5 Important Things to Implement for Online System of Answer Sheet Checking

Answer Sheet Checking Process
5 tips to streamline online answer sheet checking process

Technology has the ability to provide a sense of simplicity, cost-saving, and flexibility for your answer sheet checking process – but there are some crucial things you must consider before introducing an online system to check results or answer sheets.

Consider things like; will the technology save time overall? How will it impact the user experience? What are the potential risks associated with using this technology? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with an online answer sheet checking system.

Here are 5 important things to be considered before introducing an online system for answer sheet checking-

Run Pilot Project/ Mock Online Checking

Mock evaluation / trial version of the answer sheet checking software

When you roll out any new system there would be some hiccups and backlashes from the team. People who are used to traditional way and are not tech savvy may not be comfortable in opting to new system.

Pilot project or pilot evaluation would help to assist your examiners and moderators to get used to the new system. Typically in the pilot project, examiners can commit certain mistakes, feedback can be provided in this phase for improvement. System integrator or technology project manager can take feedback from all stakeholders during this phase. Pilot phase is typically conducted for a limited set of examiners and moderators. 

This phase provides a roadmap for the full scale implementation of the on-screen evaluation process.

Training to all Examiners & Moderators 

training session for examiner and moderator

The second most important thing to implement before introducing online system of result checking or answer sheet checking is training.Training is an essential aspect to get to know new features of the system and understand, how exactly the system works and how to access the system using various devices like mobile tablets or computer devices.

Training can be done in the form of actual live webinars or there can be video recording of the training on how to access digital answer sheet copy and how to evaluate answer sheet copy.

All those things can be implemented in the form of online video, frequently asked questions and online help documentation. Here is an example of a step by step guide of evaluating the answer sheets in online mode. Such documents can help at any point of time if examiners get stuck during evaluation process they can refer to training documentation, training videos and prerecorded webinars to resolve their queries.

It is necessary to ensure that proper training for all the stakeholders of online answer sheet checking is conducted prior to implementing this process.

Instant Support System for Query Resolution

Query resolution mechanism for online paper checking system

When a large number of examiners and moderators are trying to evaluate answer scripts by sitting at a remote location or multiple locations, they may get stuck during the online evaluation process.

At that point of time, a quick support should be provided in the form of live chat or Email support as well as telephonic support, so that, examiners or any other stakeholders associated with online answer sheet checking can resolve their queries instantly.

While implementing the new system, it is necessary to ensure that proper support system is in place to resolve various queries of the stakeholders.

Documented and Clear Workflow of Moderation Process

Documented and configurable workflow

Moderation process is an important aspect to scrutinise, correct inconsistencies in marks allotment process. Typically the role of the moderator is to recheck answer sheets which are already evaluated by one of the examiners.

While assigning answer sheets for moderation there are various criteria and algorithms used by the education institute and universities.

Rules to be followed for moderation during answer sheet evaluation-

  1. If Marks are in the range of say 28% to 34% and passing is 35%. Then assign 100% of those answer scripts for moderation.
  2. If marks are above 90% then assign 50% of the answer scripts for moderation
  3. If marks are in the range of 50% to 80% then assign 10% of the random answer sheets from it for moderation
  4. If marks are in the range of 35% to 50% then assign 5% of the answer scripts for moderation

Above mentioned rules can be customized according to the rules of the education institute. In the case of an online answer sheet evaluation system, you can easily configure such rules and randomly select answer sheets for the moderation from the pool and range of percentage marks.

It is important to note that defining the rules well in advance would help you to simplify moderation process

Define Result Format and API Integration

Result format and API integration for online paper checking system

While implementing the answer sheet checking process, next phase associated with this is declaration of the result for printing mark sheets of the individual students 

There might be existing systems like ERP system or SAP which is being implemented by your institution, so it is necessary to ensure that the result format and API application format should be readily available within the existing system of ERP as well as API should also be available within answer sheet evaluation process system as well 

Using API integration, 2 systems can easily interact with each other and exchange information associated with the result.

Result processing becomes quite a seamless process where, as soon as examinations are done with their evaluation, the system can easily carry results from the answer sheet evaluation system and it can define or generate the mark sheets of the individual students as per the requirement.

It becomes very easy to manage system, if you are have readiness associated with result format and API integration process 


To conclude ,answer script evaluation of online systems of paper checking is very useful.

It saves a lot of cost associated with education institutions or result processing becomes accurate and easy and it can be done in a record time. It also provides flexibility to the examiner as well as moderators while doing the answer sheet evaluation process.

We at Eklavvya have been working with many reputed education institutions, autonomous institutions and universities in order to simplify their answer sheet checking process, so if you want to understand best practices associated with answer sheet checking process, or you would like to know more details about it. Then, you can connect with us for the free demo of the system.