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We have been using the Eklavvya assessment tool to evaluate and assess different stakeholders (both internal and external) in Syngenta. The Eklavvya assessment tool has helped us streamline the over learning experience of our employees and made our work much easier.

Having used the platform for over two years now, I can say it with confidence that tool is very effective and very simple to use for both the assessor and the assessed!“

Abhijeet Dasgupta

(Capability & Learning Lead)



What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests are assessment tools used to objectively measure an individual’s personality traits, aptitude, intelligence, abilities, and behavioral style.

They are widely used in career guidance and employment to match a person’s abilities and personality to a suitable career or role.

At Eklavvya, we offer a combination of Personality Tests and Aptitude Tests to provide a holistic understanding of an individual’s psychometric profile.

Benefits of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests can offer valuable insights into an individual’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies. They are widely used in various fields, including education, recruitment, team building, and personal development.

With Eklavvya’s psychometric tests, you can make better hiring decisions using our four types of psychometric assessment tools: Positive Personality Traits, Motivation, Value, Preferences, Dark Personality Traits, and Cognitive Ability.

Types of Psychometric Tests

At Eklavvya, we offer a wide range of psychometric tests, including:

Personality Tests

These tests are designed to assess the character traits and temperament of an individual.

They can help determine how an individual is likely to behave in different situations. Personality tests can be used in a variety of settings, from recruitment to personal development.

They can help identify strengths and weaknesses, guide career choices, and improve team dynamics.

Aptitude test

Aptitude Tests

These tests measure an individual’s ability to perform or carry out different tasks. They can assess a variety of abilities, such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and spatial reasoning.

Aptitude tests are often used in recruitment to identify candidates with the right skills for a particular job.

They can also be used in education to identify students’ strengths and guide their learning.

Psychometric Tests eklavvya

About Eklavvya’s Psychometric Testing Platform

Eklavvya provides a robust platform for conducting psychometric tests. Our platform is easy to use, secure, and provides detailed analysis reports.

AI-Enhanced Remote Proctoring feature to capture both audio and video streams during exams.

Our tests are scientifically validated and designed to eliminate bias. This ensures that the results you get are reliable and accurate.

Eklavvya’s platform is easy to use, making it simple for you to administer tests and analyze results. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our platform can scale to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Test Suite

Scientifically Validated

User-Friendly Platform

Detail Analysis Reports

Expert Support

Global Standards

Why Choose Eklavvya for Psychometric Tests?


Reduction in Hiring Time


Increase in Productivity


Improvement in Team Collaboration.

Eklavvya Platform Is Quick And Easily Accessible. The Service Of Eklavvya Is Good. We Have Been Able To Simplify And Scale The Recruitment Process.

(Asst. Manager- HR- Cement Division)
Prism Johnson Ltd.

We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently. Hiring and Employee evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya.

(AVP, Business)
Zerodha Broking Ltd.

Managing Manual Offline Recruitment Activities Was Challenging For Us. With The Support Of Eklavvya, We Could Conduct The Bulk Hiring Drive Smoothly.

(Associate Manager)
HR Voonik Technologies Pvt Ltd.

We wanted to streamline the certification and accreditation assessment process for our cash management employees across India. Eklavvya proved to be an effective tool to manage secure online tests.

(Project Manager)
Currency Cycle Association (SRO – Cash Management Industry).

Conduct Psychometric Tests With Ease

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Amit Sagar
Suzlon Global Services Limited

We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent service and support provided by Eklavvya Online Skill Assessment Partners. We have found their team to be very fast and efficient in resolving any issues we have faced.

Lindo Paul
(AVP, Business) Zerodha Broking Ltd.

We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently. Hiring and Employee evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya

Suraj Kumar
(Training- Corporate), Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.

We Wanted To Switch To Online Tool To Conduct Assessment For Store Employees.
Eklavvya Platform Is Perfectly Suited For Our Requirements Of Test Automation.
Eklavvya Tool Has Saved Time By Automation Of Evaluation And Results. We Are Able To Improve Our Processed Quite Efficiently.

Assistant Manager
Learning Experience BYJU’S

Ability to create on-the-fly assessments for students – Clean data flow of user responses – Proctoring to avoid cheating. Eklavvya team was super helpful from walkthrough to implementation. One of the core reasons to get this platform would be the support.

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