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Conduct Practical Exams using Multiple Tools and Technologies with Offline Exam Approach

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I am extremely happy to have worked with Eklavvya. Their platform was deployed quickly and efficiently, and I was impressed with the level of customization available.

The platform is user-friendly and cost-effective, which made it an excellent choice for our needs.

Ashish Apte

Controller of Examination (NMIMS University)

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Unlocking the Potential of Practical Exams

For Academic World, evaluating practical skills has long been a big challenge, with professors navigating through the scattered Excel sheets, CAD drawings, and diverse tools in an attempt to fairly assess student’s capabilities in practical exam.

The limitations of traditional exams in gauging advanced skills like coding, data science, and Excel calculations have become obvious.

Eklavvya presents a progressive method , seamlessly mixing the reliability of traditional exams with the versatility of modern technology.

Practical Exams: Solution for Real-world Skills

From office productivity software to advanced programming environments, our platform supports a diverse toolkit to assess student proficiency across various disciplines.

This advance Tech allows educators to observe and assess student work, providing an unparalleled insight into their practical abilities.

Assessing proficiency in Word, Excel, AutoCAD, Visual Studio, Code Block, VLC Media, Node JS, Basic Python, MySQL, Power BI, Tableau, Adobe, Blender, and R Studio is made effortless with Eklavvya.

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Practical Exams: How it Works?

1. Create an Exam: Educators can create exam by selecting from a wide array of tools and customizing tasks to fit their teaching target.

2. Conduct in Real-Time: Students access the exam through Eklavvya, They can execute tasks on the specified tools while teachers can monitor their progress. This ensures a fair and comprehensive assessment.

3. Evaluation and Feedback: Upon completion, results are made available. Educators have tools to provide feedback and insights to students.

4. Analyze and Improve: Distinctive analytics can analyze overall performance, helping educators and students to tailor future learning efforts.

Elevate Practical Exam Experience with Eklavvya

Eklavvya’s Practical Exams feature is more than just an assessment tool; it’s a panoramic educational solution designed to bridge the space between theoretical Knowledge and Practical Exam.

By having real-time monitoring and assessment of practical skills, we’re not only streamlining the evaluation process but also enhancing the learning journey for students.

Students receive feedback on their work, facilitating a more positive and flexible learning experience.

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We have been using the eklavvya platform for the last 3 years and experiencing the excellent service provided by Eklavvya

Dr. Ajay Pethe
Head- Admission Cell (Datta Meghe Institute)

Examinations of more than 100,000 students were conducted by the Eklavvya platform with accuracy.

Prof Mahanwar
(Director) Mumbai University

The entire examination experience for us at MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with Eklavvya.

Annie Francis
Register- MIT SDE

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Dr. Jonardan Koner
Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Bhargav Hathi
Welingkar Institute of Management

We had an excellent experience working with the Eklavvya team. Their expertise and efficiency in customizing and enhancing our proctored exam module were impressive.


Udit Raj
Assistant Manager – Learning Experience BYJU’S

Ability to create on-the-fly assessments for students – Clean data flow of user responses – Proctoring to avoid cheating.

Mamata Iyer Sr. Executive
Tata Institute of Social Science

Eklavvya has been an invaluable partner in the development of our Vocation Ability Test, providing exceptional support every step of the way. The team’s user-centric approach has led to the creation of a user-friendly and easy-to-use end product.

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