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We Wanted To Switch To Online Tool To Conduct Assessment For Store Employees. Eklavvya Platform Is Perfectly Suited For Our Requirements Of Test Automation.

Eklavvya Tool Has Saved Time By Automation Of Evaluation And Results. We Are Able To Improve Our  Processed Quite Efficiently.

Suraj Kumar

Training (Corporate), Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd

Jubiliant Foodworks

5 Reasons to Choose Eklavvya for Any Kind of Assessments

save time

Save time with Instant Question Generation


Customize Questions to Fit your Needs

comprehensive question paper generation

Generate Comprehensive Question Bank

high quality questions

High-quality and Accurate Questions


User-friendly and Easy to Use

AI Question Generator

Auto Question Bank Generation

Are you tired of spending countless hours preparing questions for your assessments?

Do you find yourself relying on subject matter experts to create a comprehensive question bank? 

Our platform uses advanced AI tools to generate questions in seconds, allowing you to easily create a comprehensive question bank for any topic.

With Eklavvya, you can customize your questions to fit your specific criteria and needs, ensuring that your assessments are tailored to your requirements.

Say goodbye to manual question creation and unlock the power of AI with Eklavvya.

Try it now and experience the difference it can make in your assessments.

Steps to Generate Question Bank using AI

Get Started with Ready Question Bank For your Tests

Define the Subject and Topic
Set the Difficulty Level
Define the Target Audience
Define the Goal of the Exam
Define the format of the Questions
Review and verify the Question Bank

Generate Questions from Parameters
Generate Questions from Paragraph

Advantages of using AI for Question Bank Creation

Saves time by automatically generating questions for you instead of manual creation

Ensures high-quality question bank through AI generation and fine-tuning by subject matter experts

Reduces dependence on subject matter experts

Provides quality verification checking to ensure the question bank is of high quality

Improves the assessments by ensuring relevance to the target audience

Worth considering for online or paper-based exams.

Efficiency and Cost Savings: Create High-Quality Question Banks Instantly with Our AI Tool

Cut costs by using our AI question bank creation tool

Create a variety of questions for your assessments with ease

Get instant question banks for any topic, even without a subject matter expert

Save time and resources by automating the question bank creation process

Streamline your assessment process with our advanced AI tool

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your question bank creation with our cutting-edge technology

Generate Questions from Syllabus
Import Questions using AI

Unlock the Potential of Your Entrance Exams: AI-Assisted Question Paper Generation for Accurate Candidate Selection

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you conduct domain-specific academic entrance exams?

We offer a state-of-the-art solutions that will help you to generate exam question papers instantly.

Imagine being able to generate custom question papers in a matter of minutes, without the need for a subject matter expert. With our cutting-edge AI-powered tool, this is now a reality.

Sign up now and experience the future of academic entrance exams today! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your institution a competitive edge. Be curious and try our service now!

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process with AI-Powered Test Creation Tool

Instantly define recruitment tests for any topic with our AI tool Get tailored, domain-specific questions for online skill Tests

Customize question banks to fit specific skill assessments, age groups, and experience levels

Improve the accuracy and quality of your recruitment tests with our advanced AI technology

Streamline your recruitment process and make better hiring decisions with our AI-powered tool

Save time and resources by automating the recruitment test creation process with our innovative technology


Voice assessments or oral tests are the tests wherein candidates are subjected to a carefully planned set of questions in the same order. The main aim of such tests is to understand and gauge the spoken aptitude of candidates, how they respond in real-time or on the spot, and more. 


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Deepak Shetty
Head-Learning & Development CMS IT services Private limited

Thanks for building such a nice platform for online assessments.
We have been using Eklavvya platform to manage skill assessment of employees to assess their technical skills.
Our entire assessment work has been digitized with ease.

Rakesh Budhe
(Deputy General Manager), Softlink International Pvt Ltd

Big thanks to Team Eklavvya for professional support. All our recruitment exams were conducted perfectly.
We were looking to automate and simplify campus tests for the students.

Mehreen Raza
(Deputy General Manager), Softlink International Pvt Ltd

Currency Cycle Association (CCA), the Self-Regulatory Organization for the Cash Management Industry in India.
We wanted to streamline the certification and accreditation assessment process for our cash management employees across India.
Eklavvya proved to be an effective tool to manage secure online tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI question bank generation tool?

An AI question bank generation tool is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate question banks for assessments.

This can include online exams or paper-based exams. The tool takes input parameters such as the subject, topic, difficulty level, and target audience to generate appropriate questions.

What are the benefits of using an AI question bank generation tool?

Using an AI question bank generation tool can save time and resources as it automates the process of creating a question bank.

It also allows for the creation of a variety of questions for different audiences, without the need for a subject matter expert. Additionally, the tool can improve the accuracy and quality of the questions in the question bank.

How do I use an AI question bank generation tool?
To use an AI question bank generation tool, you need to provide input parameters such as the subject, topic, difficulty level, and target audience.

You can also specify the type of questions you want to generate, such as multiple choice or coding questions. The tool will then generate a question bank based on the input provided

Can an AI question bank generation tool replace a subject matter expert?
While an AI question bank generation tool can generate a variety of questions without the need for a subject matter expert, it is still important to have a subject matter expert review the generated questions for accuracy and quality. The tool can also assist subject matter experts in creating question banks more efficiently.
Can I customize the question bank generated by an AI tool?
Yes, you can customize the question bank generated by an AI tool by providing input parameters such as the subject, topic, difficulty level, target audience, and type of questions.

You can also include additional information such as the target age group and the goal of the question bank.

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