Revolutionizing University Examination Management

Adopt  AI Technology in Effectively Managing Large Scale University Examinations.

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Examinations of more than 500,000 students are conducted by Eklavvya platform with accuracy. The examinations were conducted in the most secure manner. It enabled us to declare results on time.

Prof Mahanwar

Mumbai University(Director)

prof mahanwar

Challenges in University Examination Management

Large examination centers

Problems in Logistics and Scheduling

Arranging Large examination centers, invigilators, and proper seating arrangements.

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question paper leak

Question Paper Leaks

Maintaining the security of question papers and preventing cheating during exams remained significant challenges.

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exam management

Difficulty in Streamlining Entrance Exam Management

Managing entrance exams and admissions is crucial for educational institutions.

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cheating in examination

Biased Exam Invigilation

Ensuring proper invigilation during exams, is important to prevent cheating and maintain the exam’s integrity.

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Late Result Processing

Processing and publishing exam results accurately and promptly is crucial for students’ academic progression.

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Secure Online Exams with AI to prevent cheating

Secure Browser
Students can appear for online exams without worrying about data, web, and browser security concerns.

AI Proctoring with Audio, Video Streaming –
Monitor students’ on-screen activities with robust audio and video streaming capabilities. 

Screen Recording During Exams –
Ensure online exams are conducted in a controlled and cheat-free environment with Eklavvya’s real-time recording capabilities. 

Facial recognition software –
Robust facial recognition capabilities to prevent impersonation issues.

Create exam question papers securely and deliver them safely.

Design Question Paper
Generate the question paper based on the syllabus, subject, and combination of topics. Define Exam Pattern with marking scheme

Simplify Question Paper Generation-
Define Question Attributes like Difficulty Level, Objective/ Subjective, diagrams, etc. Supports the role of Subject Expert, Paper Setter, Moderator, Controller of Examination

Prevent Question Paper Leakage using Technology –
Secure PDF File Generation, Password Protected Question Paper, Printing Validation and Secure Access

Create exam question papers securely

Make the entrance exam process simpler and automated with Technology.

Technology Adoption
Utilize technology for tasks such as registration, generating hall tickets, conducting proctored or center-based exams, and providing comprehensive analytics.

Slot Booking Process-
Define the schedule for online exam slots. Choose from the available slots. Generate a hall ticket based on the selected slot.

Center Based Exam –
Administer online exams at designated centers. Simultaneously hold exams in multiple cities. Employ CCTV recording at exam centers. Verify candidate identity using the hall ticket.

Eliminate Biased in the proctoring process using AI technology.

AI Technology
Facial Recognition, AI Proctoring, Secure Browser, Screen Recording with advanced machine learning algorithms.

Candidate Authentication Process
The system captures an image of the ID card, which is then verified by a remote proctor responsible for supervising the online exam.

Facial Recognition during exams to Prevent cheating
The system can detect multiple faces, unauthorized exam-takers, absence from the screen, and device usage.

360 Degree Proctoring
360-degree proctoring uses 2 camera streaming technique to get 360 degree view of the candidate.

Eliminate Biased in the proctoring process

Improve Answer sheet checking and Reduce Time in Result Processing

Answer Sheet Evaluation
The onscreen evaluation system enhances the current paper-checking process by transitioning from physical to digital assessment.

Reducing Time in Answer Sheet Evaluation
In onscreen evaluation, software picks best answers based on question type and marking rules, reducing manual checking.

Auto – calculation of total marks
Software assigns marks to each answer accordingly, relieving the examiner from individually assessing every question during checking.

Faster Result Generation
The system can directly calculate results and can generate mark sheets instantly. Besides, after the calculation process examiner can export the mark sheet to excel format.


Sharda University Enhanced the way they Assess and Grade Examinations by Adopting Onscreen Marking.

Read about this change improved the university’s overall grading system, making it more effective and user-friendly for both students and educators.


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Dr. Jonardan Koner
Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Issac Mathew
System Administrator at V.M. Salgaocar Institute

Eklavvya has certainly proved to be best tool to manage remote proctored exams. We found Eklavvya extremely user friendly, accurate , safe and secure to manage academic exams.

Udit Raj
Assistant Manager – Learning Experience BYJU’S

Ability to create on-the-fly assessments for students – Clean data flow of user responses – Proctoring to avoid cheating.

Annie Francis
Registrar – MIT SDE MIT group of Institutes

The entire examination experience for  MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with Eklavvya.

Mr. T J Ravishankar
J N Tata Endowment For the Higher Education of Indians (Tata Trust)

J N Tata Endowment has found a reliable online assessment partner in the form of eklavvya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should universities consider adopting technology for Examination Management?
Embracing technology enhances efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in examination processes. It enables universities to manage larger volumes of exams, reduce administrative burdens, and provide a better experience for students and faculty.
How can online assessment platforms benefit universities?
Online assessment platform allow universities to create, distribute, and grade exams digitally. They offer features such as question banks, secure test delivery, automated grading, and real-time performance analytics.
What role do digital tools play in modern Examination Management?
Digital tools have transformed Examination Management by offering online assessment platforms, automated grading, remote proctoring solutions, onscreen evaluation, AI question paper generator, data analytics.

These tools streamline processes, enhance security, and provide valuable insights into student performance.

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300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

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300+ Education Institutes Worldwide Adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.  


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