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Coding Assessments – Overview 

Coding and programming language knowledge and expertise are highly coveted in Gen-Z professionals, especially those belonging to the IT, software, and product, design, and development professions. However, coding skills are not limited to the software industry; it is crucial for a host of other industry verticals too. Coding assessments play a pivotal role in the hiring and selection of engineers, software developers, and programmers. 

A coding assessment comprises a set of curated questions or scenarios for which the candidates are asked to develop a code. This can take many forms – it might be objective in nature or it may take a couple of days to get the code developed. 

Coding assessments were conducted in a manual manner conventionally. However, with the advent of technological solutions, online coding tests are gaining ground. This eliminates the need for physical logistics, and infrastructure requirements. Beiseds, online coding tests are convenient, and cost-effective too. 


The Significance of Coding Assessments 

Get The Right Talent 

Hiring managers get tons of resumes and at the first glance, certain resumes might not capture their attention. They might keep searching for the right candidates even though they already have access to their profiles. With coding assessments, hiring managers can gauge the subject matter expertise and coding aptitude of the candidates, which ultimately helps them get the right talent onboard. 

Avoid Bad Hiring Decisions 

There could be instances wherein a candidate might be proficient in theoretical knowledge but is lacking in practical skills. For example, a candidate might know all the basics of C, C++, Java or R but s/he might not be able to produce a working code for a real-time challenge. Online coding tests before making any hiring decision can prove beneficial for organisations to avoid bad hiring practices. 

Narrow Down The Search 

Coding assessments help organisations and their HR teams to narrow down candidate applications. Only the right fit candidates get to the next stage of selection. This also helps shorten the entire selection and hiring process. 


Coding Assessment Platforms 

Eklavvya platform supports conducting online coding assessment in programming languages of C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Go, Javascript, Kotlin, and PHP.



You can use the following steps to conduct coding assessments online with Eklavvya. 


1. Define Coding Questions in Programming Question Bank

Go to Programming Question Section in Admin Panel


Programming coding question bank


Here you can see existing predefined questions about programming languages. You can review it or add new questions by clicking on the New Button. 


Programming or coding question creation process



Subject: You can select the suitable subject associated with the coding questions.

Topic: You can define topic associated with question

Problem: Define your problem statement or coding question

Example: Provide some additional information with example, explanation of the code to be compiled by the candidate

Functional Description: Define functional description of expected code

Return: Define output value to be generated from this coding

Difficulty Level : Define difficulty level of this coding question


2. Define Coding Test Cases with Marks


define Coding test cases with marks


In this section, you can define the programming language of the coding along with test cases criteria for the execution of it.

Each test case can have predefined success criteria (input, output , marks)

Users would need to run those test cases after successful compilation of the code.


3. Define Online Assessment for Programming


GO to the Exam Creation section and click on the New button. Following Screen would be visible


Coding Exam Creation Wizard Step


While defining the exam you can select Exam type as Programming exam. For other parameters of online exam wizard you can refer this article about how to define Online Exam


4. Define Schedule of the online exam process

You can define schedule associate with programming/ coding test


Coding Assessment Scheduling online exam


5. Assign candidates for the schedule

You can assign candidates to the respective schedule.


6. Attempt the Coding Test

Candidates can login to the system and can appear for the exam as per defined scheduled date and time.


Coding and programming skills are essential for software development professionals. Coding assessments aim at gauging the in-depth understanding of the programming concepts for such professionals. Such professions require the candidates to develop codes on a routine basis to address the real-time scenarios. 

Coding assessments are important for organisations as well as candidates. Appearing in an online coding test helps candidates learn their coding acumen, their strength and weakness in programming languages, and real-time problem-solving scenarios. At the same time, coding assessments help organisations get the right talent on board by making streamlining and enhancing the effectiveness of the selection process.

There is nothing like a perfect code. It’s more like a working code. By appearing consistently in online coding tests, you can gauge where you stand. Learn from your mistakes, experiment with a set of new codes or alternates and you are on the right track. Practice, and perseverance are their keys to improve your next coding assessment. 

Like any other academic or employment sphere, coding too has a set of its own challenges. To overcome the challenges, it’s important for you to first recognise the challenges, and then you can find out the relevant solutions accordingly.

Coding is nothing but a set of programming functions that aim at offering solutions for problems. By improving your coding skills, you can improve your logical reasoning, aptitude as well as problem-solving skills substantially. 

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