#1 Onscreen Evaluation System

The most reliable, accurate and fast onscreen answer sheet evaluation system.

Our result processing, and examiner checking process were scattered. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the online answer sheet checking process.

Now we are able to evaluate more than 100,000 answer sheets in each session. Our result processing has improved drastically due to Eklavvya.

Prof Madhushree Sekher

Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences


Onscreen marking  Solution

Do you want to Simplify Answer Sheet Checking  Process with the help of Technology?

Do you want to Know How Onscreen Evaluation  Can Save Your Time?

Want to know the best Practices Adopted by Tech  Savoy. Universities for Onscreen Marking?
Onscreen marking-Solution

Onscreen Marking solution (OSM)

Reduces cost, improves quality and declare results in a very short time

The Onscreen marking (OSM) solution decreases costs by eliminating manual  work and reducing errors and enables  faster results processing unlike the manual  process

Splashgain’s OSM is trusted by large  institutes and provided as turn key turn-key service  and is praised by customers who have  gained 60% savings in cost and have  processed results in less than 7 days

Limitations of Traditional Process of evaluation

Components of Onscreen Evaluation

Onscreen  Annotations for  Evaluation

Moderation &  Quick Result  Processing

Moderation &  Quick Result  Processing

Export Result for  Mark sheet  Printing

+60% reduction in  time to evaluate  Answer Sheet

Monitor entire  evaluation activity  with Online  Dashboard

Patented  Technology for  security

Auto Calculation  of Scores

How it Works…


Manual Process Vs Onscreen Marking


Physical Answer sheet  handling at various stages  of evaluation with storage

Examiner Need to Travel to  central place for answer  sheet checking
Avg. The time required for  Physical Answer sheet evaluation is 10 to 15 mins.
Final Result Processing is  Delayed due to Manual  Activities and it is an Error-Prone

One time Scanning  eliminates Physical  Handling of Answer Sheet

Examiner can check answer  sheet from any location
Onscreen Evaluation takes 4  to 6 mins. time for  evaluation of each answer  sheet
Final Result Processing is  Accurate and Completed in  Quick Time
No of  Days Required for Result Processing can be reduced from 45 days to 8 Days

Advantages of Onscreen Marking System

Quick Result Processing
  • Reduce Timeline to Publish Results After Exams
  • Reduction in Time taken by examiners for  evaluation
  • Automatic calculation of total marks as per  exam pattern
  • Central dashboard to track progress
  • Flexibility to reassign to another examiner
Safety and Security
  • Prevention of physical answer booklet handling
  • Electronic delivery of answer sheets for evaluation
  • Prevention of loss or misuse of physical answer  sheets
  • Reduced risk of answer sheet damage or loss
  • Access control allows only the right people to  get the right information
Cost Benefits
  • Save the cost of Logistics, Travel of Answer sheets, examiners
  • Eliminate data entry work for mark sheet  generation
  • Answer sheet retrievals are available at the  click of a button
Accuracy in Evaluation Process
  • Automated quality checking during mark assignment
  • Moderation and Answer Sheet Retrieval is  easy
  • Detailed Audit Logs to remove manual  errors

Why Onscreen Marking System?

Benefits to Institutions
  • More than 50% cost saving to  customers who are using our platform  to evaluate answer sheets
  • Removes delays in logistics and coordination activity
  • Easily scalable with minimum  investment in the platform
  • Central Tracking of answer sheet  evaluation with dashboard
  • Eliminate issue of answer sheet  security and removes malpractices of  manual process
  • Reduces timeline for Result Processing  from 45 days to 8 days *
Benefits to Examiner
  • More than 80% reduction in time  required to evaluate the answer sheet
  • Examiner can evaluate answer  sheet from any location and at any  time in a secure manner
  • Drastic reduction in Manual Errors  while evaluating answer sheets
  • Auto Calculation of Total Score  Based on Exam Pattern
  • Simplified Moderation Process

Implementation Approach

Implementation Approach
Onscreen Evaluation Analytics ebook

Monitoring and Evaluating Performance by Analyzing Data from Onscreen Assessments.

Within this eBook, we will delve into the many advantages of employing on-screen analytics. We’ll explore how they play a crucial role in assessing students’ accomplishments, measuring the effectiveness of faculty members, and ultimately streamlining the entire evaluation process for improved efficiency.

Trusted by Leading Universities and Institutes

DY Patil

D Y Patil

Using Eklavvya to Manage Answer Sheet Checking for all Higher Education Courses

Bharti Vidyapeeth

Bharati Vidyapeeth

Simplified Distance Education Answer Script Evaluation with Onscreen marking and Result Processing



Integrated Eklavvya Onscreen marking with ERP System for Seamless Answer Sheet Checking and Result Generation

Raichur University

Raichur University

Cost Effective Answer Sheet Evaluation by Remote Examiners with Security

Bhagwan Mahaveer University

Bhagwan Mahaveer University

Simplified Online Answer Script Checking with seamless API integration with ERP

Prism Johnson

Ayurved University Gujarat

Generated Results within 8 days after exams with simplified answer sheet checking


How Sharda University made their grading system better by using Onscreen Marking

Discover how Shradha University improved their answer sheet evaluation process by using Eklavvya Onscreen Marking.

Implementation Approach

Service Includes
  • Scanning of Answer Sheet
  • Uploading it to Onscreen Marking System
  • Admin Logins for Examiners, Program Head,  Scanning Team
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Support over Email/ Phone/ Live chat
  • No Upfront Investment
  • Per Booklet of Answer sheet
  • Based on the number of pages of each  answer sheet

Strategy to implement Onscreen Evaluation System for your Education Institute

Attend this webinar to know best practices of Onscreen Evaluation Process to simplify answer sheet evaluation.


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Mr. T J Ravishankar
J N Tata Endowment For the Higher Education of Indians (Tata Trust)

We appreciate all efforts taken by the entire team of Eklavvya to successfully complete the examination without any glitch.

Prof Mahanwar
Mumbai University(Director)

Examinations with an evaluation of more than 500,000 students were conducted by the Eklavvya platform with accuracy.

Mr. Ashish Apte

Controller of Examination (NMIMS University)

Very happy with Eklavvya – great customization, user-friendly, and cost-effective. They were deployed quickly and the team is always positive and ready to help.

Switched to Eklavvya for better technology and processes. Highly recommend!


Prof. Shubhashish Goswami

Controller Of Examination (DEV BHOOMI Uttarakhand University)

At Devbhoomi University, we used to have a hard time making the answer sheet checking process smooth. But with Eklavvya’s onscreen marking system, things got a lot easier.

Examiners and moderators now have a simpler time, and the whole process of grading answer sheets has gotten better all because of Eklavvya’s system.



Reduces cost, improves  quality and reduces  turnaround time
Greater cost efficiency in  exam processing
  • Reduces overall cost of Evaluation by more than 60%
  • Reduces Result Processing Cycle from 45 days to 8 days
  • Reduces time required to evaluate answer sheet by more than 80%

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