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Software Development Assessment Made Easy for coding languages and writing/ compiling logical, error free code

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We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently. Hiring and Employee evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya.

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AVP, Business, Zerodha Broking Ltd

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Hire the best coder for your tech stack

C Language Coding Tests

C++ Coding Assessment

SQL Code Ability
Java Coding
C#, PHP Coding Assessment

Python Coding Skill Test

Java Coding
C#, PHP Coding Assessment

Python Coding Skill Test

Hire right with coding Tests

Reduce recruitment time to hire the best programmer by at least 50%.

Hire accurately with the right coding skill assessment.

Evaluate more job applicants for Software development and make better hiring decisions.

Eliminate bias during hiring with competency based coding skill tests

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Online Compiler for Coding Test

Auto Evaluation of Coding Skill

Have you received thousands of applications?

Are you wondering how to gauge the coding skills of the potential candidates in real-time?

Eklavvya, the leading online coding test platform, is here for you! 

Leverage Eklavvya’s online coding test capabilities to assess the candidates’ programming skills. 

Evaluate candidates’ ability to write logical code in different languages per project requirements.

Create both textbook and scenario-based coding questions to assess their real-time knowledge and implementation capabilities. 

Set up coding test questionnaires as per the latest market demands and trends

Recruit faster, by assessing candidate’s coding skill before you hire them.

Use Online Coding Test to get the best coding talent for your organization.

Has the recruitment process got over-budgeted recently due to the additional scrutiny sections you have added?

If yes, it’s time to save the cost of hiring qualified software developers with online coding assessments.

Create multiple coding assessments without going over your decided budget with Ekklavya!

Auto Evaluation
Programming Languages

Online Coding Test Environment for multiple programming languages

As an IT organization, you must include programming or examinations based multiple coding languages.

Easily test multiple coding skill levels based on competency, years of experience

Our coding preparation and compiler software products are compatible with the major programming languages

Our software/coding test tool is capable of handling languages like C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, Python, Kotlin, Go,  R Programming and SQL Coding.

Ensure that recruitment process can become smoother and easier for you.

Define and Manage Coding Question Bank

Define Programming Questions with difficulty levels and competencies

Define coding questions with attributes of a functional description, Successful Test Cases, and marks for each test case execution with our online coding question bank.

Coding Assessment

Coding Test with Online Compiler

Define Coding or Programming Tests in myriad ways, from incomplete code snippets based on a certain logic to writing a complete code for a software function.

Users can compile code in the test environment and Evaluate code with predefined test cases according to your business needs

Auto performance evaluation to assess the coding skill of the candidate


Works on multiple Screen Resolutions

Are you planning to arrange remote examination schedules for candidates this year?

While it may sound tempting, the process can be rigorously time-consuming. Our online compiler and examination interface are responsive and can work on multiple devices across several OS.

You can even integrate multiple security features to ensure the students don’t cheat during the test.

How to hire talented software developers like an ace Tech company?

Hiring developers for an organization is an extensive and time–consuming process.

Hiring a single candidate can take as long as hours to days.

Assessing the knowledge and technical skills acquired by the candidate before hiring is critical, and what could be a better way to do that than conducting programming assessments!

How to hire talented software developers like an ace Tech company
Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

An Informative Guide to Defining Coding Assessment

Recruiting good developers can be a challenging task for organizations. However, this eBook can provide valuable assistance.

Learn how Eklavvya’s coding assessments can assist organizations in hiring highly skilled developers.


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms

Highly Rated by Users on Top Review Platforms
Mr. T J Ravishankar
J N Tata Endowment For The Higher Education Of Indians

We appreciate all efforts taken by the entire team of Eklavvya to successfully complete the examination without any glitch.

Abhijeet Dasgupta
Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

The Eklavvya Assessment Tool Has Helped Us Streamline The Learning Experience Of Our Employees And Made Our Work Much Easier.

Swati Pandey
Asst. Manager- HR, Prism Johnson Ltd. (Cement Division)

Eklavvya platform is quick and easily accessible.
The service of Eklavvya is good. We have been able to simplify and Scale the recruitment process.

Ramprasad J
Associate Manager, HR Voonik Technologies Pvt Ltd

Managing Manual Offline Recruitment Activities Was Challenging For Us.
With The Support Of Eklavvya, We Could Conduct The Bulk Hiring Drive Smoothly.

Reshma Suleman
HR Manager, Octro Inc

We’ve Been Using The Platform  For Recruitment Tests Automation.Eklavvya Is Helping Us To Hire Right With A Simplified Process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of online coding software?

The online coding software will help you assess the coding skills of the person.  It will help you automate the evaluation process and hire skilled software developers with high accuracy of skills level.

How to use the online coding software?

You can define coding tests based on competency level, skill, or expertise needed for a specific coding language. Candidates need to write and compile code to produce logical output.

If the output matches with ideal output then the code is considered as correct.

Is it feasible to use online coding software?

Yes, it is feasible to use the online coding software to arrange assessment tests as HR. It allows you to prepare the questions for the candidates, collect results from their execution reports, and evaluate the same for further analysis and the recruitment process.

Is the online coding compiler safe for public use?

You can implement multiple security layers or authentication mechanisms while opting for this opportunity at the beginning. Other than that, the entire network remains highly secured to prevent any candidate from cheating on accessing the Internet and then giving the exams.

Is it possible for the online coding platform to be used for remote examinations?

Yes, with the help of our hybrid or remote coding platform, you can easily decide if you can provide remote services for the candidates or not. One of the major advantages is that your candidates won’t have to visit the office physically and get stuck in the middle of any kind of mishap. They can give the test from any location.

What is the cost of using the online coding maker?

Our online coding examination builder comes at an affordable price so that you can easily use the software to prepare question papers for the candidates and ensure the recruitment process is accurate to hire software engineers.

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500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Coding Assessments.

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Have a Look.

500+ Organizations worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Coding Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.