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Easy-to-use and powerful online descriptive test platform that lets you create and auto-assess your tests.

Auto Descriptive Answer
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We, at East Africa University, with seven scattered branches, wanted a solution with proctoring.

We found Eklavvya to fit our needs. we are able to manage our remote exams quite efficiently using Eklavvya. It is the most preferred platform to conduct proctored tests with high accuracy and efficiency.

Prof Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe

East Africa University

East Africa University
Descriptive Exam

Descriptive Exams in Any Language


Facility to Auto Evaluate Descriptive Answers

Eliminate exam

Eliminate exam Cheating using AI Proctoring


Upload Files, Documents as Answer

6 Reasons to Get Started with Eklavvya Descriptive Tests

upload diagrams

Support to Upload Diagrams


Auto Evaluation of Descriptive Answers using AI

text to speech

Speech to Text Facility for Quick Writing

onscreen evaluation

Empowered with Moderation and Onscreen Evaluation

Adopted by Leading Institutions for Academic Exams

Result reports

Detailed Result Reports and Analytics

Why Eklavvya for Descriptive Exam ?

Explore why Institutes from 15+ countries use Eklavvya to conduct secure online descriptive exams

Eklavvya Descriptive Exam

Speech to Text Conversion

Quickly convert speech to text allowing you to effortlessly answer descriptive exams on the go!


Upload Scanned Document

Define Custom Proctor Role and assign Proctors for Live Exam Monitoring


Detailed Analytics and Reports

Access details of the results along with video recording, photos of the students after examination sessions in addition to live monitoring


Option for Diagrams

It makes it easy to upload diagrams as answer content for descriptive exams.

It also makes it easy to conduct any custom exams where the answer is in the form of a diagram.


Onscreen Evaluation with Moderation

Role-based access to examiner and moderator. easily process descriptive test results.

Ideal for any educational institution, especially those which conduct a large number of written tests or examinations.


Auto Evaluation of Descriptive Answers

Auto-evaluate descriptive answers using advanced machine learning algorithms. improve the accuracy of evaluation.

Eliminate the need for an examiner for answer checking.


Manage Descriptive or Subjective Online Exams

Descriptive exams are designed for pen and paper-based exams. But nowadays, with the help of technology, these subjective exams can be carried out in online mode as well.

This ebook would help you to understand detailed steps of conducting descriptive exams.

Subjective Exam

Steps to Conduct Online Descriptive Exams

AI-Based Remote Proctoring During Descriptive Tests

Record Audio as well as Video streaming sessions during online descriptive exams. Advanced Facial Recognition algorithm to identify and prevent exam malpractices in the descriptive tests.

Video Proctoring

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for very high stake exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors remote candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

Image Proctoring

This type of proctoring is most suitable where internet connectivity is low.

Audio Proctoring

Capture Audio of candidate during online exam activity

Screen Recording

Watch Live and Record the entire candidate exam screen during Quiz Attempt

Frequently Asked Questions related to Descriptive Tests

What is descriptive test?
An online descriptive test is an assessment format conducted over the internet that requires test-takers to provide written responses to questions or prompts.

Unlike multiple-choice questions, which have predefined answer options, descriptive tests prompt individuals to compose essays, short answers, or detailed explanations to demonstrate their knowledge, analytical skills, and communication abilities.

What is the most important factor you should consider when creating an online subjective exam?
The first factor would be using software that is extremely easy to use and enables you to easily create an exam in no time.

The second factor would be the ability of the software to help you add audio files and video files to your exam and to the questions you create.

The third factor would be how you are going to grade the exams. You should always consider ease of grading. The fourth factor would be how you are going to evaluate the results.

Why should we use online exams instead of the old-school pen-and-paper exams?
Online exams are much cheaper, less stressful, and more portable.  You get the benefits of a traditional pen-and-paper exam without having to worry about the hassle of collecting scores.

Online Exams adds security of advance Facial Recognition , Proctoring to make it authentic.

Online Descriptive exams provide simple and ease to use interface for evaluation of descriptive answers. Result generation becomes simpler.

What are the features of online subjective exams?
Online Descriptive Exams should have following features

Ease of typing answers

Facility to upload Images, Diagrams

Speech To Text Conversion

Support for Mathematical Symbols, Calculators during Exams


How can the examiner/moderator check the answer sheets?
Examiners or moderators need to login to the system. After login examiner can see answers typed/ Uploaded  by the student. It can be evaluated and marks can be assigned.

System calculates the total marks obtained by the student.


Is Auto Evaluation Possible in Descriptive Tests ?
Yes, Auto evaluation of descriptive tests is possible. It can be achieved using advanced machine learning algorithms.

The system uses model answers and historical data of marks assigned by the examiner for various answer responses. AI algorithm learns this data and comes up with recommendation marks for each descriptive answer.

Auto descriptive evaluation can save a huge amount of administrative time and cost for institutes and it can generate results instantly.

IS Proctoring Possible in Descriptive Tests ?

Yes, Descriptive tests can also be proctored remotely. Live proctoring is available where the proctor can see candidates attempting descriptive tests with live streaming.

Using AI proctoring you can get a detailed report of exam malpractice, candidate facial recognitions, Exam Window Switching analysis

There is also facility for proctor to broadcast message to all candidates while attempting the test



Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Dr. Jonardan Koner
Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Prof Mahanwar
Mumbai University(Director)

Examinations with an evaluation of more than 500,000 students were conducted by the Eklavvya platform with accuracy.

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500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Descriptive Assessments.

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Have a Look.

500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Descriptive Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.  


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