How to Appear for Online Exam ?


Steps to appear for an Online Exam

1. Go to Candidate Login page

2.Enter Candidate username and password

3. Click on Login

Online Exam Login Page

4. After login candidate, there will be a display of  exam details

5. Click on Proceed  link to appear for exam

Eklavvya Dashboard

Exam Status

1. Proceed : This status indicates that you can click on this button to start your online exam

2. Completed : This status indicates that you have successfully completed online exam. All answers attempted by the user would be auto saved in the system

3. Auto Complete: This status indicates that system has auto submitted your exam due to completion of exam time. All answers attempted by the user would be auto saved in the system

4. Expired: This status indicates that exam timer has elapsed and All answers attempted by the user would be auto saved in the system.

Here’s a short video explaining how to appear for an Online Exam

ऑनलाइन परीक्षा कैसे दे ( हिंदी में वीडियो देखे )

The above video would help you to understand how to appear for an online examination.

Please read all the instructions related to an exam before starting an online examination.

You would be provided with the user name and password to appear for the online exam. You can use it to log in to the system.

You can enter the user name and password as shown on the screen.

After login, you can see examination instructions. You can read all the instructions. There is a start exam button available on the screen. You can click on it to start the online exam.

After clicking on the Start Exam link button, you can see the examination window.

On the right-hand top corner, you can see the Exam timer. It would show you the current time remaining for the exam. You would need to keep an eye on it as the exam would get finished automatically if your exam time is elapsed.

On the top of your screen, you can see a summary of exam

Total Number of Attempted Questions would be shown in green color.

Total Not attempted question count would be shown in grey color.

Total Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in blue Color

Not Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in purple color.

Note: All answer responses are saved automatically in the system even if you do not click on Save button. Answers are saved irrespective of the status of the question (marked for review or not)

As you can see question text and image would be visible on the screen along with suitable multiple choice answers.

You need to select one of the correct answers out of available choices. You can also change the answer option at any time if needed.

If there is an image for the question and you want to see enlarge the image then you can do it using this button as shown on the screen.

If the question has any video or audio associated with it then you can play it to understand the question.

If your exam has the option of multiple languages then you would be able to see the language selection radio button on the screen. You can select your preferred language. Your exam questions would be shown in your own preferred language.

There are 2 buttons below answer options

Previous: You can click it if you wish to navigate to the Previous Question. Your current question selection would be saved when you click on the previous question link button.

Next: You can click on it if you wish to move to the next question. Your current question selection would be saved when you click on Save and Proceed button.

There is a checkbox available to mark questions for review. It is useful when you are not sure of the answer and would like to review it at a later time.

On the right-hand corner, you can see individual question buttons. Each button is color-coded as per the status of the question.

Attempted questions would be shown in Green color.

Not attempted question would be shown in grey color.

Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in blue Color

Not Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in purple color.

You can navigate to any question and attempt it. When you reach the last question there is the button End Exam. If you click on the end exam then a warning message would be shown related to exam completion.
If you have not attempted all questions then it is advisable not to click on the end exam button.

If you click on the end exam button then there would be no permission to attempt any questions. Your exam would be considered as finished.

If you click No then you are allowed to recheck the exam. You can review and ensure that you have attempted all the questions.

After you click on the submit button, your exam would be marked as Complete.

We also have a facility where you can use speech to text methods in order to write subjective exam answers. You can speak the answer and the system would convert it into text format and it would be displayed on the screen. It is useful if you want to write a lengthy answer and your typing speed is lower.

MAC Users need to consider following additional instructions

  • Download googlechrome.dmg file
  • Install this application by double-clicking on it.
  • After installation, move google chrome to the application folder.
Mac users

System Requirements for Online Examination

  • Personal Laptop or Desktop computer or Mobile Phone in working condition with good quality Microphone and Camera (you can use either Windows PC or Mac)
  • You can also attempt an exam on smartphone (having camera) with chrome browser
  • Internet Connection of at least 512 Kbps or more will be the best.
  • Latest Google Chrome Internet Browser (pre-installed)- Please download and be ready.

Browser Requirements for Online Examination

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser must be pre-installed on your respective devices.
Android users can install the latest version of Chrome from the Google Play store.
Windows Laptop/Desktop users can download Chrome from here:-

Notification Settings

Turn off notifications in apps and browser popup to avoid distractions and exam terminations.

Smartphone users can go to Settings -> Applications -> Select the App -> Notifications -> Turn off all notifications.

You have to turn off notifications from all apps that could possibly distract you during the exam- such as, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and all such other apps.

Please note that notifications and incoming calls would be considered as warning alerts and may cause termination of the exam.

Web Camera Testing

If you are attempting an online proctored exam then you need to ensure that your webcamera for laptop or smartphone camera is in working condition.

The light should be good enough in the room where the candidate is appearing for the exam (There should be sufficient light on the candidate’s face to make it visible to the web camera)

You can check it using this link

It would open the below page where you can check if you Web Camera and Audio are functioning properly.

Webcam Test

You can check the following video to know how to appear for a Online Subjective Exam with Speech-to-text facility

Steps to attempt the Proctored Online Exam

Steps to attempt Online Exam using mobile phone

Important instructions for Online Test

Before the exam please test your computer or laptop or a smartphone (which you intend to use for taking the Exam) to ensure that it is working well, processing speed is good, and the camera and microphone are working perfectly.

(NOTE: You may not be able to appear for the exam if web camera OR microphone attached with your system is not functional and access to the same is not granted).

Do not use the alt-tab, mouse, or any other device to shift from the test screen to any other screen or do not try to open any other application while attempting the test. Doing so may result in discontinuation of the test and it will be considered as null and void.

