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Ensure the security and integrity of academic assessments, entrance exams, and viva.

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Eklavvya platform helped us conduct exams for over 10,00,000 students with accuracy and security.

We administer a range of exams, including academic, entrance, admission tests, and PhD assessments, in a seamless and efficient manner.

We Highly recommend Eklavvya for streamlining the examination process.

Prof Mahanwar

Mumbai University(Director)

prof mahanwar
Academic Exam

Academic Exams

Conduct high stake Academic / Certification / Mock Exams securely with AI Proctoring.

Online test series

Online Test Series

Conduct online test series with Question Bank Management, Exam Scheduling, Exam Pattern Management

online entrance exam

Managing Online Entrance Exam for Education

Simplify Entrance Exam Management with best in the class slot booking, AI proctoring

generative ai assessments

Generative AI Assessment

AI Based tool to create dynamic, interactive assessments that can test practical knowledge of the Individual

Secure Online Exams with AI to prevent cheating

Secure Browser
Students can appear for online exams without worrying about data, web, and browser security concerns.

AI Proctoring with Audio, Video Streaming –
Monitor students’ on-screen activities with robust audio and video streaming capabilities. 

Screen Recording During Exams –
Ensure online exams are conducted in a controlled and cheat-free environment with Eklavvya’s real-time recording capabilities. 

Facial recognition software –
Robust facial recognition capabilities to prevent impersonation issues.

Student identity verification –

Student authentication is ensured with only institution-issued authorized access.

Facility to conduct Mock Exams for Students

Conduct Mock Exams for PracticeHelps students to get a real-time experience with the online assessment tool before the actual exam.

Detailed analysis of student PerformanceStudents can analyze which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly and how long it took them to answer each question.

Training Videos to understand Online exam SystemEasy-to-understand explainer videos for students.

Examiner Access for Subjective Exam Evaluation

Examiner login for subjective examsExaminers can easily log in and assess the test. No need for repetitive logins for individual test assessments. 

Masking of Student Identity (Name, Roll No, Email)The student’s identity is not revealed to reduce the chances for unreasonable and unfair distortion of judgment.

Automatic Score calculationAutomated score evaluation to prevent manual errors.

Subjective Exams with Document Upload Facility

Upload documents for individual answersYou can also upload any documents directly. It reduces the hassle of electronically typing or drawing, for example, graphs, charts, etc.

Facility to use Excel and R Programming during the examEklavvya’s online education assessment tool is integrated with programming languages and tools such as excel.

Facility to draw diagrams and upload scan copiesNot all exams restrict to MCQs or subjective answers. Some require biological diagrams, chemical equations, and pie charts or graphs, and we understand this requirement. One can easily upload or draw diagrams at our online assessment software for education.

How Generative AI Assessments can Benefit Education Sector

Generative AI Assessments offer a more engaging, personalized, efficient assessment experience compared to traditional methods.

Personalized LearningIt tailors the learning experience to each student, providing a unique assessment every time.

Enhanced EngagementThe AI creates an interactive assessment environment, similar to a real-life tutoring session.

Comprehensive UnderstandingAI asks follow-up questions based on student responses, promoting in-depth knowledge.

ScalabilityThis technology is ideal for large educational institutions and online learning platforms due to its ability to handle large volumes of assessments efficiently.

generative ai assessments education

Detailed Analytics of Result

Ranking of Results – Automatically calculates and displays rankings and grades.

Subject/ Topic-wise AnalysisIndividual subject’s analysis for a better understanding of a student’s performance. It also helps to plan a better teaching approach.

Detailed Score Card with Teacher Feedback – Easy access to detailed score cards for each topic, along with teacher feedback in the form of comments and suggestions.

Detailed Report in Excel, PDF formatThe report can be viewed in a spreadsheet editor like MS Excel or Open Office. This can also be saved as a PDF file for printing purposes.

On-screen Evaluation
Process for Digital

Onscreen evaluation

Evaluate Answer Sheets Online – Evaluate answer sheets online, on-the-go with Eklavvya.

Auto Calculation of Results – On-screen evaluation helps in instant auto calculation of results for smooth assessment.

Integration API for extraction of results into your system – Incorporate online assessment applications with your ERP software, Android app, and Learning Management System (LMS) and website with ease.

Monitor Remote
Exams with

Remote Proctoring

Live Monitoring of Remote Exams -Monitor the progress of remote students in real-time.

Live Chat with remote users – Communicate with the student via text or voice and answer any questions they might have regarding the exam.

Pause/ Terminate Remote exams – The Live Monitor can pause the remote student’s exam and allow you to intervene if any discrepancy is observed.

Exam Malpractice Alerts – Easily identify abnormal behavior among students during an online test.


Discover the future of secure online exams with 360-Degree Proctoring!

Explore the future of secure online exams through the lens of 360-Degree Proctoring – a comprehensive approach to maintaining exam integrity.

