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Latest AI Trends In Education

Latest AI trends in education. This guide is a treasure trove of insights, shedding light on how AI is revolutionizing the educational landscape.

Career Path Assessment

Unlock your career potential with our Career path assessment, which will help you gain clarity, harness your strengths, and make well-informed choices for a more promising professional future. Download it today!

Onscreen Marking Solution

Onscreen Evaluation System is trusted by large institutes and Universities. It provided a turn-key service and is appreciated  by customers . System adoption resulted in 60% to 80% savings in cost and processed results in less than 7 days

Employee Skill Assessment Tool

Define Custom Tests for Lateral / Campus Hiring, Assess Problem Solving, Analytical, and Communication Skills
Eliminate Manual Evaluations, Improve the Accuracy of Hiring and Eliminate Wrong Hiring

Learning Management System

The One Stop Solution For Providing All Your Distance Education Needs With Absolutely No Compromise On Ease, Efficiency, Or Quality. Explore Best Practices of Learning Management System

Online Question Paper Generation & Delivery

There are countless incidences of question paper leakage happening across multiple universities. The examination process is one of the crucial processes for evaluating the academic performance of students.

Explore effective use of technology to securely generate and distribute question papers

Remote Proctoring to Manage Secure Online Exam

Online Examination is becoming an essential method to assess candidates across various domains including education, recruitment, employee training, and entrance examinations.

Case Study How WeSchool Simplified Online + Offline Exams using Eklavvya

Case Study: How WeSchool Simplified Online + Offline Exams using Eklavvya

Explore how one of the leading Education Institution of India (Welingkar Education) has Simplified online and offline exams using Eklavvya Platform.

Online Exam Proctoring Process

See Screen Activity of the Remote, Candidate attempting the online exam, Chat with Remote Candidate, Broadcast message to candidates
15 ways to Assess Candidate Skills Before Hiring presentation

15 ways to Assess Candidate Skills Before Hiring

Discover recruitment approach that focuses on assessing candidates based on their specific skills and abilities relevant to the job requirements.

Exam center based assessments

Want to conduct exam at designated physical exam centers ?

Download this white paper to know best practices for managing center based secure online exams.

AI Powered Descriptive Answer Evaluation presentation

AI Powered Descriptive Answer Evaluation

Artificial intelligence accelerates the process of evaluating answers, assisting educators in efficiently organizing descriptive responses.

AI-Powered Case-Study Assessments

The Power of Case Study-Based Evaluation with Generative AI

Dive into the future of education with a comprehensive guide on how case study-based assessments, powered by generative AI, are transforming the way students; problem-solving abilities and practical knowledge are evaluated.

Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

AI Proctoring for Secure Assessment

“AI Proctoring for Secure Assessment” is your definitive guide to understanding the world of remote proctoring. This eBook is your key to exploring the ins and outs of remote proctoring.

Onscreen Marking Ebook cover eklavvya

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Onscreen Marking Software in 2024

Discover the guide that helps you choose the appropriate on-screen marking software, emphasizing seven essential factors to take into account.
Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

Transforming Central Govt. Exams Evaluation with Onscreen Marking

Today, we’ll delve into how a government authority enhanced their examination paper evaluation process by embracing a digital marking system provided by Eklavvya.

9 EdTech Trends for 2024 cover

9 EdTech Trends for 2024

Discover the top 9 EdTech trends that are reshaping and reimagining the learning experience. Embark on a journey into the future of education with our eBook!

Onscreen Evaluation Analytics ebook

Performance Tracking with Onscreen Evaluation Analytics

Explore the benefits of on-screen analytics and how they play a role in assessing student achievements.

ebook Conduct Viva Oral Exam

Ultimate Guide to Manage Online Exams at Exam Centers

Ultimate Guide to Manage Online Exams at Exam Centers guides about how to Strategically coordinate high-stakes exams at exam centers.

Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

Unveiling the Power of 360-Degree Proctoring eBook

Immerse yourself in this eBook to gain insights into how state-of-the-art technology is revolutionizing remote invigilation.
ebook Conduct Viva Oral Exam

AI Transforms MBA Admissions

Discover the future of MBA admissions with our guide to Generative AI, an innovative approach that streamlines interviews, enhances group discussions, and optimizes candidate evaluations.

Manage Descriptive or Subjective Online Exams

These exams were specifically designed for pen and paper-based exams. But now-a-days, with the help of technology, these subjective exams can be carried out in online mode as well.

