A Comprehensive Guide to Online Aptitude Tests

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Aptitude Tests

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Aptitude Tests

What is an Online Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests measure a person’s potential to learn or perform a certain skill or job. They are often used in the hiring process to assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular role.

Aptitude tests can measure a wide range of skills and abilities, including logical reasoning, verbal and numerical ability, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills. Some aptitude tests are more general, while others are specific to a particular job or industry.

There are several types of aptitude tests, including cognitive aptitude tests, personality tests, and skills tests. Cognitive aptitude tests measure a person’s mental abilities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

Personality tests measure an individual’s personal characteristics, such as values, attitudes, and motivation. Skills tests measure a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a specific area, such as typing or computer programming.

Aptitude tests are typically administered online format. Online Aptitude Test may be timed, and the questions may be multiple choice or require the test taker to write a response. Aptitude tests are often used in combination with other selection tools, such as interviews, work samples, and reference checks, to get a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s suitability for a job.

The following things are used in the Aptitude Test to evaluate a candidate’s ability

Problem-Solving Ability

Time Management (It is tested based on the number of questions attempted by the candidate in a given time frame)

Accuracy of question attempts: It would define the ability to work under time constraints or pressure. Analytical or Data interpretation Ability to analyze, and comprehend data to take certain decisions.

Aptitude test is applicable for various age groups, various entrance tests, and various roles. It is customized as per the targeted evaluation and expected outcome of the assessment.

What is the application or use of the Aptitude Test?

Aptitude Test

Two significant areas where the aptitude of a person is tested are- Education & Corporate.

The above-mentioned fields are the ones that decide the future of a person.

Pre-education, if the test is taken, then it helps the candidate to choose his preferences for a career in life. It has been observed that students who take up an aptitude test and then choose their careers likewise are most likely to succeed in life. The reason for that is that they have learned about their inclinations and are sure about the career they want to pursue.

Before giving up the offered designation to the applicant, when the test is conducted by the organizations, it helps them to understand the overall aptitude, personality, and inclination of the person; assisting them in making sure the position offered by them is given to the right candidate.

Online Aptitude Testing comes to the aid of the candidate but also the organizations hiring them. To put it in simple terms, the aptitude test examines the basic capability and knowledge of the candidate

Steps for Selecting the Right Type of Aptitude Test

  1. Identify the Need:
    • What specific skills need to be assessed?
    • Who are the target test-takers?
  2. Research Aptitude Test Types:
    • Explore different types of aptitude tests and their suitability for different objectives.
  3. Consult with Stakeholders:
    • Discuss with educators, HR professionals, or other relevant stakeholders to gather input.
  4. Evaluate Technical Requirements:
    • Assess the technical capabilities of the available platforms.
    • Consider the scalability and security features.
  5. Decision:
    • Choose the test type based on the gathered information and stakeholder input.
    • Consider factors such as cost, ease of use, and test validity.
  6. Implementation:
    • Develop or select the test.
    • Plan the administration logistics.

What is the format of an Aptitude Test?

The ‘paper pattern’ of the aptitude test is such that it does not need to be answered in long and tedious answers.

The exam must be in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) formats, where all the candidate has to do is tick on the right answer. Whereas the format of the test is concerned, the exam tests various elements of the person’s personality.

This comes in handy to understand the person in a better way. The thinking, the goals, the capability of the applicant, the drift, everything can be analyzed in a better way.

Online Aptitude test is useful to check the problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making ability of the individual. Apart from domain knowledge, it is essential to have an aptitude quotient at the person’s above-average level. Many organizations are conducting aptitude tests using the Eklavvya platform to understand the problem-solving quotient of the prospective employee.

Education institutes are conducting aptitude tests to filter out or shortlist suitable students for management and finance courses. The basis for why educational institutions opt to test the aptitude of the candidate is because they need to make sure that a particular prospective student is eligible to do the course.

The Eklavvya platform has been used to conduct many such aptitude tests by many organizations and education institutes to get the right candidate for their offered designations.

It helps them to get a detailed overview of the applicant, making it easy to make the right choice. In order to scrutinize the capabilities of the candidate, Eklavvya provides analytical reporting as well.  You can get detailed analytics of the individual as shown below.


The Aptitude tests are useful to process & identify suitable candidates during the recruitment process, the entrance examination selection process for institutes, and the identification of talented candidates showing skills in problem-solving and analytical ability.

