Elevate Exam Performance with Online Test Series Solutions

Online Test Series Solution

Online test series solutions are a convenient and effective way for students to prepare for exams. These solutions provide a platform for students to practice and improve their knowledge and skills by taking simulated tests that are similar to the actual exam. The online test series includes a wide range of subjects and topics, covering all the important concepts and areas of study.

It also includes detailed explanations and solutions for each question, which helps students understand the concepts better and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, online test series solutions are an excellent resource for students looking to excel in their exams and achieve their academic goals.

Eklavvya platform supports facility to conduct online test series. Indian education system favors practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams.

There are hundreds of competitive exams are being conducted across India for management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc.

Success for each competitive exam depends on preparation for each topic and practicing mock exams. If you are running coaching institute and want to digitize your examination process then Eklavvya is right platform for you.

It is possible to define assessment for each chapter/ topic/ subject/ sub topic. Students who are enrolled for the mock test series can appear for each exam.

Each assessment can provide detailed analysis of the individual in terms of strong area, weak area, percentile score, ranking in the batch. Based on the analytics , students can decide about their focus area for the preparation of actual exam.

Online test series proved to be very beneficial for the students as they can appear for the exam with availability of timer and results are shown instantly after completion of the exam process.

Coaching / Training Institute can easily track progress of the individual along with the batch performance.

Questions can be tagged with specific difficulty level along with its associated subject and topic(s). After you are able to define question bank, designing online exam can be simpler.

Eklavvya provides wizard to define online exam with various attributes like total no of questions, total time, difficulty levels, negative marking, examination schedule etc.

Many training institutes have been benefited with usage of online test series for their students.

Practice Mock Online Test Series

You can define mock test series for your students preparing for various competitive exams. Platform supports managing large pool of question bank and step by step chapter wise test series for the students.

Students would be able to track their progress for each topic/ chapter and it would help to prepare for the competitive exams.

You can refer interesting case study where one of the leading coaching and training institute in Banking Exams is using Eklavvya platform to train students.

Define Online Test Series using Online Assessment Solution

Steps to Conduct Online Test Series

1.Define Online Question Bank

You can define online question bank. Each question can have attributes like topic name, subject name, question type, difficulty level (easy, medium, difficult, very difficult etc). You can define hierarchy of the questions based on chapter, topics. 

2.Define Online Assessment Tests

After your first step of defining question bank, you can define examination pattern, exam criteria, syllabus and difficulty level of each assessment or exam.

Eklavvya platform has facility to Create Exam with various attributes like exam timer, difficulty level, topics to be covered, question randomization approach etc. It becomes easy to define online assessment tests.

3.Assign Schedule to Students/ Batch

You can define exam schedules after creation of exam pattern. Each schedule can be assigned to one or more students or batch of students. Individuals can appear for the online exams as per defined schedule and timeline. Each exam would have timer and exam would get elapsed based on the schedule.

Students can appear for online exam in sequence defined in the exam schedule. It would help them to prepare for the exams in step by step manner.

4.Result Analysis to identify focus area for study

Results of the each exam can be analyzed with graphical and topic wise analysis. It is useful to get strong and weak areas of each individual along with ranking in the test series. It would be useful to know individual as well as overall batch performance during online mock exams.

Online Exam Analytics Report

We have successful case studies where management institutes have used Online Assessment System to help students to prepare for the campus placement activity.

Each student appeared for certain number of online tests on various topics including management, economics, current affairs, finance, marketing etc.

Each exam analytics helped students to know their individual study and strong/ weak area. It helped students to appear for final campus placement with confidence.

We wanted to simplify our Test Series for IIT JEE, NEET/ Board Exams using technology.
We found the Eklavvya platform very user friendly.
It is very easy to design online exams/ tests and assign them to students.
Our test series for IIT JEE has been shifted online and students are able to practice for their entrance exam preparation.
Thanks for developing such a great platform, looking forward to your continued support and new features to help our students prepare for IIT JEE / NEET/ Board Exams.

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Arun K Shukla
Owner Shukla Chemistry Classes