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Configure Online tests with schema, marking scheme, question randomization, advanced exam timer, proctoring settings, and secure browser.

Successful Online Examination Management for Entrance Exam
Eklavvya Clients
Eklavvya has been a fantastic partner in the development of our Vocational Ability test. Their team is user-centric, open to experimentation and always willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs. Our 5-year association feels like working with an extended family. We look forward to continuing our partnership

Mamata Iyer

Sr. Executive – VAS & Counselling

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prof mahanwar

The Easiest Online Exam Configurator.

Custom Domain Test

Custom Domain Test

Configure Exam Interface in Regional Language

Configure Exam Interface in Regional Language

Custom marking Scheme

Custom marking Scheme

Ease to Configure Proctoring

Ease to Configure Proctoring

Advance Exam Scheduling

Advance Exam Scheduling

Show Calculator on Exam Screen

Show Calculator on Exam Screen

Easy Email and SMS Notification of Exam Schedule

Easy Email and SMS Notification of Exam Schedule

Configure Question Navigation

Configure Question Navigation

Simple Secure Browser Setting

Simple Secure Browser Setting

Simple AI Configuration

Simple AI Configuration

Manage Exams with Sections

Manage Exams with Sections

Question and Answer Shuffling

Question and Answer Shuffling

Question Randomization

Question Randomization

support any device
Timer for whole exam

Customize your Online Test with Ease

Device Support- Enable or Disable Exam Attempt on  Mobile Phones

Easy to configure Proctoring- Enable or disable Proctoring Settings based On need

Manage Exam Schema- Ease to Define Difficulty Level of Test with Subject, Topic Question Count Selection, include multiple types of Questions

Simple and Advanced Exam Timer- Define Flexi or Fix Exam Timer with Facility to have per Question Timer

Enable/ Disable Question Navigation- Configure exam according to your need for question navigation settings

Easy to define Online Test Paper

Define Sections in the Test – Define Online Test with multiple sections

Question Randomization and Shuffling – Generate Unique Question paper for Each Students with different question sequence, answer option shuffle, question shuffle

Question paper According to Syllabus and Difficulty Level – Generate Question paper as per exact skill assessment need

Easy to define Online Test Paper
ease to configure marking scheme

Ease to Configure Marking Scheme

Negative Marking – Ease to configure negative marking for result generation

Configure test with multiple types of questions – Include paragraph based questions, objective, descriptive, audio/ video supported rich text

Automatic Score calculation – Automated score evaluation to prevent manual errors.

Advance Online Test Facilities

Calculator during Exam

Facility to show simple/advanced calculator during an online exam

Questions in multiple languages

Facility to show questions in multiple languages

Define Standard Exam Configuration Schema 

Define and reuse exam schema with settings of a secure browser, proctoring, exam schedule type

Exam User Interface in Preferred Language (English/ Hindi/ French, Spanish, Arabic)

advance online test facilities

1. Manager
Can manage the system functionality in various aspects including question bank, exam paper, and scheduling of the exam. Manager Role can not create other users in the system.

2. Exam Administrator
Exam Administrator has access to Question Bank, Exam Management, Exam Scheduler, Candidate Data

Subjective Exam
3. Subject Expert

The subject expert will have access to question bank and reports related to the question bank. There would be no access to the exam, exam scheduling section of the site.

4. Proctor

This Role has access to Live Streaming of the user along with the following features

Live User Monitoring

Live Chat with Remote User

Live Screen Activity Viewing

Resume/ Pause/ Terminate Online Exam

Monitor Online Exam Status

5. Examiner

Examiner is a specific role to evaluate subjective assessment.

Role-based Access and Security

Manage users and role-based security with simple configuration for role-based access.

Schedule Exam in Any TimeZone

Define Time Zone for Exam Scheduling

Conduct Online Test at any Timezone as per requirement

Facility to provide additional time for some candidates during the exam

Facility to pause/ terminate remote tests

Standard and Custom Result Reports

Standard and Custom Result Reports

Question wise Analysis
Topic wise Analysis
Batchwise Reports
Exam Attendance Report
Detailed Exam Review Report
Detailed Score Card
Question wise Candidate Responses
Questions wise marks
AI Proctoring Report
Exam Malpractice Report

AI-powered online examination systems have made the lives of many teachers and students very easier. Teachers have benefitted from the lessened burden of conducting and organizing exams. They have also benefited from the feedback that online examination systems provide. 


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Dr. Jonardan Koner
Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Issac Mathew
System Administrator at V.M. Salgaocar Institute

Eklavvya has certainly proved to be best tool to manage remote proctored exams. We found Eklavvya extremely user friendly, accurate , safe and secure to manage academic exams.

Annie Francis
Registrar – MIT SDE MIT group of Institutes

The entire examination experience for  MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with Eklavvya.

Mr. T J Ravishankar
J N Tata Endowment For the Higher Education of Indians (Tata Trust)

J N Tata Endowment has found a reliable online assessment partner in the form of eklavvya.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are assessment tools in education?

In the education sector, assessment is a procedure of observing, measuring and evaluating students’ knowledge. Assessment tools are the techniques that helps in evaluating a student’s academic skills and abilities on a subject. The purpose of assessment is to find out if a child is meeting the expected standard or not.

There are many benefits of online assessment like it helps in saving time and money, helps in improving learning outcomes, provides instant feedback to students, gives more flexibility to teachers and allows them to assess on real-time basis.

What is the best way to conduct an online exam?
API integration by Eklavvya turns out to be excellent solution to avail the feature secure online examination in the existing school ERP software.
The API integration by Eklavvya can allow schools or colleges to directly integrate their existing school ERP software with eklavvy’s online examination platform. This will enable students and teachers to access the online examination platform of eklavvy through the existing school ERP software.

Students will be able to take exams on time without any hassle while teachers can monitor their students better and provide more focus on weak students.

Can online tests detect cheating?
The rise of internet-based learning and the ubiquity of connected devices have made cheating a growing concern for educators. Online tests are particularly vulnerable because they can be taken anywhere at any time—and they’re often administered outside the classroom, where there are fewer proctors and administrators to monitor students’ behavior. This is why educators need to ensure that their online tests are secure and tamper-proof.
Yes, online exams can be designed and secured in a way, that cheating while taking the exam will be impossible. With Eklavvya’s AI-powered online education assessment tool. It prevents students from cheating on their tests. The company’s software is designed to detect if someone is cheating by monitoring their computer’s activity during an exam.

7 Reasons to Get Started with your Online Exams with Eklavvya

Supports a variety of exam formats (multiple choice, MCQ, Essay, Case Study, Short-answer, Drag-and-drop, etc.)

Empowers you with a variety of question types (single correct answer, multiple correct answers, fill-in-the-blanks, short-answer, etc.)

Enables a variety of question timers (exam duration, time limit per question, etc.)

High quality of question paper according to schema configuration

Conduct a test on the fly, right on your browser.

No more printing of paper-based question papers for your tests.

Conduct exam with same question paper or different question paper for each candidate, configure security settings and configuration template

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300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

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Have a Look.

300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.  


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