How Eklavvya enabled Leading University to improve its Evaluation Process

Leading University case study for onscreen evaluation


NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) is one of the top B Schools in India, known for its excellence in management education. NMIMS has opted for Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System, which has greatly revolutionized how they evaluate their students’ answer sheets. 

The system is integrated with college ERP, allowing a seamless flow of student data into the online evaluation system, thereby saving time and making the overall process more efficient. Implementing the Onscreen Evaluation System has also helped evaluators by providing them with better flexibility and accessibility.

Eklavvya has successfully helped in the evaluation of more than 500,000+ answer sheets evaluated by 500+ evaluators, reducing the overall timeline of evaluation and result publication was reduced from 40 days to 10 days.


Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) is one of India’s leading B-schools that offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in management, engineering, commerce, pharmacy, law, and liberal arts among others. Matching its reputation, the institute has a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that students receive the best education and training.

As an institute of repute, NMIMS continuously strives to improve the academic processes and is among the very first institutes to opt-in for the Onscreen Evaluation System. Considering various challenges in the conventional answer sheet evaluation methods, NMIMS has opted for Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation system.


The majority of the academic processes in modern universities are now streamlined in a digital way considering various advantages like ease of operations, accessibility, and convenience, however, answer sheet evaluation still remains a pen-and-paper-based process in the majority of these universities.

The Onscreen Evaluation system comes up with various advantages over conventional pen-and-paper-based evaluation systems. The advantages of an Onscreen Evaluation System are many including faster and more efficient evaluation, better flexibility and less manual intervention. Let us have insights on how Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System helped NMIMS to improve the overall evaluation process.

Challenges faced in the conventional answer sheet evaluation method

Here is the flow of activities and changes faced in conventional answer sheet evaluation systems-

Steps Involved in Conventional Answer Sheet Evaluation

Here are the challenges associated with the conventional answer sheet evaluation process-

  • The tedious process of coordinating and segregating answer sheets for handover to evaluators 📨📦.
  • Evaluators need to physically carry answer sheets to college or home 👨‍💻🏠.
  • Exam admin lacks visibility on the progress of evaluation once answer sheets are handed over to evaluators 👀.
  • Manual calculation of section-wise and total marks after the evaluation is completed 🤖✅.
  • Coordination is needed among evaluators for single answer sheet evaluation 🤝.
  • Manual record keeping of time extension requests for evaluators 🗓️.
  • Tedious operation of collecting corrected answer sheets in a strong room 🔒.
  • Manual data entry for generating student-wise results 📊📩.

All of these factors together make the processing time-consuming and inconvenient.

NMIMS has its own unique requirements and demands to match up

  • The number of students appearing for the examination was large, and handling such a large number of answer sheets was tedious.
  • Various faculty members were working as visiting faculty, and thus seamless answer sheet distribution was needed.
  • The student and evaluator data were large to handle and were expected to be collected through ERP.
  • The institute had the intent to make the evaluation process faster without compromising the quality of the evaluation.

Eklavvya’s Solution to fulfil the needs put forth by NMIMS

To overcome the challenges, NMIMS implemented Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System, which is known as a reliable and efficient platform that offers a high level of customization. The Eklavvya platform was deployed quickly and efficiently, providing a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for NMIMS’s evaluation needs.

Benefits of Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System

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Comparison of Onscreen Evaluation System with Conventional answer sheet evaluation system

Sr. No.Conventional Answer Sheet EvaluationBenefits that NMIMS avails through Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System
1Answer sheets need to be physically segregated.No need to physically segregate the answer sheets.
2Evaluators need to carry the answer sheets for evaluation which reduces the accessibility.Evaluators do not need to carry physical answer sheets and answer sheets can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
3Once the answer sheets are handed over to evaluators, there is no possibility to check the progress of the evaluation.It is possible to check the real-time progress of answer sheet evaluation, the data can be visualized in the form of a dashboard.
4The evaluators need to calculate section-wise and total obtained marks manually.The system counts the section-wise and total obtained marks automatically on the basis of question-wise awarded marks.
5In case an answer sheet is supposed to be evaluated by multiple evaluators, the exam admin needs to coordinate among the evaluators which are time-consuming.A single answer sheet can be assigned to multiple evaluators so that multiple evaluators check the assigned part of the answer sheet.
6Once the answer sheet evaluation is completed, the answer sheets need to be collected in a strong room.The answer sheets need not be carried out by the college for evaluation.
7The results are calculated manually, the data is compiled and processed to generate student-wise results.The results get automatically generated on the basis of marks awarded.
8The results need to be updated manually in the ERP system to publish the results.The results are automatically synced in the ERP system and the results can be published with a single click.
9The process needs extensive coordination and is highly time-consuming.The process is automation centric with the least manual intervention that makes the process fast and least error-prone.

Impact of Onscreen marking for Answer Booklet

Onscreen evaluation has certainly helped NMIMS. It has simplified its evaluation process, Lot of costs associated with travel , logistics, co ordination has been eliminated due to technology. Process of answer sheet checking has been simplified.

NMIMS’s Experience with Eklavvya

Ashish Apte, Controller of Examination at NMIMS University, shared his positive experience with Eklavvya. 

Ashish Apte (Controller of Examination)
NMIMS University

I am extremely happy to have worked with Eklavvya. Their platform was deployed quickly and efficiently, and I was impressed with the level of customization available. The platform is user-friendly and cost-effective, which made it an excellent choice for our needs.

Although there is room for improvement in their operations, we were satisfied with the overall experience. The decision to switch to Eklavvya was motivated by the rigidity and lack of user-friendliness of our previous platform, as well as the delayed responses we experienced.

The positive attitude and willingness to help the Eklavvya team made a significant difference in our experience. We are thrilled with the partnership and the improved technology and processes that Eklavvya has brought to NMIMS. Overall, I highly recommend Eklavvya for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient platform.


👍🏻🌟 In conclusion, Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System has proven to be a game-changer for NMIMS, addressing the challenges of the traditional evaluation process and significantly improving its efficiency and accuracy.

👨‍💻 The integration with the ERP system has enabled a seamless and error-free data transfer, saved time and reduced manual labour.

👩‍💻 The flexibility and convenience provided by the system have resulted in increased evaluator productivity and a smoother evaluation process for all stakeholders involved.

🎓 Eklavvya takes great pride in serving such a prestigious institution and looks forward to continuing to innovate and support NMIMS in its mission to deliver excellence in education.

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