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About Platform

Software Platform is Certified by Cert. in for various security aspects
Used by Hundreds of Clients, Multinational companies,  Education Institutes, and Universities for Online Exam processes across Geographies
Useful to manage Academic Exams, Recruitment Tests,  Certification Assessments

Exam Center Facilities

  • Offline Exam Management
  • Question Paper Download
  • Exam Center Coordinator
  • Exam Center in Charge
  • CCTV Video Recording of Exam Activity
  • Attendance Record with Invigilation

Offline exam management

In the case of locations where internet connectivity is a

challenge, we have the facility to conduct exams in LAN.

The local server machine is connected to LAN.

Candidates can appear for the online exam without any

need of internet connectivity.

As soon as the exam is completed on a local server,  entire data of the exam is synced with internet-based cloud system. Entire data is stored on the local machine in an encrypted format.

Local Server  Configuration

Laptop with i5/ i7 Processor
Operating System Windows 10
8 GB to 16 GB RAM
SQL Express 2018

Question Paper Download

Question paper for the exam is  downloaded 30 minutes prior  to examination start date and  time. It ensures security of the  question paper.
Entire question paper  contents are stored in an  encrypted format.

Exam Center Co-ordination

To ensure that examination is being  conducted in professional manner  without any technical difficulty.

Exam Center  incharge

Exam center in charge need to  ensure that infrastructure facility,  LAN, computers are in proper  working condition with proper  power supply backup.

Video Recording  of exam activity

In case of high stake exams, we have  examination centers equipped with  CCTV cameras with facility of continuous  video recording of exam activity.

CCTV recording can be handed over for  audit purpose based on need for each  examination center.

Attendance recording  for verification

We have facility where attendance of  each candidate can be recorded and  identity of the individual can be verified  using hall tickets and govt identity card  verification, bio metric verification  process.

Pre-exam management

Candidate Exam Registration/ Exam Booking

  • Online Profile Creation
  • Online Slot Booking Process
  • Photo/ Sign Upload
  • Exam Slots Capacity Management
  • Online Payment Process

Application Verification & Hall Ticket Generation

  • Application Verification
  • Exam Center Allocation
  • Hall Ticket Availability in user profile for download
  • Email/SMS communication about  Hall Ticket

Pre-exam  management

Availability of Online Exam Demo

  • Candidates can log in to Check Demo Exam
  • Demo Exam with Demo Questions
  • Exam Instructions and How to Video to  understand the actual exam environment

Exam Center Facilities

Exam conduction

Candidate Hall
Ticket Verification

  • Candidate Photo ID & Hall Ticket  Verification
  • Physical checking by Security  personnel to prevent electronic  gadgets at the exam center
  • Candidate Seating Arrangement
  • Attendance Recording

Pre Exam Demo

  • Candidate Attempt Demo Exam  for 15 mins
  • Demo Questions to get familiar  with the Main exam

Exam  conduction

Actual Exam

  • Candidates can log in to Start Final Exam
  • Exam Invigilator to Ensure that the Exam is  conducted in a fair manner
  • Continuous CCTV Recording/ Candidate  image Capturing during the exam

Workbench to monitor Exam Status

Live Status of Exams  across each Node
Centerwise Exam  Satistics
Candidate exam  progress stat
Present/ absent  report

Live Exam Monitoring Workbench

Post exam process

Result Processing

  • Result Generation  According to Exam  Pattern and Criteria
  • Online Certificate Generation
  • Result Analytics and  Ranking


Audit Records

  • CCTV Footage of Exam Center
  • Images / Video Recording of  Candidates (if any)
  • Attendance Records
  • Question wise Attempt  Records with timing of each  activity
  • Geo Tagging / Location Capture of Candidat


Some Case Studies

Public Corporation of Govt

Conducted 25,000+ Exams  across 20 cities for  Recruitment

University Entrance

35000+ exams across  university regions for Post  Graduation Qualification /  Entrance Test

BEd Entrance Exam

8000+ Exams across  multiple locations in 3  day period

Academic/ Certification Exams

Conducted for thousands of candidates across multiple cities in proctored mode.

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