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We Wanted To Switch To Online Tool To Conduct Assessment For Store Employees. Eklavvya Platform Is Perfectly Suited For Our Requirements Of Test Automation.

Eklavvya Tool Has Saved Time By Automation Of Evaluation And Results. We Are Able To Improve Our  Processed Quite Efficiently.

Suraj Kumar

Training (Corporate), Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd

Jubiliant Foodworks

5 Reasons to Choose Eklavvya for Virtual Viva Test/Audio Interviews

conduct viva

Conduct Hundreds of Viva Concurrently

Record responses in the form of audio

Conduct Hundreds of Viva Concurrently


Schedule without need of Interviewer

View / Listen Question wise Audio Responses


Evaluate Candidate Based on Domain Knowledge, Communication Skill

Assign Evaluator for Virtual Viva

Assign Evaluator for Virtual Viva

Assign evaluators for candidates to ensure response evaluations are informed, logical, and transparent.

The evaluator can access audio responses of the candidate. Facility to grade responses

Shortlist suitable candidates

Eklavvya offers simple user interfaces to administer audio  interviews in a comprehensive manner.

Use Cases of Viva Exam / Audio Assessment Test

What are Viva or Oral Assessments ?

Assess the Communication Skills of the user on the go

Eliminate the need for Viva Conducting in Person

Simplify Admission Viva, MBA Entrance Oral Assessments, Filtering Suitable Candidates for Hiring

Conduct hundreds of concurrent viva with Recording

Your Best way to Assess Communication, Domain knowledge of the user on large scale.

Viva Assessments
Viva competitions

Viva Competitions

The schools sometimes conduct competitions wherein the same question is answered by multiple candidates.

As every candidate has a different thought process and perception of the question, the answers given by them would be different as well. Those answers will reflect their knowledge, analytical skills, and their attitude toward solving the problems.

Eklavvya is an online viva tool that lets you easily record all responses. You can use it to conduct vivas for more students concurrently.

School Admission Interviews

Many schools require interviews as part of the admissions process,

The interview is an opportunity for the school to assess the candidate’s knowledge and get a sense of how well they might be able to adjust to the new school, teaching style, and syllabus.

This helps the school decide if the candidate is a good fit for their program.

Online Viva Tools like Eklavvya can help you to automate such processes. You can conduct interviews without need of interviewer availability

School Admission Interviews
MBA PHD Interviews

MBA, PhD Interviews

Eklavvya is a technological tool that can help manage and streamline viva or voice assessments.

Viva is often used in the Higher Education context for things like thesis submission, admission qualification, or research paper viva.

With technology like this, all responses can be recorded and then evaluated by multiple evaluators before being graded – making the whole process more efficient and standardized.

Recruitment Interviews

Conducting a filtration round of interviews for hundreds of applicants can be a difficult task, it takes a lot of time to manually interview, listen to responses and then identify suitable applicants.

Manual processes also lead to bias in the selection process.

Eklavvya’s voice assessment tool can record each response, eliminating the need for an interviewer.

This increases the accuracy of selection.

Recruitment Interviews

Online Recording of Online Viva Test

The Viva Test records Audio Responses for each question

Facility to Listen to each Audio and grade/assess the response

Multiple evaluations per candidate can be undertaken in a seamless manner

Scale up your viva or oral exams using technology-backed Viva Tests

Question Bank for Viva

Define Custom Question Bank for Viva Assessment

Plan and execute Viva or Audio interviews like a pro with Eklavvya

Define Questions in any language as per your and the candidate’s preference

Conduct Virtual Online Viva for any Subject or Topic

Conduct online viva with Audio Recording Facility

Define Custom Viva based on Stream, Batch, Subject

Conduct Online Virtual Viva Assessment

Conduct viva without any interviewer.

Eklavvya records answers in the form of audio which is very helpful

Support for any subject, any language, and any marking scheme

Create a viva, invite users, and receive answers.

AI Proctored Viva Recording Software.

Eliminates the need for an interviewer.
Increases participation rate

Simultaneously administer viva for thousands of users.

Saves you time and money.

Conducts Online Viva for thousands of users at the same time and lets you manage it from anywhere.

It is a highly scalable system and has a robust, continuously evolving backend and frontend.

It is a revolutionary tool that not only lets you conduct online viva but also lets you manage it, monitor it, and report it.

Assign Evaluator for Virtual Viva

Assign Evaluator for Virtual Viva

Assign evaluators for candidates to ensure response evaluations are informed, logical, and transparent.

The evaluator can access audio responses of the candidate. Facility to grade responses

Shortlist suitable candidates

Eklavvya offers simple user interfaces to administer audio  interviews in a comprehensive manner.

ebook Conduct Viva Oral Exam

Voice assessments or oral tests are the tests wherein candidates are subjected to a carefully planned set of questions in the same order. The main aim of such tests is to understand and gauge the spoken aptitude of candidates, how they respond in real-time or on the spot, and more. 


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Deepak Shetty
Head-Learning & Development CMS IT services Private limited

Thanks for building such a nice platform for online assessments.
We have been using Eklavvya platform to manage skill assessment of employees to assess their technical skills.
Our entire assessment work has been digitized with ease.

Rakesh Budhe
(Deputy General Manager), Softlink International Pvt Ltd

Big thanks to Team Eklavvya for professional support. All our recruitment exams were conducted perfectly.
We were looking to automate and simplify campus tests for the students.

Mehreen Raza
(Deputy General Manager), Softlink International Pvt Ltd

Currency Cycle Association (CCA), the Self-Regulatory Organization for the Cash Management Industry in India.
We wanted to streamline the certification and accreditation assessment process for our cash management employees across India.
Eklavvya proved to be an effective tool to manage secure online tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Viva Exam? Benefits of Online Viva Exams.
A viva exam is an oral assessment, where a candidate discusses and defends their knowledge, research, or expertise on a subject.

Benefits of online viva exams include accessibility, convenience, cost-efficiency, recording, reduced bias, global reach, and reduced environmental impact.

What are the benefits of having a virtual viva over a physical classroom viva?

Virtual vivas are easier than physical vivas.  In a physical viva, you have to make sure you dress up appropriately. It is also a hassle to go to a new place and wait for hours watching other candidates. There is also a chance of miscommunication.

A virtual viva solves the problems of the physical viva. When you are taking a virtual viva, you can relax in your own home. You don’t have to worry about dressing up. You don’t need to go to a new place to take it.

You can also use your own laptop or any other computer as long as you have a webcam. There is no chance of miscommunication either. You can attempt your viva from the comfort of your own home and answer questions accordingly.

How is the future of online oral exam software advancing?

There are many ways to conduct an online oral exam. No matter what method you use, you will find that cloud software is not only affordable but also very convenient and reliable.

To begin with, it’s much simpler and faster to set up an online Viva exam than it is to use traditional means.

You simply need a computer with an Internet connection. No hardware or software needs to be purchased. In addition, online oral exams are more economical than the traditional approach. You’ll save money on commuting costs, office space, and other expenses related to administering traditional oral exams.

Finally, you’ll find that the data you gather from an online oral exam is much more detailed and precise than what you gather from a traditional exam. This is especially true when the student is using the latest webcam and microphone technology.

If you’re looking for ways to simplify viva or voice assessments, Eklavvya may have the solution for you. With our online viva or voice assessment tools, you can eliminate the need for an interviewer during the actual viva process.

Recording each response allows multiple examiner evaluations of the viva process, which can help to remove bias during viva assessments.

Enroll for an Eklavvya subscription and start conducting thousands of viva assessments with ease.

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