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Online Exam Slot Booking Process
Online Exam Slot Booking Process


Online exam slot booking is a process that allows students to reserve a specific time and date to take an exam remotely. This is often used for online classes or distance learning programs, where students may not be physically present on a college or university campus.

To book an exam slot online, students typically need to access a scheduling system through their school’s website or through a learning management system. They can then browse available dates and times and select the slot that works best for them.

Some schools may have restrictions on when and how often students can book exam slots, and students may need to provide information about their course and the exam they are taking in order to book a slot. Overall, online exam slot booking is a convenient and efficient way for students to schedule and take exams remotely.

Are you looking to simplify Center Based Online Exam Process?

We have implemented Online Exam Slot Booking Process for many Universities and Autonomous Institutes.

Exam slot booking or exam scheduling is useful for autonomous courses, education courses delivered over distance education, and professional training courses. In this case, candidates can appear for the online exam based on their own preferences and schedule.

Candidates can appear for online exams from any location based on exam center availability and time slot/ schedule availability. The system provides the facility to define master exam center details along with the capacity for each date and timing. Candidates can select an individual schedule based on their preferences. Many institutes, universities, and training organizations have been using online exam slot booking processes with success.

What is Online Exam Slot Booking?

Slot booking is the process to select a date and time for the online exam based on your preference for an exam center at one or more locations. The slot for the online exam is booked on first cum first serve basis. As soon as slots start getting booked, no of available slots for particular exam centers would be reduced.

Slot booking is useful when you want students/ candidates should select exam center dates and times.

Here is the workflow of the Slot Booking Process of Center based Online Exam

Slot Booking Process of Center Based Online Exam


  1. Admin can define  Exam Center-based Time Slots available by entering individual center seating capacity as shown below
Defining Online Exam Center Capacity for Slot Booking

2. Admin can Edit/ Update Time Slots for each exam center for specific dates.

3. Registered Students can log in and Select a time slot from the available options.

Online Exam Slot Booking to select online exam schedule

4. Slot Booking window would be displayed on the screen.

Slot Booking Section

A. Select State, City, Exam center, and Date. You can select only enabled dates from the calendar.

B. After selecting the date you can get a number of available slots for that date. If the slot is available then you can select it or you have to check for another time or exam center.

C. You can book only 3 slots per day. if you want to book another slot for the exam you need to select another date.

5. After clicking on the BOOK button on the slot booking page the confirmation window will appear.

Slot Booking Confirmation for Online Exams

A. Confirm your slot booking Details.
B. Click on CONFIRM button for final confirmation.
C. After confirmation you will receive an E-Mail and SMS.

6. Candidate can download Exam Hall Ticket After confirmation of Online Exam Slot Booking.

7. Apart from appearing for online exams from a designated exam center, there is also an option for candidates to select online exam preferences with a remote proctoring process.

This process eliminates the need for a physical exam center. Candidates can appear for the online exam from any location, and a remote proctor can monitor the candidate using a video streaming proctoring process.

Benefits of Online Slot Booking

  • Online Exam Slot booking is an online exam scheduling software that gives you a simple interface to manage online exam slots. It helps you to schedule online exams as per your exam slots or capacity availability.
  • The platform is designed to make the practice of scheduling exams as easy as possible.
  • You can easily manage flexible online exams for remote candidates.
  • Book exam slots in just a few clicks, with just a few clicks you can schedule exams for your candidates.

KK Pattanaik,
Associate Professor – Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior.

We have successfully conducted Ph.D. Entrance exams using the Eklavvya Platform. Your Proctoring process is effective in managing remote exams. I have no hesitation in applauding the support of you and your team in successfully conducting the exam.

Abhijeet Joshi
Abhijit Joshi
Sys Computers, Senior Partner

I appreciate the Online Exam platform developed by Eklavvya solution. I have managed to conduct IT Flair Hunt Contest for more than 10000 students from 12 schools.  We at Sys Computers, are finding Online Exam activity simplified with Eklavvya solution. Looking forward to continued support in the future for college-level talent hunt initiatives. The platform is user-friendly and it is easy to configure.

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