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360 View of the Test-taker’s Surroundings, Minimizing the Risk of Cheating in Online Exam.

360-Degree Proctoring Utilizes AI Algorithms to Analyze Test-taker , Identify Potential Instances of Cheating

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The Onscreen Evaluation Process Has Definitely Made Things Simpler And More Efficient When It Comes To Generating Results. Eklavvya Is Most Definitely Our Go-To EdTech Partner For All Examination Management-Related Technologies.

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AVP, Business, Zerodha Broking Ltd

Eklavvya platform helped us conduct exams for over 10,00,000 students with accuracy and security. We administer a range of exams, including academic, entrance, admission tests, and PhD assessments, in a seamless and efficient manner.

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Our result processing, and examiner-checking process were scattered. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the online answer sheet checking process.

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Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

The Eklavvya Assessment Tool Has Helped Us Streamline The Learning Experience Of Our Employees And Made Our Work Much Easier.

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Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

Why 360 Dgree Proctoring?

1360-Degree Proctoring is a Remarkably Advanced and Pioneering Approach to Proctoring Exams Remotely.

2Employs Multiple Cameras to Capture a Complete View of the Test-taker’s Surroundings.

3Captures both Audio and Visual Data, Allowing Proctors to Listen to Test-takers’ Surroundings and Watch their Behavior 

4Granting Invigilators the Authority to Oversee the Candidate’s Entire Environment.


Features of 360 Dgree Proctoring?

1The System is Adaptable to Different Exam Formats and can Accommodate a Large Number of Test-takers Simultaneously.

2Generates Comprehensive Reports Highlighting any Suspicious Behavior or Anomalies Detected during the Exam.

3Keep a Complete Track on the Activity Log of Candidates and Admins in Online Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

360-degree proctoring has the capability to see the entire view of the room where a candidate is situated. The system along with 2 camera streaming and AI object detection advanced algorithms can easily detect if the candidate is using additional electronic devices like a phone.

360-degree proctoring can detect the person around the candidate with the help of 2 cameras streaming during proctored exams.

360-degree proctoring is highly reliable as it nullifies the chances of malpractice, and integration of 360-degree proctoring with AI can further reduce the chances of malpractice. Additionally, the secure browser can be implemented to restrict the access of candidates to any website other than the online exam website.

Auto-proctored exams are those in which the proctoring is done by AI instead of a human proctor. These exams are highly reliable as they are scalable, efficient and generate student-wise reports of proctoring. This report also contains objective details like the number of times the candidate switches windows to access any other website than the online exam website.

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