Discover the smooth integration of AI-powered automated remote proctoring within our Online Examination System.

Online Coding Tests

Evaluate the Coding skills of the student in c, C++, java, c#, PHP, Python, etc.

Auto Calculation of ResultsThe results are calculated automatically by an algorithm based on the performance of the candidate in each test.

Online Coding Test EnvironmentThe test environment for these tests is designed with the objective of providing a realistic coding experience to the candidates.


Conduct Bulk Video- Viva Interviews

Assess Candidate Knowledge with Video Interview/ Viva

Assess the Communication Skills, Body Language of the candidate

Individual video Recording of each response

Assess recorded Video response

Conduct thousands of video assessments concurrently.

ebook Conduct Viva Oral Exam

Effective method for Handling Voice Assessments and Oral Tests.

Voice assessments or oral tests involve asking candidates a specific set of questions in a particular order. These tests aim to evaluate how well candidates can speak, respond in real-time, and more.

In this eBook Know some Technology Driven Solutions to Conduct These Viva/Oral Exams

Here’s how growing Education Institutions use

Eklavvya to streamline Assessments and Exams

NICMAR-Management Institute from India Simplified Entrance Exam using Eklavvya
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Olympiad Certification authority Conducted Millions of Proctored Online Tests
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Vocational Course Assessment Simplification using Eklavvya
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How leading university prevented cheating during online exam
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How East Africa University automated academic exams
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Success Story of Proctored Entrance Exam for PhD Admission Process
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Learn best practices of Online Exam Implementation

6 tips to conduct viva-voice

6 Tips to Conduct Online Viva-Voice for MPhil and PhD Courses
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5 ways to simplify offline exams
5 ways to simplify offline exam management
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5 things to do to prevent cheating during online exams
5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations
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Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Dr. Jonardan Koner
Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Issac Mathew
System Administrator at V.M. Salgaocar Institute

Eklavvya has certainly proved to be best tool to manage remote proctored exams. We found Eklavvya extremely user friendly, accurate , safe and secure to manage academic exams.

Udit Raj
Assistant Manager – Learning Experience BYJU’S

Ability to create on-the-fly assessments for students – Clean data flow of user responses – Proctoring to avoid cheating.

Annie Francis
Registrar – MIT SDE MIT group of Institutes

The entire examination experience for  MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with Eklavvya.

Mr. T J Ravishankar
J N Tata Endowment For the Higher Education of Indians (Tata Trust)

J N Tata Endowment has found a reliable online assessment partner in the form of eklavvya.

Neeraj Rastogi
Twinning Owl Learning

Twinning Owl Learning has been able to conduct remote assessments of 8000+ students. We found Eklavvya.com platform highly scalable and efficient to conduct remote assessment for all age group candidates.

Thank you, Eklavvya Team, for being such an important part of our event and helping us make the India Quiz a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are assessment tools in education?

In the education sector, assessment is a procedure of observing, measuring and evaluating students’ knowledge. Assessment tools are the techniques that helps in evaluating a student’s academic skills and abilities on a subject. The purpose of assessment is to find out if a child is meeting the expected standard or not.

There are many benefits of online assessment like it helps in saving time and money, helps in improving learning outcomes, provides instant feedback to students, gives more flexibility to teachers and allows them to assess on real-time basis.

What is the best way to conduct an online exam?
API integration by Eklavvya turns out to be excellent solution to avail the feature secure online examination in the existing school ERP software.
The API integration by Eklavvya can allow schools or colleges to directly integrate their existing school ERP software with eklavvy’s online examination platform. This will enable students and teachers to access the online examination platform of eklavvy through the existing school ERP software.

Students will be able to take exams on time without any hassle while teachers can monitor their students better and provide more focus on weak students.

Can online tests detect cheating?
The rise of internet-based learning and the ubiquity of connected devices have made cheating a growing concern for educators. Online tests are particularly vulnerable because they can be taken anywhere at any time—and they’re often administered outside the classroom, where there are fewer proctors and administrators to monitor students’ behavior. This is why educators need to ensure that their online tests are secure and tamper-proof.
Yes, online exams can be designed and secured in a way, that cheating while taking the exam will be impossible. With Eklavvya’s AI-powered online education assessment tool. It prevents students from cheating on their tests. The company’s software is designed to detect if someone is cheating by monitoring their computer’s activity during an exam.

Assessments have always been a part of the education system. However, with the advent of technology, they have become more sophisticated. 

Online assessments are now the order of the day and are being used by schools and colleges to gauge the knowledge and skills of students. They can also help teachers assess their strengths and weaknesses so that they can plan better lessons for future classes.

Conducting Online Exams sounds complicated, but it need not be. With Eklavvya’s online education assessment tool, create online tests for students with ease.

Eklavvya’s Online Test & Assessment tool is a simple yet powerful to create and manage online exams. Our Online Test builder interface is simple and easy to use. You can create an exam in just a few minutes!

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300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

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Have a Look.

300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.