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How Construction Management Institute Simplified Entrance Exam?


For an academic institution of repute, it is necessary to deliver the best to its students, most senior academicians believe in a “student-centric model” for sustaining the reputation of the academic institute. The institutions can attain sustainable growth and reputation by improving on a continuous basis, needless to mention, technology is one of the most crucial factors that contribute to the improvement. NICMAR conducted an online entrance exam using Eklavvya.

There are multiple advantages of online entrance examinations, one can learn and create the online entrance exam in a single day, considering the below advantages of the online entrance exams, the majority of progressive institutes are opting for the online entrance examinations-

Advantages of Online Entrance Exam


NICMAR is one reputed institute that follows a student-centric model for attaining sustainable development, NICMAR utilizes technology for streamlining academic operations and student lifecycle management. NICMAR has been providing quality education since its inception in 1982, the institute has attained a truly sustainable academic ecosystem for nurturing academic excellence.

With the help of Eklavvya; NICMAR conducted 10,000+ entrance examinations for over 7,000 candidates, here are the highlights of online entrance exams conducted by NICMAR –

Flexibility in online entrance exam configuration

Customized Entrance Exams

The institute offers a variety of part-time and full-time courses, and for each of the courses, the assessment configuration needs to be different as per norms. For example, a full-time course in construction management needs the exam to be 3 hours with 80 MCQs while for a part-time course in project management, the exam needs to be 2 hrs. with 60 MCQs.

This made flexibility in exam configuration an essential feature for conducting the academic assessments, the institute could create 100s of examinations with different configurations as per the requirement

The administrator could define parameters while creating the online entrance exam, here is how-

Online entrance exam with Remote Invigilation Proctoring

Secured Entrance Exams

High stake examinations could be conducted with the highest level of examination security, for improving the security and making sure that the examinations are conducted in a fair manner, proctoring was implemented.

With the help of proctoring, it was possible to make exams completely malpractice free, on other hand, there were certain examinations that did not require to be as strict as the high-stake examinations.

For example, as an academician, you may need to conduct a practice test that is solely intended for the practice of the students and doesn’t need any malpractice prevention mechanism.

With Eklavvya, it is possible to keep the examinations as strict as needed based on the requirement, Eklavvya offers the following features to prevent malpractice, one can choose any of the required features-

Video Invigilation / Proctoring

Commonly referred to as proctoring, using video invigilation, the assigned invigilators (proctors) can keep watch on the candidate’s activity through video. The candidate’s video is continuously streamed over the course of the examination.

Here is how video proctoring works-

Audio Invigilation

The audio proctoring enables the invigilator to hear the sound surrounding the candidate, if the candidate tries to seek verbal help from anyone, the invigilator can identify and terminate the candidate’s examination.

Screen Invigilation

The candidate screen can be captured while the exam is ongoing, this makes sure that the candidate cannot access any other information source during the course of the examination.

The institute can choose these proctoring mechanisms for each examination, for example, NICMAR conducted high stake examinations in proctored mode and conducted certain other examinations without any proctoring.

Bulk handling of online entrance exam data

Bulk handling of online entrance exam data

The institute runs multiple courses that run for multiple batches of students, and each of the courses contains multiple subjects, further, a group of students may study different subjects than others belonging to the same class. These factors together make data handling a complex operation.

Owing to the complexity of the data, it is necessary to make it possible to handle the data in bulk, Eklavvya makes it possible to import the data in bulk, and this data can be organized as per need.

Candidate data management

The institutes serve thousands of students, it is a highly tedious process to add the candidate data one by one to the system, with Eklavvya, the administrator can directly import thousands of students into the online exam system. 

Furthermore, these candidates can be categorized into various batches, the exams can be assigned directly to the whole batch, this makes exam assignment an easy and fast process.

Bulk Question Import

With Eklavvya, the subject experts could import hundreds of questions into the system with a single click, the import of questions could be done using the Excel sheet. Necessary training was provided to the staff to make them competent in instilling these questions. The faculty could easily adapt to the importing process and found it easily doable.

End to End support for online entrance exam

End to End support for online entrance exam

As soon as the institute opted in for online examinations, a technically competent person was assigned as a coordinator, the coordinator conducted training for the concerned staff, and if any problems were faced by the staff, those were resolved by the coordinator in a timely manner.

For students, it was easy to appear for the online examination. The interface of online examinations is created in such a way that even primary school students can appear for the examination on their own. The students have shared a user manual and training videos to make them familiar with the online examination system.

Eklavvya’s team made sure that the doubts and issues faced by the faculty are resolved in a timely manner to the root cause.

Automated online entrance exam processes

Automated online entrance exam processes

The online exam-related processes were automated to a great extent, the communication of login credentials and exam links used to be sent automatically after the exam assignment.

The result generation and processing were also automated, the results of exams with objective questions could be generated right away after completion of the examination with a single click, furthermore, these results were exportable in a printable format. This made the result generation faster and the institute could publish results within the stipulated time.

The automation of exam-related communication with the students and result generation saved a lot of time and human resources for the institute

NICMAR acknowledges the quality of Eklavvya products and services

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR. We at NICMAR were looking for a remote exam solution for our academic entrance exam NICMAR NCAT.

Eklavvya platform helped us with remote invigilation, recording of entire exam sessions with audio/ video/ screen activity monitoring with an advanced proctoring solution. Applicants from all across India were able to appear for proctored admission entrance without any kind of difficulty.

Looking forward to continued support in exam management activity. Special thanks to the support team for helping students with their exams.

Dr. Jonardan Koner,
(Dean-Admissions NICMAR)