Can we conduct Online Exam in Multiple Languages ?

If you are looking to conduct online exam in a regional language apart from English then you can easily manage it in Eklavvya platform.

indian Languages for online exam

Eklavvya platform supports the facility to conduct the exam in any language including English, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarat, Tamil, etc. You can define question banks in your own preferred language and candidate can attempt the online exam in the preferred language as desired.

Eklavvya platform has a facility to define questions in any of the languages, Question editor supports multiple languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, etc. You can define questions in any language as per your requirement.

There is also a facility to define the Examination User Interface language as well. In the admin panel, you can select examination user interface language where the entire exam interface is converted in the desired language as per requirement

Exam UI Language Selection

Here is one of the screens where entire UI is converted into Arabic language

Online Exam User Interface in Arabic