Online Examination System

AI Driven Online Exam Platform to automate objective, subjective assessments powered with intelligent proctoring and analytics
Conduct Objective Assessments in the form of Aptitude, Custom Tests, Domain Specific Assessment, Skill Assessments

Candidate Can Type Theory Answers and Evaluators can evaluate with Assistance

Implemented Highest Security Standard with Loggging, IP tracking, Video, Image Surveillance

Analyze Exam Data with various statistics and analytics with Ranking, Avg scores, topic-wise performance

Intelligent Remote Proctoring to capture Photo, Video of candidate appearing for exam

Detect audio around remote exam user to identify malpractice of exam cheating events

Support to manage entrance exams with hall ticket, generation, online exam slot booking etc

Share secure pdf, videos and other useful documents with registered users.

Proctoring supports intelligence facial recognition of the user

Pay per Usage with immediate start of your online exam process.

  • Number of exam types supported 35 +

  • Number of customers benefited 200 +

  • Number of assessments completed successfully 3 million +

Introduction of Remote Proctoring

  • Audio and video streaming of remote candidate attempting the exam

  • Facility of screen recording

  • Proctor can initiate live chat with remote person attempting the online exam

  • Proctor can pause, resume , terminate online exam of remote user

  • Detailed report of exam fraud or malpractice

Online Subjective Exam Management

  • Speech to text facility to write long subjective answers

  • Facility to upload images assocated with answers

  • Evaluator login to evaluate all answers typed by student

  • Support for typing mathematical symbols, chemical reactions and other special characters

Artificial Intelligence to Detect Exam Malpractices

Secure Browser

During Online Exam security aspect is critical. Candidate should not be allowed to open any other screen while examination process is ON. Secure browser makes sure that candidate’s browser windows is locked for other activities. During examination process it is not possible to open another window.
This helps to secure exam from unauthorized cheating.

Trusted by Many...

East Africa University
IIM Lucknow
Birla Braniacs
Clients of Eklavvya

Customer Feedback

East Africa University

Prof Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe,
Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs
East Africa University

We, at East Africa University, with seven scattered branches, had to suddenly shift our examination to online because of a new government policy which was intended to limit the coronavirus epidemic spread. Technologically, we were not ready for such unexpected instructions to move to online examination. However, we found Eklavvya, which came from the blue moon, to fit our needs.
Another big surprise for us was how Eklavvya had also appropriated its remote proctoring system with our requirements. 
It is hard to shorten our excitement and honest feeling of how Eklavvya and its proctoring system fitted our needs with a friendly user system.

Tj Ravishankar Director Tata trust endowment

“My team and I thank you for the flawless conducting of an online test for The J N Tata Endowment as part of the selection process for its loan scholarship program. It was very thoughtfully organized and conducted.
We could see that a lot of thinking had gone into ensuring success considering that many students took this test in various parts of India and overseas countries. We thank you and your team for their prompt response. They were always there to support us and we appreciate this. We wish you and your team all the best for your future endeavors”

Debraj Chakravarty, Global Olympiads Academy

“Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for any age group. We have successfully conduct remote proctored assessments for our International Olympiad exams for students in the age group of 6 to 18 years. We conducted thousands of such assessments and counting…
The Eklavvya platform has simplified our examination process to a great extent. It gives the flexibility to students to take the exams from home while being remotely proctored by Ekavvya’s Proctors.
Students were able to appear for online exams of mathematical questions with simple, user-friendly features of the online assessment process. Mock exams helped prepare them to a great extent. The system is very easy to understand and extremely user friendly. Eklavvya’s account management team has been very understanding our needs and customizing the solution. Thanks for excellent platform and support.”