Candidates are requested to disable antivirus updates/windows updates etc. before the Exam because the system will treat this as an alert warning.

Resuming the Online Exam

During the exam, candidates should not switch screens or move out of the exam page or open any other application. This will terminate the exam and the candidate may not be allowed to resume the exam again. In case of genuine connectivity issues, Exam admin may allow resuming the exam once as an exception.

If candidates have had to discontinue the test for whatever reason, they are requested to re-login within the stipulated time by using the same login credentials.

Candidates can resume the test where they have left, as all the previous details including the exam’s remaining time will be saved in the system automatically.

Frequently asked questions about Online Exam

Q1. Any specification of smartphones suggested?
> All Android smartphones are supported.

Q2. What are the settings to be done before exam?

– Install latest version of Google Chrome Browser need to install before the exam Turn Off notifications from apps and pop-ups in the browser

Q3. Can students make or receive phone calls during the exam ?
>Any incoming, outgoing call would be considered as a violation. If the violation exceeds the set limit, students will be terminated from exam.

Q4. Can students use any other application or receive notifications during exam?
> All notifications will be considered as violation, so it SHOULD be kept off. If the violation exceeds the limit, students will be terminated from exam.

Q5. If my internet connectivity is not good, what will happen ?
> The student may still be able to appear for the exam, but many advanced features may not work like speech to test, editing and formatting options etc. Students need to appear from a place where there is a good connectivity. We suggest that the student has 1 GB data before start of the exam to have an excellent exam experience.

Q6. What actions cause system warnings/ terminations during the exam ?
System warnings are shown to the student, when
– The student switches the window and moves to another application
– The student receives or makes any phone calls- Notifications on a mobile device from other apps like WhatsApp etc
– Pop-Ups from the browser, including antivirus popup, grammar apps, news popup etc
– Ctr Alt & F5 key and browser refresh button are used while attending the exam
– Minimizing the browser window can also terminate your exam.
– All applications on the device must be closed before starting the exam So request you to disable all notifications and browser popup before the start of the exam.

Q7. My text to Speech functionality is not working properly. What could be the reason?

>Text to Speech engine requires clear audio input, so students are advised to use proper earphones with a working mike to use this feature. If the audio is not clear, this feature will not work. A laptop microphone will not help in this case because it’s too far away from the person.

Q8. When should I use the scan and upload feature?

>The can and upload feature should be used when you have to upload a handwritten answer. This is suggested only for subjects which cannot be easily typed like Math, Accounts etc. Only image files will get uploaded into the system. Please note that it is easier to upload images from a Smartphone than a laptop as the image capture and upload is easier in that case.

Q9. If the online exam gets stuck during the exam, what should I do?
> Students can restart their device and log in with the same credentials.

Q10. Can I change the device during the exam?
> Yes, you can change your device and log in with the same credentials.

Q11. If am not able to log into the exam application, what should I do?

> If the student is facing some technical difficulty while logging in to the application, they can call the exam helpline numbers

Q12. If I have some difficulty DURING the exam, what should I do?

>Once the exam starts – all queries will be handled by Proctor ONLY. In case both technical team/ proctor not available, the Support Coordinator may be contacted who can help the student.

Q13. I have updated the Chrome browser but am still facing a problem accessing the exam system. What should I do?

>If any student face issues with the Updated chrome browser then please try once with the Updated Mozilla Firefox browser.

Q14. Can I use office laptops for taking the exams?
>Office laptops sometimes have restrictions and will not allow access to all sites. So it needs to be avoided or tested in advance for compatibility.

Q15. If I use the mark for review feature then will those questions would be considered for result calculation?
> Yes, all attempted questions would be considered for result calculation (including those marked for review)

Q16.what happens when a question is sent for review on eklavvya ?

> Review feature is available for users to review particular question during exam. It has nothing to do with result calculation. All attempted (with or without review marking) are used while calculating the result.

Q17. What if I do not click on Submit button, will my answers saved ?

> Yes, System saves all answers on a continuous basis and it is saved automatically even if you do not click on submit button.

Q18. How can I allow my audio notification, by mistake I blocked it ?

> Chrome Browser and other browsers have an option within the chrome sound settings section to allow or block the sound permissions

Here are the steps on how to allow audio on a chrome computer:

Open the Google Chrome browser.

Click on vertical  icon menu for options.

Go to Settings from the list.

Scroll to the Privacy and Security section, and select the Site settings from the menu.

Choose the Sounds option within Site settings.

Toggle the button to turn ON and allow the sound permissions.


Q19. How to solve Web Camera Error related to Permission ?

Click on the lock shown in browser and allow camera permission

We wanted to simplify our Test Series for IIT JEE, NEET/ Board Exams using technology.
We found the Eklavvya platform very user friendly.
It is very easy to design online exams/ tests and assign them to students.
Our test series for IIT JEE has been shifted online and students are able to practice for their entrance exam preparation.
Thanks for developing such a great platform, looking forward to your continued support and new features to help our students prepare for IIT JEE / NEET/ Board Exams.

Arun K Shukla
Owner Shukla Chemistry Classes

Big thanks to Team Eklavvya for professional support.
All our recruitment exams were conducted perfectly.
We were looking to automate and simplify campus tests for the students.
Your platform has helped us to manage campus placement activity across multiple locations.
Thanks for the great platform and looking forward to continued support in the future recruitment activities of the company….

Rakesh Budhe (Deputy General Manager), Softlink International Pvt Ltd
Rakesh Budhe
Deputy General Manager – Softlink International Pvt Ltd