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Highly Rated By Educationist

Very happy with Eklavvya – great customization, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Deployed quickly and the team is always positive and ready to help.

We are thrilled with the partnership and the improved technology and processes that Eklavvya has brought to NMIMS.Highly recommend Eklavvya for a reliable and efficient platform.

MR. Ashish Apte
Controller of Examination (NMIMS University)

The onscreen evaluation process has definitely made things simpler and more efficient when it comes to generating results.Eklavvya is most definitely our go-to EdTech partner for all examination management-related technologies.

Arjun Ghatule
Controller of Examination Welingkar Education Group

Examinations with an evaluation of more than 500,000 students were conducted by the Eklavvya platform with accuracy.

Prof Mahanwar
Mumbai University Director

Our result processing, and examiner-checking process were scattered. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the online answer sheet checking process.

Prof Madhushree Sekher
Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

We appreciate all efforts taken by the entire team of Eklavvya to successfully complete the examination without any glitch.

MR. T J Ravishankar
J N Tata Endowment For The Higher Education Of Indians

6 Reasons to Choose Eklavvya  for Onscreen Evaluation

1Seamless Integration with your system using Simple API

2Examiner can check AnswerSheet from Any Location

3The system automatically feeds marks for result processing

4It Simplifies the process of re-checking, Moderation Activity

5Detailed Result Reports and Analytics

6Adopted by Leading Institutions and Universities

The Onscreen Evaluation System can cut down the result processing duration from 45 days to 8 Days

Online Evaluation

Cost Benefits

  • Save the cost of Logistics, Travel of Answer sheets, examiners
  • Eliminate data entry work for mark sheet  generation
  • Answer sheet retrievals are available at the  click of a button
Auto Score Calculator

Accuracy in Evaluation Process

  • Automated quality checking during mark assignment
  • Moderation and Answer Sheet Retrieval is  easy
  • Detailed Audit Logs to remove manual  errors
Auto Score Calculator

Quick Result Processing

  • Reduce Timeline to Publish Results After Exams
  • Reduction in Time taken by examiners for  evaluation
  • Automatic calculation of total marks as per  exam pattern
  • Central dashboard to track progress
  • Flexibility to reassign to another examiner

Safety and Security

  • Prevention of physical answer booklet handling
  • Electronic delivery of answer sheets for evaluation
  • Prevention of loss or misuse of physical answer  sheets
  • Reduced risk of answer sheet damage or loss
  • Access control allows only the right people to  get the right information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an onscreen evaluation system?

An online evaluation system is a software in which examiners can accurately check students’ answer sheets in less time. The software evaluates answers, shows the right marks, and calculates total marks. By using this method, educational institutes can publish results in less time.

How do you evaluate answer sheets online?

We provide facility of non destructive scanning process. System can scan answer booklet in 2 minutes of time (16 to 24 page answer booklet) After scanning, the software will automatically collect all data and secure them.

Then the examiner will evaluate each answer sheet while you can see that on screen. After evaluation, the system will calculate the total marks and save all the data. After login, you can get any data from any answer sheet from the software.

What is the best Evaluation tool for Teachers ?

A digital evaluation system is software examiners can check handwritten and online answer scripts.

The software has effective tools to check answer sheets correctly and also gives access to the teachers for including manual annotation of marks for each response.

It saves more than 80% of the time of the teacher during evaluation. The tool also provides the flexibility of evaluating answer sheets from any location. There is no need to have access to the physical copy of the answer sheet.

What is non destructive scanning ?

It is the process to scan the answer sheet of the individual candidate for the exam session without untying any pages from the booklet.

The system does bulk scanning without any need to remove any pages of the answer sheet.

It helps to maintain consistency and the loss of any physical pages of the answer sheet is avoided using this approach.

What is a digital evaluation of an answer sheet?

At the first onscreen evaluation, software scan answer sheets and secure all data in its system. Then the software evaluates scripts automatically and generates a mark sheet for each student.

What is the onscreen marking system?

The onscreen marking system is a platform where an examiner can put the handwritten answer sheet of a candidate, and the system will check that automatically. The system is extremely helpful in accurately checking long and descriptive answers and scores.

What are the benefits of onscreen evaluation?

The examiner saves time, energy, and money in the onscreen evaluation process. As the examiner can check papers from anywhere at his convenience, he can save more time and produce the result in less time to the authority.

And if any student wants to recheck, that also takes minimum time. The software secures every piece of data in its system, so there is no chance of losing answer sheets or damaging sheets. Apart from that, it also gives the student a fair evaluation of their exams.

How to Simplify Answer Sheet Correction ?

Technology empowered with AI can help you to simplify the answer sheet correction process.

Examiners and moderators can do the evaluation sitting at any location. The system has the capability to generate results intelligently based on examination marking patterns.

What is the cost of answer sheet evaluation system?

It is based on the usage or per answer sheet evaluation.

We provide services such as answer sheet scanning using high speed non-destructive scanning, end to end training for teachers, evaluators, and moderators.

Steps to Evaluate Answer Sheet Using Onscreen Marking Process

Security and Compliance without Compromise

CERT-IN Certified for Software Security

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for Information Security System

Highly rated on the top review platforms

Awards and Accolades from Media

Manual Process Vs Onscreen Marking


Physical Answer sheet  handling at various stages  of evaluation with storage


Examiner Need to Travel to  central place for answer  sheet checking


Avg. The time required for  Physical Answer sheet evaluation is 10 to 15 mins.


Final Result Processing is  Delayed due to Manual  Activities and it is an Error-Prone


One time Scanning  eliminates Physical  Handling of Answer Sheet


Examiner can check answer  sheet from any location


Onscreen Evaluation takes 4  to 6 mins. time for  evaluation of each answer  sheet


Final Result Processing is  Accurate and Completed in  Quick Time

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