Online Exam Slot Booking Process

We have implemented Online Exam Slot Booking Process for many Universities and Autonomous Institutes. In this case candidates can appear for online exam based on their own preference and schedule.

Career Path Assessment: A Guide to Successful Career

Equip your institution with Career Path Assessment! Our eBook guides you through the process of using CPA to align students’ careers with their true selves, ensuring a fulfilling and successful professional journey.

Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

A Guide to Defining Coding Assessment

In this eBook we will have a look at the new age Coding Assessment Technologies which can be helpful to many industries and institutes to choose the right talent
Online Subjective Exam ebook image

Online Subjective Exam

This eBook will teach you effective methods for managing subjective exams using advanced technology.

Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

Sharda University Case Study eBook

Discover how Sharda university adopted Onscreen Marking to improve its grading process
Defining Coding Assessment A Comprehensive Guide ebook

7 Key Strategies for Enhancing University Exam Administration

Discover 7 Important Technology Driven Approaches to Improve University Exam Management

Digital Evaluation of Answer Sheet

Eklavvya has simplified the entire process of answer sheet evaluation. It includes many different features such as answer sheet scanning and storage, evaluation dashboard, analytics, and reporting to measure performance.

7 ways to simplify skill assessments

7 Ways to Simplify Skill Assessments for Your Organization

Technology can help reduce bias and the subjective assessment process. Technology can help you to simplify the skill assessment process on a larger scale.


Best Practices of Onscreen Evaluation

Technology adoption is key to the success of the answer sheet evaluation process. Institutes can save time as well as cost while managing answer sheet checking using technology.

Skill assessment for improve hiring and tannings

How Corporates are using Skill Assessments to improve hiring and Trainings

Explore how organizations are adopting technology to improve skill assessment evaluation during various phases of employment including hiring, training, promotions

Steps to conduct proctored online examination on Moodle

Moodle is one of the most widely adopted cloud-based learning management systems, as it is an open-source platform, it has attracted a large number of users.

Tips to manage employability of student

Tips to manage Employability of Student

The employability of college graduates has been a major concern across many education institutes. Education institutes and universities can take some proactive steps to enhance the employability of students.

Online vs offline exam

Online vs Offline exams: Which one is a good choice?

Offline exams, which are conducted in the classroom under the supervision of an invigilator, are somewhat different than online exams in which the candidates appear for the exams from their homes with the help of electronic devices.

AI in online exams

Trends of Artificial Intelligence for Online Exams

AI-powered online examination systems have made the lives of many teachers and students very easier. Teachers have benefitted from the lessened burden of conducting and organizing exams.

Effective way to manage voice assessments and oral tests.

Voice assessments or oral tests are the tests wherein candidates are subjected to a carefully planned set of questions in the same order.

Online exam security

6 ways to secure Online Exam Process

While conducting online exams you can not ignore the security aspect of the implementation. Using innovative security mechanism like Remote Proctoring, Audit logging , secure Browser you can ensure security of the solution.

What is the application or use of the Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is something that is taken by individuals to test their ability to perform certain tasks with efficiency. It is the potential of the person to do the chores without any forgoing knowledge or information about it.

ebook 6 Tools to Transform Examin

6 Tools to Transform Examination Management

Examination management is a crucial aspect of academics
as it directly impacts the reputation of an educational

ebook Online vs Offline examination

Master the Art of Crafting Effective Multiple-Choice Questions

Enhance your educational assessments with our guide to Crafting Effective Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). Explore tips, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices for elevating student learning and achievement.

ebook Online vs Offline examination

7 Proven Methods to Maximize Learning Outcomes

eBook emphasizes the transformative potential of education technology in preparing students for a rapidly changing world.

ebook Conduct Viva Oral Exam

Conduct Viva/Oral Exam eBook

Voice assessments or oral tests are examinations in which candidates face a meticulously structured series of questions in a predetermined sequence.

ebook Online vs Offline examination

Online vs Offline examination: Which One is a Good Choice?

Take a look at the differences between online and offline exams, Learn about how online tests are flexible and easily adaptable.

ebook Conduct Viva Oral Exam

Conduct Viva/Oral Exam eBook

Voice assessments or oral tests are examinations in which candidates face a meticulously structured series of questions in a predetermined sequence.

ebook 6 ways to secure Online Exam

6 ways to secure Online Exam Process

Six strategies or measures that can be implemented to ensure the security and integrity of online exams.