Question Bank Management

Objective Questions

You can define objective questions with multiple choices ranging from 2 to 5. Useful to define questions for fill in the blanks, true/false type of questions

Descriptive Questions

Useful to define questions where users need to type answers for theory-based questions.

Audio question to conduct online viva or interview

Questions for Audio Assessment

Audio-based questions to manage viva or oral exams

Useful to conduct remote interviews with proctoring

Users can record answer response

Video Assessment Question

Video-based question to record remote interview responses

Useful to conduct large scale VivaVideo exams or Interview Process with recording

Video Recording for question Response
Coding Question Bank Management

Questions for Coding Assessment

Define coding Questions
Assess Candidate’s ability to write code

Define Question Bank for C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Php, R coding Questions

Image-Based Questions

Some Graph and Question is based on the Graph

Some complex Chemical equations/ Mathematical Symbols Puzzle

Bulk Questions Upload with Template

Facility to upload questions in bulk using a word or excel template

Bulk Question Uploader tool for importing question bank in the system

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for Secure Exams!

Manage your question bank with advanced features of difficulty level, Subject/ topic hierarchy with ease

Steps to upload Questions in bulk
Steps to define Descriptive Questions
Steps to Define Exam Questions

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