Aptitude Test for Better Recruitment

Aptitude tests are an excellent way to check out a person’s problem solving, analytical and logical reasoning skills.

Aptitude test
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We wanted to switch to online tool to conduct assessment for store employees.

Eklavvya platform is perfectly suited for our requirements of test automation.
Eklavvya tool has saved time by automation of evaluation and results. We are able to improve our  processed quite efficiently.

Suraj Kumar

Training (Corporate), Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd

Jubiliant foodworks
Evaluate problem solving ability

Evaluate Problem Solving Ability

Time management skill

Time Management Skill

Analytical ability

Analytical Ability

Ability to comprehend information

Ability to comprehend information

6 Reasons to Choose Eklavvya for Aptitude Tests

Ease to customize aptitude test

Ease to customize and Configure Aptitude Test

Remote proctor

Empower Remote Aptitude Tests with Secure Proctoring

Preloaded test

Preloaded Tests with Custom Question Bank

secure and scalable

Secure and Scalable to Manage Thousands of Test Sessions

Hiring automation

Adopted by Leading Organizations for Hiring Automation

Result reports

Detailed Result Reports and Analytics

Simplify Assessment using  Various Aptitude Tests

Entrance Test

Entrance Tests

Make Selection Process Easy and Convenient with Standardized Aptitude Test

Career aptitude test

Career Aptitude Test

Define Custom Aptitude Test to Check Career Preference of the Candidate

Coding test

Coding Skill Aptitude Test

Evaluate Candidate Ability to Write Logical, Error Free Code

Aptitude tests

Eklavvya for Conducting Aptitude Tests

Explore why Institutes from 15+ countries use Eklavvya to conduct secure online exams

Management aptitude test

Management Aptitude Test

Evaluate Managerial Aptitude for Management Students during admissions, Hiring and Selection

English language aptitude test

English Language Aptitude Test

Define Custom Aptitude Test to Evaluate Writing, Speaking Capability 

Campus selection hiring

Campus Selection Hiring Aptitude

Simplify campus hiring with custom aptitude Test based on Qualification and Competency Criteria


What is the application or use of the Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is something that is taken by individuals to test their ability to perform certain tasks with efficiency. It is the potential of the person to do the chores without any forgoing knowledge or information about it.  Aptitude test is set of assessment or exam conducted in order to evaluate problem solving, analytical ability with respect to given constraints of timeline and number of questions.

6 ways to Simplify Hiring and Recruitment Process with Online Assessments

AI-Based Remote Proctoring During Aptitude Tests

Authenticate remote candidates with advanced AI Proctoring. Record remote exam sessions for secure Aptitude Tests

Video Proctoring

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for very high stake exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors remote candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

Image Proctoring

This type of proctoring is most suitable where internet connectivity is low.

Audio Proctoring

Capture Audio of candidate during online exam activity

Screen Recording

Watch Live and Record the entire candidate exam screen during Quiz Attempt

Remote Proctoring
Skill assessment for improve hiring and tannings

How Corporates are using Skill Assessments to improve hiring and Trainings

Explore how organizations are adopting technology to improve skill assessment evaluation during various phases of employment including hiring, training, promotions, and Skill Building for the employees

Frequently Asked Questions related to Online Aptitude Tests

Online Aptitude Test

How to Conduct Online Aptitude Test ?

Conducting an aptitude test using an online assessment platform is easy because you can customize the assessment to include the types of questions that you want.

For example, you can include analytical, problem-solving, or puzzles. Candidates can take the test at a predefined schedule with a secure proctoring mode.

You can get instant results of candidate performance after the aptitude test, which makes it easier to make decisions about who to hire.

Process of selection

Why Aptitude Test is conducted in the Process of Selection ?

It’s practically impossible to interview every single candidate or applicant, so how do you know who the best person for the job is?

Aptitude tests have been used effectively in both the admission and hiring process to help filter out more suitable candidates.

An online aptitude test can help reduce bias and identify basic competencies of an applicant.

It’s the perfect compliment to your interview process.


What Aptitude Tests are useful for Companies for Hiring ?

Aptitude tests are a great way for companies to screen potential candidates before hiring. By using aptitude tests, companies can target specific skill sets and abilities they are looking for in an employee.

For example, many organizations use aptitude tests to assess management skills in potential candidates. By doing this, they can ensure that they are only considering candidates who have the ability to lead and manage effectively.

Aptitude test for jobs

What is Aptitude Test for Jobs ?

Job aptitude tests determine which jobs are a good match for your personality and abilities. They can be given by employers to help determine whether you are the right fit for a job opening.

Aptitude tests are also known as job fit tests, personality tests, and occupational interest tests. You can prepare for a job aptitude test by studying examples of the kinds of questions you’ll have to answer.

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Managing manual offline recruitment activities was challenging for us.
With the support of Eklavvya, we could conduct the bulk hiring drive smoothly.

Ramprasad J

Associate Manager, HR Voonik Technologies Pvt Ltd


We’ve been using the platform for conducting evaluations for our employees internally and for recruitment tests.
Eklavvya is a much more streamline platform than the previous platform that we have been using.

Lindo Paul

AVP, Business Analysis, Zerodha Broking Limited

Lindo Paul

Eklavvya platform is quick and easily accessible.
The service of Eklavvya is good. We have been able to simplify and Scale the recruitment process.

Swati Pandey

Asst. Manager- HR, Prism Johnson Ltd. (Cement Division)

Swati Pandey

The Eklavvya Assessment Tool Has Helped Us Streamline The Learning Experience Of Our Employees And Made Our Work Much Easier.

Abhijeet Dasgupta

Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

Abhijeet Dasgupta

Currency Cycle Association (CCA), the Self-Regulatory Organization for the Cash Management Industry in India.
We wanted to streamline certification and accreditation assessment process for our cash management employees across india.
Eklavvya proved to be effective tool to manage secure online tests.

Mehreen Raza

Project Manager – Currency Cycle Association (SRO – Cash Management Industry)

Mehreen Raza