Manage online exam question bank with Role Based access.

Online exam question bank with Role Based access, difficulty level, subject, and topic hierarchy to simplify Assessment Creation

Question bank management
Eklavvya client
Our Question Bank Management, examination system-related processes were scattered. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the online Question Bank and Question Paper Generation System

Now we are able to manage the exam process with high accuracy and with a simplified end-to-end process. Our result processing has improved drastically due to Eklavvya.

Prof Madhushree Sekher

Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

Madhushree Sekher

The Ultimate Tool to Create and Manage Question Bank

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Web Coding

Coding Tests

Paragraph Based Questions

Paragraph Based Questions

Questions in Multiple Languages

Fill In the Blanks

Multi Select Type Questions

Questions for Audio Response

Questions for Audio Response

Diagram Based Question

Diagram Based Question

Questions with File Upload Response

Questions with File Upload Response

Questions with Video Response

Questions with Video Response

Role Based Security for Question Bank Access

Role Based Security for Question Bank Access

Manage Objective Question Bank

You can define objective questions with multiple choices ranging from 2 to 5.

Useful to define questions for fill in the blanks, true/false type of questions

Descriptive question

Manage Descriptive Questions

Useful to define questions where users need to type answers for theory-based questions.

Build Library of Descriptive Questions based on Topic, Difficulty Level, Skills

Questions for Audio Assessment

Audio-based questions to manage viva or oral exams

Useful to conduct remote interviews with proctoring

Users can record answer response

Audio based question
video based question

Video Assessment Question

Video-based questions to record remote interview responses

Useful to conduct large-scale VivaVideo exams or Interview Process with recording

Questions for Coding Assessment

Define coding Questions
Assess the Candidate’s ability to write code

Define Question Bank for C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, R coding Questions

Coding Assessment
Image based question

Image-Based Questions

Some Graph and Question is based on the Graph

Some complex Chemical equations/ Mathematical Symbols Puzzle

Bulk Questions Upload with Template

Facility to upload questions in bulk using a word or excel template

Bulk Question Uploader tool for importing question bank in the system

Bulk Question

Role based Question Bank Management

Define Roles According to Question Bank Structure

Assign Subject Experts to Manage Topic, Subject wise Questions

Your Complete Easy to Manage Question Bank Authoring Tool


Online vs Offline exams: Which one is a good choice?

Offline exams, which are conducted in the classroom under the supervision of an invigilator, are somewhat different than the online exams in which the candidates appear for the exams from their homes with the help of electronic devices.

Online vs offline exam

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for Secure Exams!

Manage your question bank with advanced features of difficulty level, Subject/ topic hierarchy with ease

Steps to upload Questions in bulk
Steps to define Descriptive Questions
Steps to Define Exam Questions


Security and Compliance without Compromise


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Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

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HBL used reputed Online Examination Platform Eklavvya to conduct
concurrent online examinations for those applicants across India with
a secure Browser.


Global Olympiads Academy

Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for any age group.
We have been successfully conducting remote proctored assessments for our International Olympiad exams for students in the age group of 6 to 18 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of question bank?

Question Bank is the set of questions having attributes for Subject, Topic, Difficulty Level, Weightage, and marks. Question Bank is very useful for the management of your examination process.

Well maintained question bank system can simplify the tasks to conduct online and offline exams with question paper generation according to the syllabus.

What is the purpose of preparing a question bank?

Question Bank should be prepared to maintain a pool of questions for various subjects and sub-topics. It is the first step in the management of the examination process

A properly managed question bank can simplify the task of generating question papers as per syllabus, and difficulty level.

What is the benefit of question bank?

Question Bank can provide many benefits

  • Ease of management of questions according to education, stream
  • Ease of defining question paper according to the syllabus
  • Ease of conducting multiple exams for students based on topic, subtopics
  • Ease of managing the individual performance of the students according to question bank attributes of difficulty level, topic, marks, weightage, etc.
What is online question bank?

The online Question bank is the process to save your pool of question banks systematically in an online system with attached attributes of the topic, subtopic, difficulty level, marks, and types of questions.

In the online question bank, you can get the benefit to maintain it with multiple subject experts. It is also possible to define questions based on multiple-choice, descriptive, oral etc.



How many questions are there in a question bank?

Typically online question banks can be grouped according to education streams, and syllabi. There can be thousands of questions for one or more topics and syllabus contents. Online question bank provides management of entire question bank in the single system.

In the online question bank, you can get the benefit to maintain it with multiple subject experts. It is also possible to define questions based on multiple-choice, descriptive, oral etc.



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