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Digital evaluation of answer sheets


The exam process is always time bound and hence it is important to complete the exam process within the limited time. In order to make the exam process more efficient, we can work on three of its phases: exam planning, the actual examination, and post-exam activities like answer sheet transport and evaluation.

By working on each of these phases, we can make the exam process more streamlined. Answer sheet evaluation is one of the most important activities of any examination process. Manual evaluation of the answer sheets sometimes is a time-consuming process and also security hassles.

Using digital answer sheet evaluation in the evaluation process makes the whole process easier and faster.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the technology and how it can be used to achieve a faster evaluation of answer sheets.

Here are 5 proven ways to expedite the answer sheet evaluation process with digital technology-

1. Simplify answer sheet allocation and transportation to evaluators

Allocation of answer sheets to the evaluators with a single click

Answer sheet allocation is the immediate next step in the exam, once the answer sheets are collected and sorted, they answer sheets are physically scrutinized and sent to the evaluator.

This allocation and transportation, when done manually, can consume a lot of time and effort and also holds the chances of inaccurate allocation. 

With digital technology, it is possible to allocate the answer sheets to the evaluators with a single click, there is no need to transport the answer sheets to the evaluator which saves time, cost, and effort.

The administrator can also bulk assign the answer sheets by simply importing the excel sheet containing details of students and evaluators to whom the answer sheet is to be assigned.

This feature of bulk assignment becomes even more crucial in case the single exam contains questions from multiple subjects and these questions need to be evaluated by different evaluators.

Digital scanning of the answer sheet also saves physical space required to maintain historical copies of the answersheet. All the answer booklets can be stored in the cloud environment.

It would save huge cost associated with physical handling of answer sheet along with storage cost.

2. Let multiple evaluators work simultaneously in case the exam has sections

Multiple evaluators can work on evaluation process

In the case of physical evaluation of the answer sheets, it is not possible to let multiple evaluators check the answer sheets simultaneously, the same is possible in the case of digital answer sheet evaluation systems.

Multiple evaluators can work simultaneously to expedite the answer sheet evaluation process. With this, institutes can eliminate the ‘dead time’ required for coordinating between these evaluators and transport times.

A Digital copy of the answer sheet can be assigned to multiple evaluators with the configuration possibility of section-wise checking, question-wise evaluation, etc.

3. Evaluation progress monitoring and control

Dashboards to monitor the activity of evaluation

With the digital evaluation systems, it is possible to set the evaluation expiry time, and the progress of the answer sheet evaluation of each of the evaluators can be tracked by the admin. 

Onscreen answer checking analysis

This enables the administrator to keep control of the answer sheet evaluation process. In case an evaluator needs extra time or a new evaluator needs to be assigned for answer sheets, the same can be done using the technology interface.

Real-time dashboards provide useful insights about the overall progress of the answer sheet checking, streamwise, course-wise answer sheet analysis, moderation progress, etc. The exam administrator can monitor the plan for result declaration according to the answer sheet evaluation progress.

4. On-the-go answer sheet evaluation

Evaluation can be done from remote location

The answer sheet checking process with digital technology is not bound to any place, the evaluators can access the evaluation portal and proceed for evaluation on the go right from the place where they are. That simply means even if the evaluator is not present in the school, the evaluator can still access the answer sheets with the same level of security as checking the answer sheets from school/home.

Answer sheet with Annotations added

5. Simplification of the moderation process

The exam moderation process is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the evaluation, the quality of moderation is directly linked with the reliability of the evaluation process. 

Conventionally, the moderation process involves manual sampling, moderator allocation, transport of the answer sheets to the moderator, and recollecting these moderated answer sheets back to the examination center. This process takes a lot of time and effort, and accuracy is yet another challenge to deal with.

With the digital evaluation systems, it is possible to simplify each of these time-consuming processes, there is no need of transporting the answer sheets and manually sort them, and the answer sheet allocation to the moderator can also be streamlined using digital technology.

Here is how the Answer Sheet Allocation to Moderator Works!

Conventionally, the institutes randomly select and send around 10 to 25% of the answer sheets for moderation, this does not represent an ideal model for moderation. With the digital evaluation system, the user can streamline the process of answer sheet allocation for moderation. 

The user can define rules for allocating these answer sheets for moderation. For example, 100% of the answer sheets of students getting below 30/100 marks should automatically be assigned for moderation.  Similarly, 50% of the answer sheets of students getting 90+ marks out of 100 marks should be automatically assigned for moderation.

6. Faster results generation

Faster exam results generation

Result generation is a tedious and yet highly attention-seeking task, a single mistake in result processing can impact the whole life of a student, this makes result generation a highly important task. Result generation is an ideal example of a task that requires high attention and yet needs to be speedy and time-bound.

What if I tell you that you can actually generate the result of thousands of students with a single click? Yes, with the digital answer sheet evaluation technology, there is no need to manually compile the marks awarded by the evaluators, the digital systems do that for you, and that too with high accuracy. The results can be processed and can be exported as well for further process


Digital answer sheet evaluation provides advantages in terms of cost saving, flexibility, improve accuracy of evaluation, and quick result processing. It can also provide you advance analytics related to results including batchwise, question-wise performance, time taken for the evaluation, etc.

Digital answer sheet evaluation is a must for any institution looking to improve examination evaluation and result declaration process.

Benefits of Onscreen Marking

  • Onscreen evaluation systems allow for more efficient and accurate evaluation of exams and assignments.
  • These systems can reduce the amount of time and effort required to grade exams and assignments.
  • Onscreen evaluation systems can provide instant feedback to students, allowing them to quickly understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance.
  • These systems can also provide detailed and customizable reporting, allowing educators to track student progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Onscreen evaluation systems can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making them convenient for evaluators.
  • Onscreen evaluation systems can be easily integrated with other educational technologies, such as learning management systems and student information systems, allowing for seamless data sharing and analysis.
  • Onscreen Evaluation can provide important inputs for your outcome-based evaluation (OBE) reports. OBE is an important aspect for various accreditation bodies.