Leading university of Asia has adopted Eklavvya platform for academic assessments [Case Study]

UNiversity assessment case study
Leading University Simplified Exams Management

Technology adoption for the universities has increased substantially during social distancing era. It has provided new technology avenues and methods to conduct examination or assessment process.

Eklavvya platform has been adopted in many countries by leading Govt and Private universities having lacs of students. Here is one of the success story of online assessments implementation using Eklavvya platform.


University has more than 150,000+ students enrolled for distance education program and 300,000+ students for other regular courses. There are total 2500+ unique subjects associated with various undergraduate and graduate courses.

University wanted to conduct remote exam of the students with the help of technology. There were challenges of educating students about the process, defining question papers for the respective subject , prevention of  exam malpractices.

Key Challenges for Online Exam

  • Limited Internet connectivity
  • Educating Exam Department, Students about New System
  • Providing Prompt support during Assessment Process
  • Secure and Error Free Exams with Proctoring

University decided to adopt leading technology platform Eklavvya to manage their examination process.

Online Examination Preparation

Online Exam preparation

Eklavvya platform has role based access and security features so that all examination department stakeholders can use system according to their privilege and  roles. University adopted this approach where profiles of individual users are define in the Eklavvya  system as per their roles and responsibilities of managing examination process.

Subject Matter Experts

Defining question paper is critical aspect of examination process. Examination question paper need to be defined in a secure manner and It should be distributed to students enrolled for the exam securely at predefined exam date and time.

Eklavvya team curated training videos for subject matter experts in multiple languages ( English and regional language). Virtual training sessions were arranged for subject matter experts. It helped about understanding how question papers can be set . Each subject matter expert or paper setter had a task to define one or more question papers for their respective subject/ topic. Question Paper Codes were mapped to the individual paper setter according to exam department rules and criteria.

Each subject matter expert was able to login to the system and define question paper.

Multi-Lingual Question Paper

Eklavvya platform provides facility to define questions in more than one language as per requirement. Subject matter experts were able to define question paper in dual language.

Some of the students where opting for regional language. Entire user interface is localized and it supports preferred language selection during start of the exam. Students comfortable with Hindi were able to select Hindi user interface during online exam

multi lingual user interface during online exam

Demo Videos

Educating and communicating all students about exam process was critical success factor.  Eklavvya platform provided user friendly demo videos in English and Hindi language to educate students about the system and how to attempt exam. Demo Video was circulated over email, SMS and WhatsApp groups of the student.

Mock Exams

All students were provided an option to appear for mock/ practice exam to understand how system works. It eased their pressure about final exam and helped to get familiar with the system.

Student Grievance Management

Online student grievance management was established and entire process of reporting grievance was circulated amongst students using demo videos, email, Whatsapp communication.

Dedicated call center/ support helpline was established to solve queries of the student over phone. Call center helpline numbers were managed based on number of students attempting particular exam. Dedicated team responded to student queries over email.

Demo videos and mock exams with dedicated grievance management helped students during examination process.

Key Features of Grievance Management

  • Chat Bot/ Live Chat Help Assistance
  • Online Grievance Submission and Redressal
  • Email and Call Center Helpline for Query Resolution

Online Examination Outcome

Students were able to appear for exam seamlessly using their phone or computer. Students were provided facility to upload handwritten answer scripts. More than 400,000+ students appeared for exam.

Advance exam timer, Live AI proctoring helped to manage exams with high integrity.

Students provided positive feedback about overall online exam experience.  University was able to declare results within a weeks’ time. Entire examination process was managed within limited budget and with a huge success.

There is an accelerated digital adoption happening for many universities with technologies like AI, Proctoring, Remote Exams, Learning Management systems.

Many leading universities are adopting Eklavvya platform

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