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Question Bank For Online Exam

Following Diagram specifies structure of managing your question bank in the online examination system.


Online Examination System Question Bank Management

Subject : It is top level entity. If you are considering to import English Language Question bank then top level entity subject could be Named as English.

Please refer step to create Subject in the System

Topic:  Each Subject can have one or more topics associated with it. If you have entered top level entity subject as English then its topic could be Reading Comprehension , Tense, Grammar, Synonyms etc.

Please refer Step to Create Topics in the System

Difficulty Level 

Each Question can have one of the difficulty level from 1 to 5.  1 rating is for very easy question and 5 rating is for very difficult question rating.


You can also define marks for each question.


Question Bank Structure is helpful while defining question paper for the online examination using various patterns like Subject/ topics to be included, number of questions to be included, difficulty level associated with question, negative marking etc.


If you are looking for detailed question paper generation solution then you can refer this link.

Our solution provides support for defining question bank, generating question paper and distribution of question paper to examination center.

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