Comprehensive Proctoring: 360° Exam Monitoring

Multi-angle Video Recording from multiple angles, ensuring a comprehensive view of the test-taker’s surroundings and actions during the exam.

We Have Been Using The Platform Of Eklavvya For The Last 3+ Years And Conducted Many Online Assessments Of Yoga – Level-1 , Level-2 & Level-3. We Truly Appreciate Eklavvya Team For Their Continuous Support And Co-Operation During Each And Every Assessment Phase.

Manish Gaur

Chief Exam Coordinator- Patanjali Yoga Certification

Manish Gaur

What is 360 degree remote proctoring ?

360-degree proctoring stands out as a highly advanced and innovative method of remote invigilation.

Distinguishing itself from conventional remote proctoring, 360-degree remote proctoring ensures that students are not seeking assistance from external individuals or resources.

It accomplishes this by empowering invigilators to monitor the entire surroundings of the candidate.

Video Proctoring
Video Proctoring

360 Camera View

It uses 2 camera streaming technique to get 360 degree view of the candidate.

360 view of the candidate is achieved by 3 simple steps-

1- Room scan before the start of the exam

2- Continuous monitoring of the candidate’s premises

3- Continuous authentication of test takers

Video Proctoring vs 360 Degree Proctoring

In traditional proctoring methods, invigilators have limited visibility of the area surrounding the candidate.

However, with 360-degree proctoring, remote invigilators have a comprehensive view of the entire premises around the candidate.

This enhanced visibility significantly reduces the possibility of malpractice during exams, ensuring the integrity and fairness of the assessment process.

Video Proctoring

Two cameras in 360 Degree Proctoring

To achieve a 360-degree view of the candidate’s surroundings, the proctoring system employs two cameras.

The first camera captures the candidate directly, typically through the built-in webcam of their laptop.

The second camera, typically a smartphone camera, is positioned to capture the candidate’s laptop screen and the front-facing area of the premises.

This dual-camera setup ensures comprehensive monitoring of both the candidate and their immediate environment during the examination.


Works on internet speed of as low as 0.1 MBPS

Flexible and easy to conduct exams with limited internet connectivity
Responsive User Interface for all browsers

Online Exam on All devices

Works on all devices

Works on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, and Laptop with a responsive user interface
Online Exam on All devices


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5 advanced security features of online Eklavvya Examination System

AI Proctoring

360 Camera View

Activity Log

Tab Switch Count

Secure Browser


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can 360 Proctoring detect phones?

360-degree proctoring has the capability to see the entire view of the room where a candidate is situated. The system along with 2 camera streaming and AI object detection advanced algorithms can easily detect if the candidate is using additional electronic devices like a phone.

Is 360 Degree Proctoring Detect Persons Around Candidate?

360-degree proctoring can detect the person around the candidate with the help of 2 cameras streaming during proctored exams.

Is 360-degree proctoring reliable?

360-degree proctoring is highly reliable as it nullifies the chances of malpractice, and integration of 360-degree proctoring with AI can further reduce the chances of malpractice. Additionally, the secure browser can be implemented to restrict the access of candidates to any website other than the online exam website.

What are auto-proctored exams?

Auto-proctored exams are those in which the proctoring is done by AI instead of a human proctor. These exams are highly reliable as they are scalable, efficient and generate student-wise reports of proctoring. This report also contains objective details like the number of times the candidate switches windows to access any other website than the online exam website.

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