklavvya Plugin

Login to your Moodle Account and Define test

Assign Exam/ Test  to candidates

Enable Proctoring Setting in plugin

Assign Proctors and Monitor Exams

Integration of Proctored Exams with CRM

Seamlessly manage your admission leads with qualification Admission tests, entrance exams.

Seamless CRM Integration to manage Admission Process

REST API for Single Sign-on and Result Data Integration

Seamless Integration with your CRM or Admission System
Proctored exams integration with LMS

Proctored exam with CRM
Proctored exams integration with LMS

Integration with Learning Management systems (LMS)

Question Bank Import/ Export

User Data Management

REST API Seamless Integration

Conduct Proctored Exams using your own LMS

Types of API

Question Bank Management API

Question Bank Management API
Create Subject API
Update Subject API
Get Subject API
Deactivate Subject API
Create Topic API
Update Topic API
Add Objective Question API
Update Objective Question API
Question bank management API

Question bank management API

Exam and Scheduling API

Get Exam Name API
Create Exam Schedule API
Update Schedule API
Activate Schedule API
Deactivate Schedule API
Get the list of Schedule API
Exam and Scheduling API

Exam and Scheduling API

Exam User Management API

Create Batch API
Register Candidate API
Assign Candidate to Exam API
Get Exam Results API
Get Exam Details by Candidate Data API

User management API

Video Proctoring

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for high-stakes exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

The remote proctor has various facilities like Live Chat with the remote candidate, Pause/ Resume Online Exam, Verify if the candidate environment is as per requirements, and there is no malpractice during the online exam process.

Video proctoring

Frequently Asked Questions related to API Integration

Can we integrate Proctored test in our Learning Management System ?

Yes, using Eklavvya APIs you can integrate candidate data, single sign on for login credentials and management of Proctored Tests for your students registered in your Learning Management System.


Can we conduct hiring tests for applicants applied for various Jobs ?

Eklavvya APIs can be used to integrate HRMS registered candidates data so that they can attempt secure online test. 

There are APIs available to fetch result back to your system for candidate evaluation and shortlisting process.


Do you provide APIs to register candidates for online tests ?

Yes, Eklavvya provides API to register new candidates for online tests. We provide secure API to ensure that candidates are registered for the required tests.

Can we see Live Exam Screens during Quiz ?

You can integrate Proctored Assessment Feature of Eklavvya. There is a facility available to enable screen recording of the exam window. It would enable you to see live exam screens in the  Quiz.

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We have been able to Evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently.
Hiring and Employee Evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya

Lindo Paul
AVP, Business Analysis, Zerodha Broking Limited

Lindo Paul

We wanted to integrate Proctored Test with our ERP System. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the seamless API integration

Prof Madhushree Shekhar
Dean Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Prof madhushree Shekhar

500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Skill Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.

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