Success Story of Online Fellowship Tests Management using AI Proctoring

Success Story of Online Fellowship Tests Management


Postdoctoral fellowship is one of the most effective ways to attract the talented individuals who have completed their Ph. D or doctoral studies in the Medical field. Most of the reputed hospitals invite doctoral students to be a part of research activities in the form of a “postdoctoral fellow” on various subjects.

What are the challenges faced by hospitals while choosing post-doctoral fellows?

One of the most common problems faced by the research hospitals while selecting the postdoctoral fellow is to screen 1000s of candidates and select the most deserving ones.

While many of the research hospitals/colleges conduct just an interview for choosing the candidate, There are various limitations of the interview process. When interviews are the only criteria for candidate selection, there are high chances that it may turn out to be a wrong decision as it is difficult to understand the interests and subject knowledge of an individual within a span of a few minutes.

How can the Online fellowship test be helpful for hospitals to choose the “Best fit candidate” for the fellowship?

It is highly recommended for the research hospitals to conduct the screening tests for all the candidates prior to the interview. Screening tests can really help research hospitals and colleges to choose the most deserving and capable candidates among the applicants. 

What are the Online fellowship tests for post-doctoral fellowships?

Screening tests are specially designed to trace the candidate’s subject knowledge and expertise. General knowledge and aptitude related questions can also be added as a part of screening tests as per the requirements of the postdoctoral program.


One of the reputed hospital chains in India approached Eklavvya for conducting the screening tests for candidates aspiring for the postdoctoral fellowship. The hospital chain demanded the high end exam security features as this was a high stake screening test. With Eklavvya, it was possible to conduct thousands of tests successfully without any technical glitches.

Here are the highlights of postdoctoral fellowship admission tests conducted by the reputed chain of hospitals

The Online fellowship tests could be conducted with ease with Eklavvya team support

Real time support for students and administrators during online screening test

Right after onboarding the hospital chain on Eklavvya, a training session was conducted for all the technical staff and the training video library was shared. A dedicated coordinator from the Eklavvya team was assigned to conduct the screening tests in an error free manner. The test creation activity was completed well in advance to prevent the last minute rush and mistakes. Real time support was provided to the students and the results could be downloaded with a single click. These all factors cumulatively made it possible for the hospital chain to conduct the screening tests with ease.

The hospital did not have enough human resource to carry out certain technical activities related to the online tests, Eklavvya team actively took part in candidate invigilation process.

The support from Eklavvya team was not limited to the test administrators but was also extended to to examinees, the examinees were provided with the helpline numbers to reach out in case of any technical errors. Any such reported errors from examinee side were promptly resolved by Eklavvya team, making it a win-win situation

The Online fellowship tests could be attempted from any geographical location

Bulk online screening tests

There were thousands of applicants who wanted to opt in for the postdoctoral fellowship, these candidates were distributed all across the nation making it impossible to conduct the center based offline tests. Apart from the geographical flexibility, online tests had additional advantages like cost effectiveness and better acceptance by examinees.

Tests were conducted in a secure and malpractice free manner

Malpractice free online Screening Tests

Online screening tests were a good option but the hospital chain administration was worried about the online test and question paper security and possible malpractice during online screening tests. Eklavvya team acknowledged the concerns of the hospital administration and assured that online tests would be conducted in a malpractice free manner.

Question paper security was not an issue as the question papers were stored on the secure cloud; making it impossible for anyone to access the question papers unless authorized by the admin. Only authorized persons were allowed to access the question paper with their login credentials. This totally nullified the chances of question paper leakage.

Malpractice during the examination was controlled by implementing the remote proctoring. Remote proctoring is a mechanism that allows a remote invigilator to see the examinee during the course of examination in the form of live video. These videos could be saved for the future reference in order to investigate the malpractice attempt; if reported by the invigilator. During the test, the examinee could also see and send messages to the invigilator, making a two way communication possible during the online test.

Online fellowship test data management was easier than ever

bulk data handling feature of eklavvya enables faster data handling for online fellowship exams

As the candidate count was high, bulk candidate data import feature of Eklavvya was turned out to be helpful, it was also possible to organize the candidate data in the form of batches, furthermore, the test could be assigned to the whole batch with a single click. 

On assigning the test to candidates, an email and SMS with test link and login credentials used to be sent automatically, there was no need to separately maintain data for test related communication.

The online test result processing was easier than ever!.The results could be processed with a single click, once processed, the results could be downloaded in excel format. With the leadership board feature of Eklavvya, it was easy to identify the toppers of the test without having to manually calculate the marks or applying filters in the excel sheet.

With Eklavvya, it was possible for the reputed hospital chain to conduct these high stake tests in a malpractice free manner within a short preparation time, with ever advancing technology, it is no longer a challenge to conduct high stake tests in an online way.