How Shukla Chemistry Classes implemented JEE/ NEET Online Test Series

Online Test Series Software

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Online Test Series Software

Refer below case study to understand how you can implement online test series for your students.

About Shukla Chemistry Classes

It is one of the leading coaching institute in Nagpur Region with focus on chemistry subject in order to prepare for the IIT JEE/ NEET/ Board Exams of HSC students. Each year hundreds of students enroll for coaching at Shukla Chemistry Classes.

Institute wanted to simplify practice mock tests for the students with the help of technology. Most of the entrance exams are being conducted online. Institute used Eklavvya platform to define online test series for the students. Each student was provided with login credentials to access online test series.

Digital Mock Test Series

Entire Question Bank was added in the solution with difficulty level, topic, subject tagging. Test Series was defined keeping track on syllabus of NEET/ JEE Entrance exams.

Each assessment was designed based on particular topic/ subject as per syllabus of the NEET/ JEE Entrance. Each result provided useful insights to student about their preparation, strong areas, weak areas for the study of final exam.

Knowledge Management and Assessment

Entire mock examination implemented in paperless manner using digital platform.

  • Students were able to appear for practice mock exams from desktop, mobile devices.
  • Solution provided individual feedback and analysis of performance in mock exams
  • Students were able to practice for JEE/ NEET Entrance effectively.


Here is the feedback from Arun Shukla (Owner of Shukla Chemistry Classes)

Shkula Classes Online Test Series

Arun K Shukla
-Owner Shukla Chemistry Classes

We wanted to simplify our Test Series for IIT JEE, NEET/ Board Exams using technology. We found Eklavvya platform very user friendly. It is very easy to design online exams/ tests and assign it to students.

Our test series for IIT JEE has been shifted online and students are able to practice for their entrance exam preparation.

Thanks for developing such a great platform, looking forward to your continued support and new features to help our students prepare for IIT JEE / NEET/ Board Exams.”