Online Virtual Interview

Conduct Online Virtual Interview

Candidate can attempt Online Interview from any device with camera.

Facility to record videos for each question asked in the assessment

Assess Communication Skill, Body Language,  Non Verbal Communicaiton Skills


Define Custom Question Bank for Video Assessment

Define Questions in any language as per your preference

Conduct Virtual Interviews for domain specific job profiles

Useful to conduct online viva with Video Recording Facility

Define Video Assessment based on Role for Hiring

Virtual Interview Recording

Online Recording of Virtual Interview

System Records videos for each question

Facility to view each video and grade/ assess response

Multiple evaluations can be done for particular candidate

Scale up hiring process using technology 

Assign Evaluator for Virtual Interview

Evaluator can access video responses of the candidate

Facility to grade responses

Shortlist suitable candidates

Simple user interface for administration of virtual interviews

Facility to Pause and Resume Remote Exams

Remote exam invigilator or Proctor can easily pause/ resume or even terminate remote exams for any candidate. 

Entire control of remote exam is there with remote proctor who can validate and manage remote exam invigilator with ease.

Facility to terminate exam if candidate is found cheating during exam.

Monitor Live Streaming During Online Exams

Watch Live users attempting exams / Interview sitting at any remote location. 

Facility to view live activities as well as recording of the exam session for audit.

Live exam user monitoring