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Online Exams for Schools

Education technology adoption in school is increasing. Secure Online Assessments can help schools to assess students.

  • Conduct Online exams for your students securely.
  • Adopted by many schools worldwide
  • Remote Proctoring to prevent exam cheating
  • User-friendly process is easy to understand for students and parents
  • Conduct Objective, Subjective exams with facility of documents (scan copy) upload
  • Successfully used by students from K12 education
  • User Friendly access for teachers/ examiners for evaluation

Explore our offerings for School Assessments

Online Assessment

Admission Test

There are many K12 schools conduct admission test for prospective students. It is one of the entry-level criteria for evaluating eligibility for the admission process.

Scholarship Tests

Many K12 schools conduct scholarship tests to identify students eligible for scholarships for their education purpose.

Academic Tests

The success of education largely depends on how you are evaluating your students through various new ways of assessments.

Oral / Viva Test

You can define the Viva exam online and ask students to appear for it online. Students can use their mobile + microphone to appear for the online exam.

Online Exam Result and Analytics

The platform provides detailed analytics in terms of the performance of the individual as well as for the whole batch. You can generate various reports of the online test performance. Reports can be downloaded in excel, pdf, image, word formats.

Conduct Online Exam in Hindi, English, German, Spanish

  • Define Exam Questions in Any Language as per your preference
  • Students can also type answers in their respective language
  • Conduct exams in multiple languages

Conduct Oral/ Viva Exams for Students

  • Students can speak answers
  • Record individual answers for each question of viva/ oral
  • The teacher can listen to the individual recording and assign marks accordingly.

Facility to upload written Answers in image format

  • Students can write answers on paper and upload a scanned copy/ photo of it.
  • The teacher can evaluate individual answers

Online Evaluation Facility for Examiner/ Teacher

  • Examiners can login to evaluate individual answers.
  • Masking of records of Student Name, Email, Roll No during the evaluation
  • Facility for configuration of extra attempts
  • Automatic result calculation and analysis
  • Facility to add comments/ remarks for individual answers.

Integration with the School’s Existing System


One of the leading school chains of Asia has successfully integrated examination management features of the Eklavvya platform with its existing ERP System.

School wanted to provide a seamless experience to their 100,000+ students. School has integrated the Examination Module of Eklavvya with the help of API provided by the Eklavvya platform.

Students are able to login to the system from their existing ERP logins and are able to attempt online exams with ease. The facility to type theory answers along with the facility to upload scanned copies of the answer sheet has simplified overall examination management for this leading school chain of Asia.

Examiners are able to login to the system to evaluate answers types, uploaded by the students. The entire examination process has turned into a truly paperless manner.

Adopted by Many Schools Globally

Podar Education
Delhi Public School Online Exams
Sacred Heart School
Global Indian International School Logo

Summary of Features useful for Schools

  • Conduct Online Proctored Exams on Mobile Phone, Desktop
  • Conduct regular internal assessments with simple exam creation wizard
  • Alert to parents for Exam Schedule on Email and SMS
  • Monitor Individual and Group performance of the exam
  • Seamless Integration with your existing system for results, student information etc.
  • Support theory exams, Fill in the blank, Match the following, questions based on audio/ video/ diagram 
  • Successfully  used by school-children due to simple and easy to use interface
  • Training Videos for children about how to attempt online exam.

Proctor View of Live Candidates Attempting Online Exam

Demo Video for Children and Parents

We provide a demo video of “How to attempt online exams ” for parents and school students. It helps them to appear for online exams. Mock exams are also provided for understanding the user interface of the actual online exam.

We have been using Eklavvya platform to conduct exams.

Interface is very user friendly ,Remote proctor can pause or terminate the exam if any malfunction occurs from student side.

Proctor can listen audio of students ,Evaluation interface for subjective answers is very simple for teachers,Compilation and Generation of result is too fast and accurate.

Our teachers really enjoyed eklavvya platform for the conduction of online exam.

Exam inchrge

Delhi Public School