As we saw earlier, the two areas where the aptitude of the person is required to be tested are Education and Corporate. These two are the major areas in any person’s life where their tendency of reasoning needs to be evaluated.  This comes to aid in making the right choices.

Entrance Examination Using Aptitude

Conduct Entrance Exams Using Aptitude Tests

This is the Education section of the aptitude test, where the Universities and Colleges conduct their own personalized or customized drafted Aptitude tests as the Entrance exam for their institution. This is a part of the CET (Central Entrance Test) of the institutions to choose eligible candidates for their offered courses. The regulation of this examination simply makes the selection process easier and more convenient.

The Eklavvya platform has been used by many institutes, universities, and certificate authorities to conduct aptitude tests as part of the admission process for their academic year of higher education, colleges, etc. The Eklavvya platform has been successfully providing educational institutions with the software and the entire conduction of the examination virtually or online as per their drafted formats.

Management Aptitude Test

Management Aptitude Test?

It is used to analyze the managerial capabilities of the individual. Most management schools conduct aptitude tests focusing on the management capabilities of the individual.

There are 3 segments for such a test-

1. Mathematics or Number Crunching 

This section covers basic mathematical calculation and the analytical ability of the individual in terms of various use cases, puzzles, and business cases. Individuals’ ability to do some calculations like percentages with accuracy are tested.

2. Data Interpretation or Reasoning Ability

This section is more associated with the ability to understand the information in the form of paragraphs, graphs, diagrams, maps, etc. Questions are based on the data provided. Individuals’ ability to do data analysis and data comprehension is tested.

You can conduct logical reasoning tests to assess data analysis ability of the user.

3. Language/ English 

This section is more to do with basic grammar, and the ability to comprehend English language paragraphs. Language aptitude is more to do with an individual’s capability to comprehend language and its information for decision-making.

Career Aptitude Test

Career Aptitude Test

It is targeted to assess the problem-solving ability and data interpretation ability of the prospective employee. There can be various segments for the career aptitude tests.

1. Aptitude Test for Freshers (College Graduates)

An employer may conduct an aptitude targeted at freshers who are looking for entry-level roles in the organization. Organizations usually opt for aptitude tests that can evaluate the problem-solving ability of individuals. Some of the organizations also conduct domain-specific tests like the English Language, Written/ Oral communication skill assessment, and Programming tests in addition to aptitude tests for selecting fresh college graduates.

2. Aptitude test for Lateral Recruitment

In this case, if organizations want to save the time of interviewing the candidates, an online aptitude test can be defined to evaluate the aptitude level of the lateral employment opportunities. An aptitude test can be customized and defined according to the type of recruitment. For financial jobs, an aptitude test can be more focused on number-crunching ability.

For support-oriented roles, an aptitude test can be more focused on the language, and information comprehension ability of the individual. An aptitude test helps to identify suitable candidates for whom you can conduct interviews. An aptitude test can help you to eliminate unsuitable candidates and thereby can help you to save time during the recruitment process.

3. Aptitude Test for Managerial Position

An aptitude test can be comprised of number crunching, data analysis, management case studies, and leadership assessment for management roles. Some organizations have also started using additional assessments in the form of psychometric tests to assess leadership and the emotional quotient of the individual for managerial roles.

3. Situational Judgment tests

In such test users are provided with case study or scenario and asked questions about it. Based on the output of this test you can judge the ability of the candidate to take right decisions for organization.

English Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test

English language aptitude test is useful to understand the oral or written communication capabilities of the individual. A person would be working on client facing role or customer communication is a key success factor then an English Aptitude test can be conducted for the individual.

Campus Selection Hiring Aptitude

Aptitude Test for Campus Hiring

The Campus Selection aptitude would represent the employment part of the aptitude examinations. Companies and organizations who come to colleges to conduct Campus interviews or select new fresh pass-out students as their prospective employees have the policy to hold Aptitude tests too.

Apart from the academic performance of the student, the establishments also want to test the propensity of the disciple. The tests make it apparent for them to relate to the candidate and check if the aims and goals of the entrant match with that of the company.

If there is compatibility with the expectations and goals of the organization and student, then the selection of that particular application is even simpler. To date, companies are finding it easy to conduct aptitude tests using the Eklavvya platform to filter out suitable candidates during the campus hiring process.

With their own tailored configuration of the test, the ventures are now able to decide on the perfect candidate for the position offered by them.

