Olympiad Certification authority Conducted Millions of Proctored Online Tests



secure olympiad examination in online mode

The global scenario of education technology is transforming rapidly, academic organizations are adopting technology to make the processes efficient and cost effective, Olympiad Champion (OCEC) streamlined the assessment process in an online way and enjoyed the perks of latest education technology. The online assessments were secure, fast and reliable. With Online olympiad examinations, Olympiad Champion could significantly reduce the cost associated with examination infrastructure.

advantages of online olympiad exam

About Olympiad Champion

Olympiad champion is one such organization based in Hong Kong, serving international students and making “learning mathematics easy”, the organization focuses on developing interest among students about mathematics. The organization organizes the “International Olympia examinations”, these Online olympiad examinations are competitive examinations for school students, the overall process is designed in such a way that students learn mathematics using course lectures, material and  practice papers.

Knowledge assessment is an important element here!

Olympiad Champion understands the need of a stringent assessment, thousands of international students get registered for olympiad examination, it comes up as a challenge to call them for center based examination, considering the volume of students, large number of resources would require for conducting a center based examination, apart from this, the cost for center based examination was a major challenge that Olympiad Champion was facing.

With such a requirement, Olympiad champion approached Eklavvya team, Eklavvya accepted the challenge and met all the requirements of Olympiad champion, here are the top features of examination conducted by Eklavvya for Olympiad Champion

Large and Concurrent Examinations could be conducted using Eklavvya

olympiad online exam for large number of candidates

Yes, you read it right!

The Olympiad champion conducted exams for many students situated across multiple countries. Millions of tests have been conducted with ease. The platform could easily handle such a large volume of data. The platform was completely stable and consistent in delivering its purpose.

No Geographical barriers!

broader candidate reach for online olympiad examination

Thousands of candidates situated across multiple countries including China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia could appear for the examination, they did not have to spend time on traveling and money for their accommodation at the city of examination. This helped the “Olympiad Champion” to reach a larger number of candidates.

Easy handling of the bulk data

data handling for online olympiad examination

When such a large number of candidates and exams are to be conducted, bulk handling of data is important. If is tedious to import candidate data manually, Eklavvya understands the need of “bulk data handling”, with Eklavvya, the administrator can-

i) Import unlimited candidates in online examination system with a single click

ii) These students could be divided into multiple batches

iii) Bulk and batch wise examination assignment

iv) Bulk result export in printable format

Exams were secure

olympiad online exam security

It is often argued that there are high chances of malpractice in the online examinations, well that’s not the case in case of these online olympiad examinations.

Exams could be conducted in a totally malpractice free manner, a group of people (referred as “proctors”) was assigned to keep watch on candidates during examination. The proctors (Online invigilators) had access to the video of candidates appearing for the examination. 

If candidates tried to do malpractice, the proctor could warn, pause and even terminate the examination of the candidate. The logs of candidates, which include each and every action of the candidate, could be accessed during and after the course of online olympiad examination.

Convenience of communication

Automatic communication for online olympiad examinations

Communication must be streamlined, without any manual intervention. Eklavvya understands the need of effective communication in implementation of Online Examination, considering this, all the communications regarding online examinations are automatic in Eklavvya platform.

As soon as the examination is assigned to the candidates, the email containing examination link, examination schedule and login credentials is automatically sent to all the students who have been assigned with the examination

Ease of administration

ease of online olympiad examinations

As an administrator, one would like to make things work automatically and without or with minimal manual intervention. 

All the examination related processes with Eklavvya are streamlined to provide ease of administration, one can keep track of the ongoing examinations, can access the records of old examinations, and can manage the candidate data.

Made for the teams

team work for conducting the online olympiad examinations

It is important to understand the organizational hierarchy to make it possible for teams to work together

The work can be assigned to a person who is supposed to do that. Eklavvya supports multiple user roles that are diligently framed after understanding the needs of online examinations and analysis of organizational hierarchy.

For example, the examiner role lets the assigned person evaluate the assigned answer sheets. 

Candidate data manager is only allowed to see the candidate data, add and modify it. Result viewer can only view the results and not the questions in examinations.

Thus, it was possible for the Olympiad champion to control the online exam data access among the employees and maintain the organizational hierarchy.

Olympiad examinations are attempted by thousands of students who are situated across multiple countries, the volumes of examinations are high, there are different question sets and question papers for each group of students based on difficulty level. Eklavvya understands the uniqueness of Olympiad examinations and supports the smooth conduct of such examinations with its cutting edge technology and experience.