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Simplify the Manual Verification of Descriptive Answers

 Why AI Descriptive Answer Evaluation ?

1Accuracy:  AI system assesses the accuracy of answers by learning from ideal answers provided by evaluators.

2Structure and Concept: The AI system analyzes the structure of answers and their alignment with the required concepts. By learning from evaluators inputs of ideal answers.

3Relevance: The relevance of the answer to the given question is assessed by considering accuracy, answer length, structure, and application of the correct concept.

4Speed and Efficiency: AI enables faster evaluation of descriptive answers, assisting teachers in reviewing responses more quickly and efficiently.

AI Descriptive Answer Evaluation
How ML & AI will impact Descriptive Answer Evaluation

How ML & AI will impact Descriptive Answer Evaluation

How ML & AI will impact Descriptive Answer Evaluation
1AI and Machine Learning have revolutionized daily life, simplifying tasks and enhancing efficiency.
2AI speeds up the answer evaluation process, aiding teachers in sorting through descriptive responses efficiently.
3Enables teachers to assess descriptive answers in bulk, accelerating the grading process without sacrificing evaluation accuracy.

4 Easy Steps to AI Descriptive Answer Evaluation

AI descriptve answer evaluation Eklavvya
1Evaluate 20 to 25% of the answers manually by the examiner.
2AI would learn the pattern along with the model answer.

3AI would auto-allocate marks to the remaining answers.

4Accuracy of more than 90% for typed descriptive answers in any language.
AI descriptve answer evaluation Eklavvya

Faster Descriptive Answer Evaluation with Technology

live lectures

Answer checking and Model Answers in evaluating descriptive answers.


AI and Machine Learning for evaluating descriptive answers.

High security

Providing insights and facts for evaluating opinion-based answers.

Video call Interview

Faster evaluation and improved scope for teachers.

Simplified attendance management

Accurate and efficient marking of descriptive answers.


Bulk marking and evaluation with AI tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI help in the evaluation of descriptive answers?

AI algorithms keep learning on the basis of data fed to the system, on the basis of an ideal answer, AI can identify if or not the answer given by the student is relevant to the question, It is done on the basis of historical marking patterns of the examiner, model answers, relevancy to actual answer etc.

How can the examiner/moderator check the answer sheets?

Examiners or moderators need to login to the system. After login examiner can see answers typed by the student. It can be evaluated and marks can be assigned. AI algorithm would also provide recommended marks based on the answer, historical marking pattern etc.


What are the features of online subjective exams?

Online Descriptive Exams should have following features

Ease of typing answers

Facility to upload Images, Diagrams

Speech To Text Conversion

Support for Mathematical Symbols, Calculators during Exams

Auto Evaluation by AI for Typed Descriptive Answers in Any Language.

How Accurate is the AI Driven Evaluation of Descriptive Answers ?

Success of any AI system depends on the accurate data inputs. If you are able to provide a suitable model answer, historical evaluation of 10 to 20% of the answers by an ideal examiner. The AI system would be able to learn marking schemes, and allocation patterns.

System has capability to evaluate descriptive answers with accuracy of 95%

What is the Pricing for Auto Evaluation process ?

Pricing is based on the Total Evaluation of Descriptive Answers for Each Exam Session. Typically examiner may take 10 to 15 mins each for evaluation of individual exam performance.

AI can be used to do an evaluation of thousands of candidates’ performance in a matter of some minutes. It becomes the cost-effective and scalable solution for quick evaluation of candidate performance.

Simplify Descriptive Answer Evaluation using AI
Do you want to Simplify Descriptive Answer Evaluation using AI?

Want to avoid delays of manual evaluation of student’s answers for quick results?

Want to improve accuracy and remove bias during the evaluation of Descriptive Tests ?

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How is AI simplifying the role of an examiner?

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