The point is, holding of carrying out the aptitude test has proved to be immensely useful on all the parts of the exam. May it be the educational institutes, the enterprises, or the applicant, testing of one’s aptitude aids in understanding the person in a better way in varied aspects furthermore.

Verbal Reasoning Test

This type of test is also popular during campus placement activities. This type of test has questions related to graphs, charts, real life practical puzzles etc.

Aptitude Test Questions and Answers

Sample Aptitude Test Practice Questions

Here are some of the samples Questions for Aptitude Related to Mathematics

Mathematics Aptitude Questions

Data Interpretation Questions for Aptitude Test

Data interpretation Questions during Aptitude Test
DI Questions

Logical Reasoning Sample Questions for Online Aptitude Test

Logical Reasoning Question for Aptitude Test

Thakur Education Group has been using the Eklavvya platform to prepare their management students to be ready for the campus hiring process. Each week specific no of tests is conducted to assess domain knowledge and the aptitude of the students.

Analytics provides a detailed analysis of student performance. The system also provides inputs about weak areas of students so that they can prepare for the specific subject/ topic. It is helping them to prepare for the campus selection process.

Use AI Question Generation to Define Aptitude Test

Are you pressed for time and need to create an aptitude test tailored to your criteria? Worry not, even without a question bank at hand, you can effortlessly generate aptitude questions using an AI question bank generator.

By utilizing AI tools, you can produce aptitude test questions that meet your specific requirements. Simply provide input to the AI generator regarding the desired difficulty level and the purpose of the test – be it for practice or hiring purposes. The AI will then generate unique, relevant questions for your consideration, allowing you to quickly define an online aptitude test.

In short, AI generation saves a considerable amount of time when crafting your online aptitude test.

How to administer and manage online aptitude tests

Steps to Conduct Online Aptitude Tests

Online aptitude tests are a popular and effective tool for evaluating a candidate’s potential to succeed in a particular role. If you’re considering using online aptitude tests in your hiring process, it’s important to know how to administer and manage them effectively.

1. Test creation and uploading:

The first step in administering an online aptitude test is to create the test itself. This involves developing the test questions and answers options and uploading them to the test management platform.

It’s important to carefully consider the content and format of the test to ensure that it accurately reflects the skills and abilities you are seeking to measure.

2. Scheduling and inviting test takers:

Once the test has been created, the next step is to schedule the test and invite test takers to register. This typically involves setting a date and time for the test, as well as any deadlines for registration.

You can also use the online test slot booking facility.

3. Registration and payment processing:

Test takers must typically register for the test and pay any applicable fees before they are allowed to take the test. The test management platform should have a secure system for processing payments and managing registrations.

4. Grading and Reporting:

After the test has been completed, the test management platform should automatically grade the test and provide test takers with their scores. It may also generate reports for test administrators, including overall scores, performance by the question, and any demographic data that has been collected.

Overall, administering and managing online aptitude tests requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following these steps and using a reliable test management platform, you can effectively evaluate candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

Key Pointers while Designing Online Aptitude Test

Clearly define the purpose and objectives of the aptitude test. This will help guide the selection of test content and the evaluation of test results.

Choose appropriate test content that aligns with the purpose and objectives of the test. Consider including a mix of verbal, quantitative, and abstract reasoning questions to assess a range of aptitudes.

Make sure the test is accessible and fair to all test takers. This may involve providing accommodations for individuals with disabilities or designing the test to minimize bias.

Ensure the test is of appropriate length and difficulty for the intended audience. A test that is too long or too difficult may discourage test takers, while a test that is too short or easy may not provide sufficient information about aptitude.

Consider using a combination of multiple-choice and open-ended questions to assess aptitude. Multiple-choice questions can be easier to grade, but open-ended questions may provide a more in-depth assessment of aptitude.

Use a reliable and valid scoring method to evaluate test results. This may involve using established scoring scales or developing a custom scoring system.

Provide clear and concise instructions for test takers, including information about the format of the test, time limits, and any special instructions.

Consider using software or a platform to administer the test online. This can make it easier to distribute and grade the test, as well as track the test taker’s progress.

Test the test before administering it to a larger group to ensure it is functioning as intended and to make any necessary adjustments.

Follow up with test takers to provide feedback and guidance on how to improve their aptitude in areas where they may be weaker. This can help individuals prepare for future aptitude tests and improve their overall performance.