Case Study: How WeSchool Simplified Online + Offline Exams using Eklavvya

We school Case Study for online and offline exams
How WeSchool adopted digital model for exams and evaluation


This is a great time to adopt new technology to help streamline academic processes – we can make each process more efficient and less time-consuming, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. As the saying goes, “when skill meets tools, miracles happen.”

In order to streamline the academic process, just hiring the best professors and admin staff won’t help – they must be provided with the right tools. Technology tools are a must to help make the most out of their skill.


Technology tools are increasingly becoming more important in society, so it’s no surprise that many institutes and colleges are beginning to adopt these technologies to help with academic efficiency. 

WeSchool is one of these progressive education groups that has gone above and beyond by implementing such technology tools. This makes WeSchool a leader in technology adoption.

WeSchool delivers full-time and part-time courses in both, the regular and distance learning mode.

We believe that the technology can positively and largely impact the offline examination process. WeSchool adopted our digital evaluation system, the OnScreen Marking Solution, and Online Assessments with AI Proctoring with Slot Booking Process.

Here are the key insights on how the OnScreen Marking solution helped WeSchool to streamline Offline Exam Management

OnScreen Marking Solution helped WeSchool to streamline Offline Exam Management

1. The examiner allocation was easier than ever

WeSchool has a complex system with hundreds of subjects taught at its multiple campuses by multiple examiners. In some cases, a single subject is taught by two examiners, making it very difficult to assign and distribute answer sheets.

The bulk examiner assignment feature helped the institute. The institute could assign the examiner as per the requirement by simply filling the data in an excel sheet. The examiner assignment process was completely flexible which allows even the student-wise examiner assignment. 

Furthermore, after the answer sheets were assigned to the evaluators, the evaluators used to receive a mail notification regarding the same; which helped in the overall coordination of answer sheet checking.

2. Institute could keep track on paper checking the progress

The conventional paper-checking process provides examiners with a deadline to complete the paper-checking process. The main drawback of this model is that it does not allow for tracking the progress of answer sheet checking once the answer sheets have been handed over to the examiners.

With the OnScreen Marking solution, it was possible for the institute to keep track of the real-time progress of the paper-checking process.

More than often, in the case of the conventional paper checking process, the examiners tend to start the paper checking late and complete it within a short span of time which may impact the paper checking quality, which can be efficiently avoided especially when the paper checking progress is closely monitored.

3. On-the-go efficient answer sheet evaluation

The checking process for answer sheets is usually a hassle for examiners, as they have to carry a bunch of answer sheets with them in order to evaluate them – this is especially troublesome when the examiner has to travel on the day that they’ve been assigned to check answer sheets.

Well, that is not been the case since OnScreen evaluation is implemented, the examiners can check the answer sheets from any place using any internet-enabled device; meaning that there were no geographical and device-related restrictions on the paper-checking process.

4. Acceptance by professors owing to ease of use

No change is easy, it involves multiple stakeholders, multiple thoughts, and executors of different capacities. The change in evaluation digitization was well accepted and appreciated by the evaluators of WeSchool owing to the multiple advantages of the OnScreen Marking Solution.

To make the evaluators and administrators familiar with the digital evaluation system, training sessions were conducted and FAQs were answered as part of initial hand-holding. Further, to promote self-paced learning and technology adoption, the staff was provided with training videos, these videos helped the staff to understand and implement the digital evaluation system at a much faster pace.

The user interface of the answer sheet evaluation system was intuitive and user-friendly which further enhanced the acceptance of the technology.

5. Fastest-ever result generation

Can you believe that results can be published just five days after an exam? Well, it’s quite possible when a digital evaluation system is in place. And, of course, professors are highly efficient.

WeSchool could publish the results of 1500+ students within a span of 5 days after the completion of the exam. This is a great example of how technology tools can help an academic team reach its potential.

This faster result-generation process took efforts and expertise from the best minds of both, WeSchool and Eklavvya, while the WeSchool administration managed to coordinate among the evaluators efficiently, the features like real-time paper checking progress tracking and digital result processing helped the staff of WeSchool to save a lot of time which would have otherwise been spent in transporting answer sheets back to the academic office and manually compiling the results.

The digital technology not only helped WeSchool for making the evaluation process streamlined but also helped to completely digitalize the examination process for distance learning courses.

Here are the key insights into how Eklavvya helped WeSchool to streamline the Online Examination Process-

Key insights into how Eklavvya helped WeSchool to streamline the Online Examination Process

1. Distance learning was made completely digital

It is a common practice of various distance learning institutes that the academic content is delivered in an online mode but, for the examinations, students are asked to visit the campus or examination centers. This approach requires students to travel and take time out of their regular activities. This can be very disruptive for students, especially those who have to travel long distances.

WeSchool worked with Eklavvya to streamline these examinations of distance learning in a completely online mode, the examinations were conducted in a proctored mode and thus, were as reliable as of earlier approach, and also had multiple other advantages.

2. Bulk data processing made student data handling easy

WeSchool serves education to thousands of students, and in order to conduct the online examination, it was necessary to take the data of these students in the online examination system. Can you imagine entering the data of 1000s of students manually? It is quite a tedious task with high chances of human error.

3. Students were provided with the flexibility to attempt the exam in any of the available time slots

Many of the students enrolled in the distance learning courses were working professionals, others had some other engagements along with the distance learning program.

For them, it was important to be able to manage their time efficiently so that the exams don’t impact their routine engagements.

Considering this, students were allowed to choose among the available time slots to attempt the examination.

4. Result processing was way easier, more efficient, and faster

With Eklavvya, in the case of objective exams; it was possible to generate and export results with a single click. It was possible to download subject-wise, topic-wise, and student-wise results as well. The same was the case for subjective examinations, the answer sheets uploaded by students once get checked by the evaluators, it was possible to download subject-wise, and student-wise results.

The use of technology not only helped the institute faculty but also helped students to take up the distance learning course in a completely digital mode, including the examinations.

With Eklavvya, adding the details of students in the online exam system was easier than ever, the data could be directly imported into the system from the excel sheet.

Welingkar institute acknowledges the usefulness of the products and services offered, here is what Dr. Arjun Ghatule, Controller of Examination, WeSchool says about us-


Controller of Examination

Welingkar Education

At Welingkar School, we understand how challenging it can be to manage examinations and results processing for multiple courses across multiple campuses. But then we found Eklavvya.

Eklavvya is a platform that has helped us streamline our examination process for our distance education and full-time/part-time courses. It has helped us to accelerate the technology roadmap for post-examination processes as well. Our proctored exams for various academic courses are now simplified with accurate, on-time result processing for Dadar and Bangalore campuses.

The onscreen evaluation process has definitely made things simpler and more efficient when it comes to generating results. Eklavvya is most definitely our go-to EdTech partner for all examination management-related technologies. Their assistance, support, and technical expertise have been incredible and we’re really happy with the progress we’ve made thanks to them.


The right tools can help make your academic workforce ‘digitally enabled’, just like WeSchool did. The adoption of new processes can be hard for many, but we really need to see that technology adoption is the key to growth in this era. Implementing tools like digital evaluation systems, online assessment solutions, and learning management systems is the future of education.